60th Anniversary of Vevey-Sports 1965

Played June 20, 1965 at Stade de Copet in Vevey

Vevey-Sports		3-5 FC Annecy
 [21 Le Minacci, 42 Berset, 55 Sandoz;
  5og (Romerio), 24 31 Longeray, 48 Gueniche, 65 Moskala]

Referee: Aldo Andreotti (Switzerland)

Vevey :

1st half: Mignot, Delaloye, Romerio, Hartmann, Defago, 
          Gilgien, Sandoz, Berset, Zingaro, Le Minacci.
2nd half: Pasquini, Delaloye, Salzmann, Romerio, Gilgien, 
          Sandoz, Cavelty, Le Minacci, Zingaro, Defago, 
	  Trainer: Bernard Gehri

Annecy :

1st half: Michel, Blanc, Hamel, Valls, Pellier, Moskala,
          Perrier, Longeray, Poulain, Gueniche, Akelian.
2nd half: Barrier, Giroud, Hamel, Valls, Pellier, Moskala,
          Ruiz, Lachat, Poulain, Gueniche, Akelian.
	  Trainer: André Grillon

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