Congo-Kinshasa (DR Congo) Women 2021

Coupe du Congo Féminin 2021

NB: 12th edition


NB: played Apr 4-12; 5 participants (Noblesse du territoire d'Aru,
    Mamy sport de Ngote (Mahagi), Tosepela de Mahagi, Bunia Dame and
    Ituri FC) from which 2 qualify for tournament proper. 
[Apr 4] 
Ituri FC             4-1 Bunia Dame        
[Apr 6] 
Mamy Sport            -  Noblesse 
Bunia Dame            -  Tosepela 
[Apr 15]
Tosepela             1-0 FC Bunia
NB: FCF Tosepela (Mahagi, as champions) and Ituri FC (as runners-up) qualified
Tournament Proper

NB: in Kinshasa, May 25-Jun 13; 17 participants, of which OCL City (winners of
    the 11th edition 2019) is automatically qualified for the knockout stage

Group Stage

Groupe A
TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi) [Haut-Katanga]
JSK (Kolwezi) [Lualaba]
AS Sainte-Marie [Kasaï-Central]
CSF Bikira [Kinshasa]
OC Okapi [Tshopo]
SC AFDDK [Kasaï-Central]
V. Club (Mbandaka) [Equateur]
CS Manika (Kolwezi) [Lualaba]
Groupe B
FCF Amani [Kinshasa]
AS Ntomambote [Bandundu]
FCF Espoir (Kasangulu) [Kasaï-Central]
FCF Tosepela (Mahagi) [Ituri]
31e CPC [Kasaï-Central]
FJKK (Likasi) [Haut-Katanga]
Ituri FC [Ituri]
AS Kabasha (Goma) [Nord-Kivu]
[May 27]
TP Mazembe           4-0 JSK
FCF Espoir           1-6 31ème CPC
AS St.-Marie         1-7 Bikira
Amani               24-0 AS Ntomambote  
[May 30]
Tosepela             5-0 FCF Espoir 
[May 31]
Ituri FC            10-0 AS Ntomambote
[Jun 1?]
FJKK                 4-1 31ème CPC
CS Manika            4-1 AFDDK
[Jun 2]
TP Mazembe           3-1 AS St.-Marie
Amani               13-0 FCF Espoir 
[Jun 4]
Tosepela             1-1 FJKK
[Jun 5]
AS Ntomambote         -  FCF Espoir
TP Mazembe          19-0 AS Vita Club Mbandaka
JSK                   -  AS St.-Marie
CSF Bikira            -  CS Manika 
[Jun 12]
TP Mazembe           1-1 CS Bikira
[Jun 14]
Tosepela             2-0 Ntomambote        
[Jun ?]
TP Mazembe          12-0 AFDDK 
NB: top-3 of both groups (and best losers?!) qualify for second round 

Quarterfinals [Jun 16]
TP Mazembe           6-1 FC Ituri
FJKK                 1-4 CSF Bikira
JSK                  7-1 31ème CPC
FC Amani             4-1 OCL City
Semifinals [Jun 18]
CSF Bikira           1-1 TP Mazembe           [7-6 pen]
JSK                  0-4 FC Amani
Third Place Match [Jun 20]
TP Mazembe           3-0 JSK
Final [Jun 20]              
CSF Bikira           0-1 FC Amani
    [Marlêne Kasaj Yav 65]



list of champions and cup winners

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