Zambia - Foundation Dates of Clubs

192?    Broken Hill Callies
        Broken Hill Corinthians
        Broken Hill Thistle
1921(?) Luanshya United
1922    Kabwe Warriors FC                   [founded as Railway Recreaction Club FC (Broken Hill)]   
193?    Roan Mine African FC (Luanshya)     [merged Feb 1962 with Roan Antelope Callies to Roan United FC]
        Rhokana FC (Kitwe)                  [founded as Rhokana Mine]                   
1932    Luanshya All Blacks FC              [dissolved]
1935    Roan Antelope Callies FC (Luanshya) [founded as Roan Antelope AFC; merged 1962 with Roan Mine African FC]
1936    British Nyasa United (Lusaka)
1937    City of Lusaka FC
193?    Mufulira Blackpool FC               [founded as Mufulira FC]
        Chingola Eleven Wise Men
        Kitwe Lions FC                      [merged 1963 with Kitwe Boma Tigers to Kitwe United FC]
        Rhokana Mine (Kitwe)  
        Ndola Black Follies 
194?    Ndola Home Defenders
        Chingola Dynamos
        Luanshya Buffaloes
        Kitwe Tigers                        [merged 1963 with Kitwe Lions FC to Kitwe United FC] 
        Chingola Orients
        Luanshya Roan Antelope FC United   
        Mufulira Styles       
1953    Mufulira Wanderers FC               [founded as Mufulira Mine Team]
        Lusaka Tigers FC                    [founded as Matero Youth Club; merged 1954 with Chinika, Kamwala
                                             and Kabwata to Matero United; present name since 1968]
1955    Nkana FC (Kitwe)                    [founded as Rhokana United FC]
1956    Konkola Blades FC (Chililabombwe)   [founded as Bancroft North End]
1960    Nchanga Rangers FC (Chingola)       [merger of Nchanga FC and Nchanga Callies]
1962    Roan United FC                      [merger of Roan Mine African FC and Roan Antelope Callies FC] 
        Rhokana United FC (Kitwe)           [merger of Rhokana FC and Nkana FC]
        Queen's Port FC (Lusaka)            [merged later with City of Lusaka FC]
        Kalulushi Modern Stars FC           [split off from Kalulushi Babes FC]
1963    Kitwe United FC                     [merger of Kitwe Lions FC and Kitwe Tigers] 
1964(?) XI Wise Men FC (Kalulushi)          [split off from Kalulushi Babes FC]
1966    University of Zambia FC (Lusaka)
1968    Green Buffaloes FC (Lusaka)         [founded as Zambia Army FC]  
        Livingstone Pirates FC
1971    Power Dynamos FC (Kitwe)
1972    Kashikishi Warriors FC
1974    Prisons Leopards FC (Kabwe)
        ZESCO United FC (Ndola)             [founded Jan 1]
1975    Forest Rangers FC (Ndola)
1978    Nkwazi FC (Lusaka)                  [aka Nkhwazi FC]
        Zanaco FC (Lusaka)  
        Indeni FC       
1979    Lusaka Dynamos FC
1982    Kalungu Stars FC
1984    VB Sinazongwe United
1985    Katete Rangers FC
1990    Livingstone Pirates FC
1991    Kafue Eagles FC
1992    Chongwe United FC
1993    Chainda Bombers FC
2001    Happy Hearts FC (Lusaka)
2002    Nakonde Villa FC
        Chifubu Bullets FC (Ndola)
2005    New Monze Swallows FC (Monze)
        Chirundu United FC
2006    Mungwi Hotspurs FC
2007    FC MUZA (Mazabuka)                  [Manchester United Zambian Academy]
        Solwezi Eagles FC
2010    Kabide FC (Lusaka)
        Lumwana Radiants FC
        Real Nakonde FC
2011    Isoka Young Stars FC
2012    Buildcon FC (Ndola)                 [founded as A. M. Welding FC]
2013    KYSA FC (Kabwe)                     [Kabwe Youth Soccer Academy]
        Kabwata Dynamos FC (Lusaka)
        Mungu United FC (Kafue)
        Romeki FC (Lusaka)
        Solwezi Academy FC
2014    Kalumbila Quattro FC 
        Namushakende Flying Rangers FC (Lusaka)   
        Sinazongwe Medical Stars FC
2015    Young Nkana FC (Kitwe) 
2016    Katima Border Stars FC (Sesheke)
        Lusaka City FC 
        KAPAB FC (Mansa)
        Spartans FC (Kalumbila)
        FC Makeni All Stars
2017    Bauleni Super Eagles FC (Lusaka)    [aka BASE FC]
        Vector Academy FC (Lusaka)
2018    Jumulo FC (Kitwe)
        Kabwe Celtic FC
        ZCA FC (Monze)
        Ama Soccer Academy (Kabwe)
2019    Solwezi Airport FC
2021    Zomelani FC
        Mangoma United FC

NB: Zanaco = Zambia National Commercial Bank
    ZCA    = Zambia College of Agriculture
    ZESCO  = Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation United

Women Clubs

2015    Mapani WFC Lusaka
2017    Solwezi Academy Queens FC
2018    Lusaka Queens FC
        Kabwe Celtic Queens
2019    Solwezi Airport Queens FC
2020    ZISD Queens Lusaka
        Lusaka Dynamos Ladies FC
        Mungwi Hotspurs Girls FC
2021    One Boss Lady (Chawama Compound, Lusaka)
        Sporting Doves WFC (Mpika)
2022    The Elite Ladies FC Lusaka

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