UFOA Cup 2011

27th UFOA (West African Club) Cup 2011

NB: Watanga FC (Lbr) and Dan Kassawa FC (Ngr) withdrew

First Round 
[Jun 19 & Jul 3]
Zone A
Horoya AC (Conakry)      Gui  ASC HLM                     Sen   w/o-ASC HLM withdrew
ASC Niarry-Tally	 Sen  Gamtel FC		          Gam   0-0  0-0  0-0 [4-5 pen]
Athlético de Coléah      Gui					bye
Zone B
Enugu Rangers            Nga  Mighty Barrolle		  Lbr   5-0  w/o-Mighty Barrolle withdrew  
Aduana Stars		 Gha  Kwara United                Nga   w/o-Aduana Stars withdrew
Akokana FC (Arlit)       Ngr				  bye

Second Round
[Jul 24 & Aug 7]
Zone A
Horoya AC                Gui  Athlético de Coléah         Gui   3-1  0-1  3-2
Gamtel FC                Gam                                    bye
Zone B
Kwara United             Nga  Enugu Rangers               Nga   0-1  0-2  0-3
Akokana FC (Arlit)       Ngr				  bye

Third Round
[Aug 21 & Sep 12]
Zone A
Gamtel FC                Gam  Horoya AC                   Gui   3-0  1-1  4-1
Zone B
Akokana FC (Arlit)       Ngr  Enugu Rangers               Nga   0-1  0-3  0-4

Repechaje Round
[Oct 23 & Nov 6]
Horoya AC                Gui  Akokana FC (Arlit)       Ngr   w/o  Akokana FC-withdrew

Final Phase (in Lomé)

NB: Dec 8-12

Dynamic Togolais [aka Dyto] (Lomé)
Gamtel FC
Enugu Rangers
Horoya AC (Conakry) 

NB: Dyto enter as hosts

[Dec 8]
Dyto		 1-1  Enugu Rangers	[3-1 pen]
[Dec 9]
Gamtel FC	 2-2  Horoya AC		[4-3 pen]

3rd/4th match [Dec 11]
Enugu Rangers	 1-1 Horoya AC		[13-12 pen]

Final [Dec 11]
Dyto		 2-1 Gamtel FC		[aet]


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