Zanzibar - List of Foundation Dates

191?   New Kings                         [merged 1932 into African Sports]
       New Generation                    [merged 1932 into African Sports]
       Caddies                           [merged 1932 into African Sports]
1932   African Sports                    [merger of New Generation, New Kings and Caddies]
1936   Small Simba SC (Zanzibar)
1942   Malindi SC (Zanzibar)             [predecessor: Arab SC]
1945   Miembeni SC (Zanzibar)
1953   Jamhuri SC (Wete)             *   [founded as Barghash SC]
1954   Mwenge SC (Wete)              *   [founded as Cosmopolitans SC]
1957   Ujamaa SC (Makinduchi)
1965   KMKM SC (Zanzibar)                [Kikosi Maalum cha Kuzuia Magendo]
1966   Chipukizi SC (Chake Chake)    *         
1970   Mlandege FC (Zanzibar)          
       Mafunzo FC (Zanzibar)
       Kizimbani United FC (Wete)    *
1971   Muungano Rangers FC (Zanzibar)
1978   Shaba SC (Kojani)             *
1980   Super Falcon FC (Chake Chake) *
1981   Black Sailors FC (Zanzibar]       [on May 30] 
1983   Kipanga FC (Zanzibar)
       Ngome FC (Fuoni)
1984   Chuoni SC (Zanzibar)
1985   Kilimani Star FC (Zanzibar)
       Umoja wa Mbuzini FC (Mbuzini)
1987   Gulioni FC (Gulioni)
1993   Kundemba FC (Zanzibar)
1997   Hard Rock SC (Kangani)        *
1999   Jang'ombe Boys (Zanzibar)
2002   Shangani FC (Zanzibar)
2004   KVZ SC (Zanzibar)                 [Kikosi cha Valantia Zanzibar]
2009   Mitondoni Boys (Mitondoni)
2010   Zanzibar Ocean View FC (Zanzibar) [breakaway from Miembeni SC]   
2011   Charawe FC (Charawe)
       Kilimani City FC (Zanzibar)       [founded as Mtende Rangers FC]
2014   Miembeni City FC (Zanzibar) 

* = teams from Pemba Island

Women Club Foundation Dates

2017   Warrior Queens FC

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