Tournoi Amical International (Kinshasa) 2008

Tournament organised by FECOFA to prepare the clubs for the African club cups 2008.

 Diables Noirs (Brazzaville)
 Jeunesse Sportive de Talanga´ (Brazzaville)
 SC Cilu (Lukala) - replace TP Mazembe who were not available
 AS Maniema Union (Kindu)
 DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)
 AS V. Club (Kinshasa)

All matches at Stade des Martyrs de la Pentec˘te, Kinshasa.

[Jan 15]
AS V. Club          2-0 JST
  [Ibrahim Bolafese 83pen, Embele 87]
DC Motema Pembe     1-1 Diables Noirs  
  [Ziba Germain 39; GadzÚ 18]
[Jan 17]
Maniema Union       1-2 SC Cilu
AS V. Club          0-1 Diables Noirs  
  [Djamba 20]
[Jan 19]
Maniema Union       3-2 JST    
DC Motema Pembe     2-2 SC Cilu      
  [Bokanga 22, Luamba 28; Ikuku 5, Mosende 83]
[Jan 21]
Maniema Union        -  Diables Noirs 
DC Motema Pembe      -  JST     
[Jan 23]
DC Motema Pembe     3-0 Maniema Union
  [Jean-Jacques Yemweni 63, 65, 90]
AS V. Club          4-0 SC Cilu 
  [Eric Kayembe (1st half), Ilongo 68, Weto 86, Manianga 88]

NB: structure of tournament not clear


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