UFOA Cup 1990

14th UFOA (West African Club) Cup 1990

1/8 Finals
Ranchers Bees (Kaduna)   Nga  Horaya AC (Conakry)      Gui   3-0  0-1  3-1
Sporting Bissau          GBi  ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC   1-4  w/o     x
Sahel FC (Niamey)        Nig  Etoile Filante           BuF   1-3  1-2  2-5
ETICS Thiès              Sen  Djoliba AC               Mli   0-3  2-3  2-6
Real Republicans         SLe  Invincible Eleven        Lbr   0-0  0-0  0-0  3-5p
Okwahu United            Gha  Plateau United (Jos)     Nga   3-0  0-2  3-2y
Ifodje Atakpamé          Tog                                 bye
Mogas 90                 Ben                                 bye
x Sporting Bissau withdrew after 1st leg
y Plateau United also known as JIB Rocks

Ifodje Atakpamé          Tog  Ranchers Bees (Kaduna)   Nga   0-0  0-2  0-2
ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC  Etoile Filante           BuF   4-0  1-0  5-0
Okwahu United            Gha  Djoliba AC               Mli    -    -    -   1-4p
Mogas 90                 Ben  Invincible Eleven        Lbr      w/o

Mogas 90                 Ben  ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC   0-0  0-2  0-2
Djoliba AC               Mli  Ranchers Bees (Kaduna)   Nga      w/o       x
x Ranchers Bees withdrew before 1st leg

ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC  Djoliba AC               Mli   1-0  1-1  2-1

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