UFOA Cup 1992

16th UFOA (West African Club) Cup 1992

1/8 Finals
Fulani FC                Lbr  Liberté FC               Nig   1-1  w/o     x
Dawu Youngsters          Gha  Asemap FC                Ben   2-0  2-1  4-1y
Stade Abidjan            IvC  Jeanne d'Arc             Sen      w/o       z
Stade Malien             Mli  Old Edwardians           SLe   3-0  0-2  3-2
ASFAPS                   BuF  Kano Pillars             Nga   1-1  0-2  1-3
Hafia FC                 Gui                                 bye
AS CNSS                  Mtn                                 bye
Africa Sports            IvC                                 bye
x Liberté FC withdrew after 1st leg
y Dawu Youngsters disqualified
z Stade Abidjan withdrew before 1st leg

Kano Pillars             Nga  Hafia FC                 Gui   2-0  0-2  2-2x
Asemap FC                Ben  AS CNSS                  Mtn      w/o       y
Africa Sports            IvC  Stade Malien             Mli      w/o       y
Jeanne d'Arc             Sen  Fulani FC                Lbr   0-1  w/o     z
x Hafia FC apparently won on penalties
y AS CNSS and Africa Sports withdrew before 1st leg
z Jeanne d'Arc withdrew after 1st leg

Asemap FC                Ben  Hafia FC                 Gui   1-0  0-1  1-1  1-3p
Stade Malien             Mli  Fulani FC                Lbr   3-1  2-0  5-1

Hafia FC                 Gui  Stade Malien             Mli   0-1  0-3  0-4

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