Indoor Tournament in Winterthur 1982-1983 (Switzerland)

Organized by FC Winterthur and played mid January at Eulachhalle in Winterthur


1982  BSC Young Boys
1983  Grasshopper-Club


Group A

Nordstern Basel		4-1 FC Luzern
Nordstern Basel		5-3 FC Winterthur
Nordstern Basel		3-0 FC Altstätten
FC Luzern		5-4 FC Winterthur
FC Luzern		3-2 FC Altstätten
FC Winterthur		2-1 FC Altstätten

Group B

BSC Young Boys		3-2 Switzerland U-18
BSC Young Boys		5-4 FC Chiasso
BSC Young Boys		2-1 FC Frauenfeld
Switzerland U-18	4-2 FC Chiasso
Switzerland U-18	3-2 FC Frauenfeld
FC Chiasso		1-0 FC Frauenfeld

BSC Young Boys		5-3  Nordstern Basel
 [Peterhans, Zbinden (3), Feuz; Kaufmann, Zeender, Holenstein]

Third place match
FC Luzern		4-2 Switzerland U-18		[aet]
 [Risi, Lauscher, Fischer, Bauhofer; Burri, Dietsche]

Fifth place match
FC Winterthur		5-2 FC Chiasso
 [Käser (2), Stomeo (3); Bernaschina, Moser]

Seventh place match
FC Frauenfeld		3-1 FC Altstätten SG
 [Heinrich, Capaldo, Kälin; Schlegel]

Best scorer : Stomeo (FC Winterthur) 8 goals


[Jan 8-9]

Grasshopper-Club	3-4 FC Winterthur
Grasshopper-Club	3-1 Switzerland U-18
Grasshopper-Club	6-1 BSC Young Boys
Grasshopper-Club	6-2 Mendrisio
Grasshopper-Club	6-2 Nordstern Basel
FC Winterthur		2-1 Switzerland U-18
FC Winterthur		1-3 BSC Young Boys
FC Winterthur		4-1 Mendrisio
FC Winterthur		4-4 Nordstern Basel
Switzerland U-18	4-3 BSC Young Boys
Switzerland U-18	3-2 Mendrisio
Switzerland U-18	8-3 Nordstern Basel
BSC Young Boys		4-1 Mendrisio
BSC Young Boys		5-4 Nordstern Basel
Mendrisio		7-3 Nordstern Basel

 winner : Grasshopper-Club Zürich

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