UFOA Cup 1988

12th UFOA (West African Club) Cup 1988

1/8 Finals (Jun 5 and 19)
Cornerstone              Gha  Mighty Barolle           Lbr   2-0  0-0  2-0
Immiraguens Nouadhibou   Mtn  Real Bamako              Mli   1-0  1-2 *2-2
ASFAG                    Gui  ASC Linguère             Sen   4-1  0-0  4-1
Entente II Lomé          Tog  Okwahu United            Gha   0-1  w/o     x
Regent Olympics          SLe                           Gam                y
ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC  Asses FC                 Ben                z
New Nigerian Bank        Nga                                 bye
x 2nd leg awarded to Okwahu United
y Gambia withdrew before naming representatives
z Asses FC withdrew before 1st leg

Quarterfinals (Jul 3 and 17)
New Nigerian Bank        Nga  ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC   1-1  1-1  2-2  4-3p
ASFAG                    Gui  Cornerstone              Gha   2-0  0-1  2-1
Regent Olympics          SLe  Real Bamako              Mli   0-0  1-2  1-2x
Okwahu United            Gha                                 bye
x 1st leg Jul 17, 2nd leg Jul 31

Semifinals (Aug 14 and 28)
Real Bamako              Mli  New Nigerian Bank        Nga   1-1  1-3  2-4
ASFAG                    Gui  Okwahu United            Gha   2-1  0-0  2-1x
x 1st leg Sep 11, 2nd leg Sep 25

Final (Nov 12 and 26)
New Nigerian Bank        Nga  ASFAG                    Gui   2-1  0-1  2-2*

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