South Africa International Matches 1924

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In 1924, a South African touring team (the 'Springbok Touring Team') travelled Ireland, Britain and the Netherlands from August 30 to December 3. They played 26 matches, including 5 against 'national teams'. Of those five, one (the match against the Netherlands) is an official international match for their opponents; the others involved the Amateur sides of the FAs involved and therefore do not count as official international matches; however, note that many European continental national teams consider their matches against e.g. the England Amateur side as official, and there is no reason for the South Africans not to have done so at the time as well.
Below the full list of matches is given, with the 'national' matches in bold face. Details on the matches against Northern Ireland and the Netherlands are also available below. Results are listed from the South African perspective. Presumably all matches were played at the home grounds of their respective opponents, but venues are only listed where confirmed.

Opponents               Date        Venue                   Result

Dublin Bohemians        30.08.1924  Dublin, IRE             4-2
Wimbledon               06.09.1924  Wimbledon, ENG          6-0
Brentford               10.09.1924                          1-3
Wycombe Wanderers       13.09.1924  Wycombe, ENG            5-2
Chelsea                 17.09.1924                          4-2
N. Ireland Amateur      24.09.1924  Belfast, NIL            2-1
North-West Ireland      27.09.1924  Londonderry, NIL        9-1
Northampton Town        29.09.1924                          3-1
Liverpool               01.10.1924                          5-2
Wales Amateur           04.10.1924  Colwyn Bay, WAL         0-1
England Amateur         11.10.1924  Southampton, ENG        2-3
Aston Villa             15.10.1924                          3-0
Palatine League         18.10.1924  Spennymoor, ENG         8-1
Queen's Park            22.10.1924  Glasgow, SCO            2-3
Dulwich Hamlet          25.10.1924  London, ENG             4-0
Zwaluwen                31.10.1924  Tilburg, NET            2-1
Netherlands             02.11.1924  Amsterdam, NET          1-2
Corinthians (Net)       05.11.1924  Rotterdam, NET          3-0
The Army                08.11.1924  Aldershot, ENG          3-4
Isthmian League         13.11.1924  Ilford, ENG             4-2
Corinthians (Eng)       15.11.1924  London, ENG             1-4
Manchester City         20.11.1924  Manchester, ENG         cancelled due to fog
Colwyn Bay and District 22.11.1924  Colwyn Bay, WAL         4-2
Manchester City         24.11.1924  Manchester, ENG         1-3
England Amateur         26.11.1924  London, ENG             2-3
Norfolk County          29.11.1924  Kings Lynn, ENG         1-3
Everton                 03.12.1924  Liverpool, ENG          3-2

NB: 'Zwaluwen' were a kind of Netherlands B side;
    the (Dutch) Corinthians were formed along the lines of the famous
    English Corinthians;
    the match on Oct 22, 1924 was played at Hampden Park;
    the match on Nov 15, 1924 was played at Crystal Palace;
    opponents Nov 22, 1924 also listed as Welsh National League XI;
    the match on Nov 24, 1924 was played at Maine Road;
    the match on Nov 26, 1924 was played at White Hart Lane;
    the match on Dec 3, 1924 was played at Goodison Park.


[# -] 24 Sep 1924

Northern Ireland - South Africa 1-2
Friendly Match
Solitude, Belfast
William Cowan NIL

NIL: John Gough (1/Queen's Island FC) - Alfred Bruce (1/Belfast Celtic FC), Thomas Frame (1/Linfield FC) - James Anderson (1/Distillery FC), William Burns (1/Glentoran FC), John Harris (2/Glenavon FC) (cap) - Thomas McKeague (1/Glentoran FC), Thomas Croft (1/Queen's Island FC), Frank Rushe (1/Distillery FC), Ralph Lynas (1/Cliftonville FC), Harold Wilson (1/Linfield FC)
Coach: Joe Devlin, Belfast Celtic
RSA: Arthur J. Riley (1/Transvaal) - Charles R. Thompson (1/Transvaal), George W. Burton (1/Natal) - George R. Parry (1/Western Province), H. Charles Williams (1/Western Province) (cap), Bob P. Tochy (1/Natal) – P. D. Jacobi (1/Frontier), Jim Green (1/Transvaal), David James Murray (1/Western Province), Gordon Hodgson (1/Transvaal), Eric S. G. Stuart (1/Western Province)
Coach: Hugh Sweetlove

Rushe (10) - Murray (44), Green (75)

[# -] 2 Nov 1924

Netherlands - South Africa 2-1
Friendly Match
Amstelveenschenweg, het Nederlandsche Sportpark, Amsterdam
Peco Bauwens GER

NET: Gejus van der Meulen (7/HFC) - Harry Dénis (28/HBS) (cap), Henk Vermetten (3/HBS) - André Le Fèvre (13/Kampong), Bertus Bul (2/Feijenoord) Gerrit Horsten (4/Willem II) - Albert Snouck Hurgronje (5/HVV), Wim Volkers (1/Ajax), Kees Pijl (6/Feijenoord), Charles van Baar van Slangenburgh (1/HBS), Jan de Natris (19/Ajax)
Coach: Bob Glendenning
RSA: Arthur J. Riley (Transvaal) - Charles R. Thompson (Natal), George W. Burton (Natal) - George R. Parry (Western Province), Alex Skene (Natal), Bob P. Tochy (Natal) – Jim Green (Transvaal), Gordon Hodgson (Transvaal), John Murray (Natal), H. Charles Williams (Western Province) (cap), Eric S. G. Stuart (Western Province)
Coach: John Wheeler

Volkers (9), De Natris (19) - Murray (20)

overview file | 1947-1955

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