Belarus - List of Foundation Dates

1912  FK Baranavichy           [founded as Orion Baranovichy]
1927  FK Dynama Minsk
1947  FK Tarpeda-SKA Minsk     [founded as FK Tarpeda Minsk; merged 2006 with FK Zmena Minsk to FK Minsk]
1948  FK Rudensk
1952  FK Vedrych-97 Rechytsa   [founded as FK Dnyaprovets Rechytsa]
1959  FK Homel                 [founded as Lokamotiv Homel]
1960  FK Dynama Brest
      FK Dvyna Vitsebsk        [founded as FK Kym Vitsebsk; merged 1996 with Lokamativ to Lokamativ-96 Vitsebsk]
1961  FK Shakhtsyor Salihorsk
      FK Tarpeda Zhodzina      [founded as FK Raketa Zhodzina] 
1962  FK Lida                  [founded as Abuvshik Lida] 
1963  FK Naftan Navapolatsk
1964  FK Nyoman Hrodna
1969  FK Zhlobin               [founded as FK Kamunalnik Zhlobin] 
1971  FK Khimik Slevtlahorsk   [founded as Kamunalnik Svetlahorsk]
1973  FK BATE Barysau          [founded as Berezina Barysau]
1974  FK Savit Mahilyou        [founded as FK Tarpeda Mahilyou; disbanded 2008]
1976  SK Starye Darogi         [founded as FK Stroytel  Starye Darogi]
1977  FK Belshyna Babruisk     [founded as Shinnik Babruisk]       
1978  FK Hranit Mikashevichy
1984  FK Babruisk              [founded as FK Traktor Babruisk; disbanded 1995] 
1986  FK Ataka Minsk           [disbanded 1998]  
      FK Lokamativ Vitsebsk    [merged 1996 with FC Dvyna Vitsebsk to Lokamativ-96 Vitsebsk]
1987  FK Slaviya-Mazyr         [founded as FK Polesye Mazyr]
      FK Smorhon               [founded as Stankostroitel Smorhon] 
1988  FK Maladzechna           [founded as FK Metallurg Maladzechna] 
1989  FK Khvalya Pinsk         [founded as Kamunalnik Pinsk]
      FK Byaroza               [founded as BSM Byaroza] 
1992  FK Kamunalnik Slonim     [founded as Albertin Slonim]
1994  FK Asipovichy            [founded as KPZ Asipovichy]
      FK Transmash Mahilyou    [founded as FK Selmash Mahilyou; merged 1998 with Dnyapro to Dnyapro-Transmash Mahilyou]
1995  FK Veras Nyasvizh        [founded as FK Veraz Verkhnyaya Lipa]  
      Zvezda VA BGU Minsk      [founded as Zvezda Minsk]
1996  FK Vitsebsk              [merger of Dvyna and Lokamotiv Vitsebsk]
1998  FK Dnyapro Mahilyou      [founded as Dnyapro-Transmash Mahilyou (merger of Dnyapro and Transmash Mahilyou)]      
      FK Spartak Shklou       
2000  FK SKVICh Minsk          [founded as Lokamativ Minsk] 
      FK Daryda Minsk Region   [founded as FK Daryda Stalbtsy; disbanded]   
2002  FK Partizan Minsk        [merger of  Traktor and RIPA Minsk] 
2003  FK Minsk                 [founded as FK Zmena Minsk]
2004  FK Polatsk      
      FK Garadeya 
2007  FK DSK Homel

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