Western Sahara - List of Cup Winners

Copa de la RASD
NB: tournament played annually in Spain; 
    participants are usually clubs of Sahrawi exiles and refugees;
    the 2011 edition was the first

Ed Year Winners                           Runners-Up
 1 2011 Sahara Valencia 
 2 2012 CF Sahara Occidental (Bilbao)
 3 2013 Gdeim Izik
 4 2014 Sevilla-El Aaiún
 5 2015 Sevilla-El Aaiún               w/o Intifada CF (Gran Canaria)
 6 2016 Sevilla-El Aaiún
 7 2017 RASD FC Francia                4-0 AS Saharauis Francia
 8 2018 RASD FC Francia                1-0 Sevilla
 9 2019 RASD Sevilla-Andalucia         2-0 RASD FC Francia  

Number of Wins (9)

 3      Sevilla-El Aaiún
 2      RASD FC Francia   
 1      Gdeim Izik
        CF Sahara Occidental (Bilbao)
        Sahara Valencia 
        RASD Sevilla-Andalucia 

Sahraoui Republic Cup
NB: cup held annually at Smara Camp, Tindouf (Algeria);
    participants are usually clubs based in the Sahrawi refugee camps;
    the 2016 edition was the first

Ed Year Winners                           Runners-Up
 1 2016 Farik Dakhla                  2-2 Wifaq Bir Lehlou              [5-4 pen]
 2 2017 Ittihad El Aaioun             1-1 Wifaq Bir Lehlou              [5-4 pen]
 3 2018 Wifaq Bir Lehlou              2-0 27th of February Boujdour
 4 2019 Chahid Mahfoud El Welad Smara 1-1 Farik Dakhla                  [4-2 pen] 

Number of Wins (4; lost finals between square brackets)

 1 [ 2] Wifaq Bir Lehlou   
 1 [ 1] Farik Dakhla  
 1      Chahid Mahfoud El Welad Smara
 1      Ittihad El Aaioun       
   [ 1] 27th of February Boujdour

20th May Cup
   2018 Wifaq Bir Lehlou              3-1 Tichla Auserd

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