UFOA Cup 1985

9th UFOA (West African Club) Cup 1985

1/8 Finals (Mar 30 and Apr 14)
East End Lions           SLe  Great Hawks (Banjul)     Gam   4-0  2-1  6-1
Shooting Stars           Nga  Caimans                  Ben   5-0  1-1  6-1
Casa Sports              Sen  UD Internacional Bissau  GBi   0-0  1-3  1-3x
Africa Sports            IvC  Saint Joseph Warriors    Lbr   5-0  3-0  8-0y
Ifodje Atakpamé          Tog  Gangan FC Kindia         Gui   2-0  1-3 *3-3y
Sekondi Eleven Wise      Gha  Real Bamako              Mli   2-0  0-3  2-3z
New Nigerian Bank        Nga                                 bye
x 1st leg Apr 7, 2nd leg Apr 21
y 1st leg Apr 28, 2nd leg May 12
z 1st leg Apr 28, 2nd leg May 12, score 2nd leg unsure (3-0 or Real Bamako

Quarterfinals (May 26 and Jun 9)
UD Internacional Bissau  GBi  Africa Sports            IvC   2-1  0-4  2-5
Ifodje Atakpamé          Tog  East End Lions           SLe   2-1  1-2  3-3  4-2p
Sekondi Eleven Wise      Gha  Shooting Stars           Nga   3-0  0-3  3-3x 1-3p
New Nigerian Bank        Nga                                 bye
x 1st leg Jun 2, 2nd leg Jun 16

Semifinals (Jun 30 and Jul 14)
Shooting Stars           Nga  Africa Sports            IvC   2-0  abd     x
New Nigerian Bank        Nga  Ifodje Atakpamé          Tog   4-0  4-1  8-1y
x 2nd leg abandoned at 1-0 to Africa Sports in 20' when Shooting Stars left 
  the pitch; tie awarded to Africa Sports
y New Nigerian Bank requested the final to be played on a neutral ground
  following incidents in the semifinal between Africa Sports and Shooting
  Stars; as their request was turned down, their place in the final was
  taken by Ifodje Atakpamé

Final (Oct 20 and Nov 10)
Africa Sports            IvC  Ifodje Atakpamé          Tog   3-0  2-0  5-0
  [1st leg: Patrice Lacos, Bahi Lagos, Mamadou Sangore]

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