Congo-Kinshasa (DR Congo, Zaire) - Foundation Dates of Clubs

NB: during the colonial era, Kinshasa was known as Léopoldville and Lubumbashi as Elizabethville

1911        Cercle Sportive d'Elisabethville

1914        Star Balubas (Lubumbashi)
            Lubumbashi FC
            Léopold FC (Lubumbashi)

1918        Union (Lubumbashi)
            Elisabethville FC
            Chemin de Fer du Katanga (Lubumbashi)  [CFK]

1919        Association Sportive Congolaise (Kinshasa) [*]

1920        Union Sportive de Léopoldville

1922 Aug    Luso Sporting Club (Kinshasa)
            CO Les Nomades (Kinshasa)
            Cercle Olympique Belge de Léopoldville [merged 1928 with Etoile Sportive to Léo Sport]

1923        Union Sportive Italienne (Lubumbashi)           

1926        Amicale Sportive de Kinshasa [founded as Amicale Sportive Portuguaise]
            AS Portuguesa (Kinshasa)

1927        Etoile Sportive (Kinshasa) [merged 1928 with Cercle Olympique Belge to Léo Sport]          

1928        Léo Sport (Kinshasa) [merger of Cercle Olympique Belge de Léopoldville and Etoile Sportive]

1929        FC Lubumbashi Sport (Lubumbashi) 

1935        Association Sportive Vita Club (Kinshasa) [founded as Renaissance FC]
            AS Dragons Bilima (Kinshasa) [founded as Amicale Sportive Bilima]

1936 Feb 22 Daring Club Motema Pembe (Kinshasa) [founded as Daring Faucon]
            US Panda B 52 (Likasi)
1939        Tout Puissant Mazembe (Lubumbashi) [founded as FC St-Georges]
            FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi) [founded as Standard]
            SC Cilu (Lukala) [Cilu = Ciment Lukala]
            AS Simba (Kolwezi)

1945        CS Manika (Kolwezi)

1948        Cercle Sportif Don Bosco (Lubumbashi)   
            OC Muungano (Bukavu)

1951        OC Bukavu Dawa (Bukavu) [founded as Bushi FC]

1952        AS Lokole (Bumba)

1954        Union Sportive Tshinkunku (Kananga) [founded as Union St.-Gilloise Luluabourg]

1955        AS Nika (Kisangani)

1958        TS Malekesa (Kisangani)

1959        AS Kabasha (Goma)

1961 Dec 13 AS Bantous (Mbuji-Mayi)
            SM Sanga Balende (Mbuji-Mayi) [founded as Union Sud-Kasaienne]

1962        FC Mont Bleu (Bunia)

1964        DC Virunga (Bulungu)

1968 Mar    Amicale Sportive Kinoise (Kinshasa) 

1969        AC N'koy (Bilombe)

1974        AC CAPACO (Beni)

1977        AS Nyuki (Butembo)

1982        FC Likonga (Lubera) 

1989        Athletic Club Sodigraf (Kinshasa)
1995        FC Max Mokey (Kinshasa) [founded as FC Les Anges, 2004 called  FC MK Etanchéité; current name since 2007]

1997        AC Bel Or (Kinshasa) [founded as Club Elisa]
            AS Lomami (Boma)
            AS Vita Club (Mbuji-Mayi)

2000        FC Saint-Pierre (Lubumbashi) 

2002        AS Dauphins Noirs (Goma)
            Racing Club (Kinshasa) [founded as FC Cana]

2003        AS Babeti ya Sika (Mbandaka)
            FC Kasindi Sport (Lubiriha)

2005        AS Flèche d'Or (Barumbu)
            AS Maniema Union (Kindu)

2006        JS Kinshasa

2010        AC Rangers FC (Kinshasa)

2011 Aug 14 FC Dijack du Congo (Kinshasa)

2012        Katumbi FA (Lubumbashi)
            FC Mutoshi (Kolwezi)

2013        FC Océan Pacifique (Mbuji-Mayi)
            JS Groupe Bazano (Lubumbashi)

2014 Jun 16 FC Renaissance du Congo (Kinshasa)
2015        Ituri FC (Ituri)

2016 Nov 27 FC Etoile du Kivu (Bukavu)
            AS Ndombe (Bandundu)

2017        TP Mazembe (Kasangulu)

2019        Cercle Sportif Katasi du Congo (Kinshasa)

[*] ASC (Association Sportive Congolaise) were the first sports organisation
    for natives; the club was affiliated to the Comité Sportif Européen de
    Léopoldville in 1928 and to the Belgian FA in 1930; in 1939, Leopold III
    granted it the title of "Société Royal".  It was founded as Cercle Sportif
    Congolais and later renamed Fédération Sportive Congolaise before taking 
    the name Association Sportive Congolaise (before 1936).


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