UFOA Cup 1997

21st UFOA (West African Club) Cup 1997

1/8 Finals [June]
Imraguens                Mtn  ASC Ndiambour (Louga)    Sen   0-1  0-1  0-2x
Issia Wazi               IvC  Ghapoha                  Gha   0-0  0-4  0-4
x 1st leg played in Nouakchott; Imraguens are from Nouadhibou Port
other scores unknown

Quarterfinals [July]
Mamahira                 Mli  ASC Ndiambour (Louga)    Sen   2-1   -      x
x 2nd leg score unknown, ASC Ndiambour qualified
other scores unknown

Ghapoha                  Gha  ASC Ndiambour (Louga)    Sen   2-0  3-2  5-2 
Katsina United           Ngr  JS Ténéré                Nig   0-1  0-1  0-2

Final [Oct 5, 19]
JS Ténéré                Nig  Ghapoha                  Gha   1-0  0-2  1-2
  [Soumalia Yataga]
  [Dan Edusei 45, Richard Nii Noi 45]

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