FK Zeleznik - Early History

The beginning: 

Soccer club Zeleznik was founded by a local restaurant owner Tihomir 
Zivota Panic at 28th May 1930 in a small village near the Yugoslavian 
Kingdom capital Belgrade. The club had its first serious steps only 10
years later when also the first team picture was taken with the first 
team: Mija Mitrovic, Dragan Miljkovic, Vlada Ilic, Zivan Vojinovic, 
Bora Vojinovic, Bane Vojinovic, Zivko Vojinovic, Duca Vojinovic, 
Stepan Stankovic, Zivan Zlatanovic and Dragi Maksimovic. 

Zeleznik's first arch rival was FC Knezevac with whom Zeleznik had many 
challenges but the most important at this period was the one in 1943 
when Zeleznik was defeated at the home ground 3:2 after which the 
national team player Rade Stevkov delighted by how he was treated at 
this small little town had accepted to join Zeleznik and become their 
best player before World War II. 

After World War II: 

When communist took power in Yugoslavia, Zeleznik got their first town 
rivals in Red Machine (couple years late renamed into FC Napredak) a 
club created by the factory "Ivo Lole Ribara" made by the communist 
regime. From that time the club rivalry only grew and great matches 
followed in 1952 with a 1:1 draw and in 1953. Zeleznik finally shown 
who's the older brother and won 3:0 under leadership of coach Vita 

Two brother clubs become one:

Seeing there is no use in battling against each other FC Zeleznik and 
FC Napredak joined forces in 1961 and held the name FC Zeleznik in 
respect of the older club name after what this club participated in all 
sort of competitions.

First trophies: 

Champion of B non federal league in 1961.
Champion of Belgrade county league in 1962.
Yugoslavian Cup for the territory of Belgrade  in season:1963
Peoples Uprising Cup of Yugoslavia - 1971

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