South Africa tour of the British Isles 1958


In Britain and Ireland:
17- 9 Oxford          Headington United FC        2-2 South Africa
20- 9 Bedford         Bedford Town FC             2-3 South Africa
24- 9 Norwich         Norfolk County FA           1-4 South Africa
27- 9 Reading         British Universities        3-5 South Africa
29- 9 Wolverhampton   Wolverhampton Wanderers FC  1-0 South Africa
 4-10 Bangor          Wales Amateur               1-3 South Africa
 8-10 Liverpool       Everton FC                  7-4 South Africa
11-10 Dublin          Republic of Ireland B       1-0 South Africa
15-10 Belfast         Northern Ireland FA XI      2-5 South Africa
18-10 Wigan           Lancashire Combination      2-6 South Africa
22-10 Preston         Preston North End FC        9-1 South Africa
25-10 High Wycombe    England Amateur             2-2 South Africa
28-10 London          Chelsea FC                  1-0 South Africa
30-10 Edinburgh       Heart of Midlothian FC      3-3 South Africa
 1-11 Bromley         Combined Amateur League XI* 2-5 South Africa
 3-11 Southampton     Southampton FC              2-2 South Africa
 8-11 Peterborough    Peterborough United FC      7-4 South Africa

* Combined Isthmian & Athenian League XI

En route: (possibly incomplete)
12-11 Eindhoven       Netherlands Bondselftal   ! 9-3 South Africa
16-11 Oeiras          Portugal Esperanšas (U23)   3-1 South Africa
23-11 Funchal         Madeira                     1-0 South Africa 

! this match involved the unofficial "Bondselftal" on the Dutch side but 
  was recognised as official at the time by the South African federation; 
  it was scrapped from the South African records after 1992


 Name                                  Club                    Province             

 Adrian (Rocco) Smith                  Brakpan United          Eastern Transvaal
 Trevor Gething                        Arcadia Shepherds       Northern Transvaal
 Lionel J.A. Williams                  Queen's Park            Natal
 George G. Martin                      Clyde                   Western Province
 Kenneth (Ken) Denysschen              Queen's Park            Natal
 Henry W. Hauser                       Johannesburg Rangers    Southern Transvaal
 Gilbert P. Petersen [captain]         Boksburg                Eastern Transvaal
 Owen A. Beckett                       Arcadia Shepherds       Northern Transvaal
 Malcolm J. Rufus                      Stella                  Natal
 Arthur J. (Bobby) Field               Stella                  Natal
 Arthur Williams                       Johannesburg Rangers    Southern Transvaal
 Henry Edward Charles (Charlie) Hurly  Marist Brothers         Southern Transvaal
 Walter (Wally) Warren                 Mairst Brothers         Southern Transvaal
 J. McMullen (Jackie) Scott*           Salisbury Police        Rhodesia
 L.E. (Les) Salton                     Berea Park              Natal
 Martin D. (Marty) Deetlifs            Queen's Park            Natal
 George H. Barratt                     Queen's Park            Natal
Trainer: S. Salter
Manager: A.P. (Pat) Murray
Assistant manager: H.M. Hosking

 * Jackie Scott was a former Northern Ireland amateur international (3 caps)

South Africa tour of the British Isles 1953

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