South Eastern Ukraine - List of Champions


Donetsk PR

Season  Champions                    Runners-Up                   Third Place           

part of Russian Empire - Donetsk Football League
1913    Yuzovka                      Druzhkovka                   Kramatorsk
1914      not finished
part of Soviet Union - Donetsk province
1922    Druzhkovka                   Kramatorsk  
1923    Metalist Druzhkovka          Klub im. Lenin Yuzovka       Klub im. Artem Taganrog
1924    SSKL Stalin                  Vetka rudnik Stalin District
part of Soviet Union - Stalin district
1925    SSKL Stalin                  Makeyevka 
1926    SSKL Stalin                  Petrovsky rudnik
1927    Stalin                       Kadiyevka
1928    Budenovka                    SSKL Stalin                  Petrovka
1929    Dinamo Stalin                Dynamo Budenovka             Rutchenkovo
part of Soviet Union - Donetsk region
1932    Gorlovka                     Stalino 
1933    Metalist Konstantinovka  
1934    Dinamo Gorlovka 
1935    Dinamo Gorlovka              Kadiyevka 
1936    Zavod im. Koval Stalino 
1937    Stal Konstantinovka 
part of Soviet Union - Stalino region
1938    Stakhanovets Stalino         Stal Konstantinovka
1940    Stakhanovets Ordzhonikidze   Avangard Kramatorsk
1944    Stakhanovets Stalino         Makeyevka 
1945    Stakhanovets Rutchenkovo     Konstantinovka
1946    Stal Makeyevka
1947    Avangard Kramatorsk          Lokomotiv Yasinovitaya 
1948    Stal Konstantinovka          Shakhter Smolyanka           Zavod Ilyich Mariupol
1949    Metallurg Zhdanov            Lokomotiv Krasnoarmeysk      Ogneurorshik Chasov Yar
1950    Vodnik Zhdanov               Shakhter Petrovsk 
1951    Shakhter Druzhkovka 
1952    Shakhta No. 11 Smolyanka     ShakhterDruzhkovka 
1953    Metallurg Zhdanov 
1954    Shakhter Yenakiyevo 
1955    Shakhta No. 9 Stalino        Shakhter Chistyakovo         Avangard Kramatorsk  
1956    Metallurg Chasov Yar 
1957    Shakhta No. 11 Smolyanka     Shakhter Artyomovsk          Avangard Zhdanov
1958    Metallurg Chasov Yar         Toretsky Zavod Druzhkovka    Shakhta Artyom Dzerzhinsk
1959    Shakhta No. 11 Smolyanka     Shakhta Artyom Dzerzhinsk
1960    Shakhta No. 11 Smolyanka     Khimik Makeyevka             Metallurg Yenakiyevo
1961    Metallurg Yenakiyevo         Chasov Yar                   Zhdanov
part of Soviet Union - Donetsk region
1962    Metallurg Yenakiyevo         Tyazhmash Zhdanov            Kirovets Makeyevka
1963    Shakhter Chistyakovo         Kirovets Makeyevka           Shakhta im. Dzerzhinsky
1964    Shakhter Torez               Start Dzerzhinsk             Avtosteklo Konstantinovka  
1965    Start Dzerzhinsk             Khimik Slavyansk             Zarya Artyomovsk
1966    Avtosteklo Konstantinovka    Shakhta No. 9 Donetsk        Mayak Krasnoarmeysk
1967    Shakhter Krasnoarmeysk       Artemovsk                    Khimik Slavyansk
1968    Kholodnaya Balka Makeyevka   Kirovets Makeyevka           Uglestroy Gorlovka
1969    Tsvetmet Artyomovsk          Khimik Gorlovka              Kholodnaya Balka Makeyevka   
1970    Shakhta No. 9 Snezhnoe       Kholodnaya Balka Makeyevka   Kirovets Makeyevka
1971    Khimik Gorlovka              ShU Proletarskoe Makeyevka 
1972    Khimik Gorlovka              Avtosteklo Konstantinovka    Shakhter Snezhnoe
1973    Shakhter Torez               Monolit Donetsk              Blooming Kramatorsk
1974    Mashinostroitel Druzhkovka   Kirovets Makeyevka           Metallurg Yenakiyevo
1975    Kirovets Makeyevka           Khimik Gorlovka              Mashzavod Gorlovka
1977    Mashinostroitel Druzhkovka   
1978    Kirovets Makeyevka           Khimik Gorlovka              Kanatchik Khartsyzsk
1979    Shakhter Dzerzhinsk 
1980    Textilshik Donetsk 
1981    Azovstal Zhdanov             Khimik Slavyansk
1982    Bazhanovets Makeyevka
1983    Kirovets Makeyevka           Bazhanovets Makeyevka        Shakhter Shakhta im. Zasyadko Donetsk
1984    Metallurg Yenakiyevo
1985    Udarnik Snezhnoe  
1986    Kirovets Makeyevka           Azovstal Zhdanov             Bazhanovets Makeevka
1987    Kirovets Makeyevka
1988    Shakhter Snezhnoe            Shakhter Shakhtyorsk         Shakhter Donetsk
1989    Kirovets Makeyevka           Shakhter Selidovo            Antratsit Kirovskoe
1990    Tsvetmet Artyomovsk          Ugolek Krasnoarmeysk         Bazhanovets Makeyevka
1991    Garant Donetsk               Blooming Kramatorsk          Aleksandr-Zapad Gorlovka 
separatist territory of Ukraine
2016    Victory Donetsk              Donetsk Republic Makeyevka   Khimik Gorlovka  
2017    Victory Donetsk              Nike Makeyevka               Donbass Stronghold Donetsk
2018    Gvardeyets Donetsk           FC Yenakiyevo                Bazhanovets Makeyevka   
2019    Gvardeyets Donetsk           Victory Donetsk              Nike Makeyevka
2020    Gvardeyets Donetsk           Victory Donetsk              Donbass Gorlovka  
2021    Gvardeyets Donetsk           Shakhtyor Donetsk            Donbass Gorlovka  
2022      no competition
2023    Gvardeyets Donetsk           Olimpija Mariupol            Gvardeyets-SYSOR-2 Donetsk

Lugansk PR

Season  Champions                    Runners-Up                   Third Place           
part of Soviet Union - Lugansk district
1924    Lugansk                      Snezhnoe                     Alchevsk and Kryvyi Rih
1925    Shakhtjor Gorsk
1926    Bryanka                      Lugansk                      Alchevsk
1927      no competition
1928    Alchevsk
1929    Alchevsk
1930      no competition
separatist territory of Ukraine
2015    Zarya-Steel Lugansk          Gornyak Rovenki              FC Krasnodon 
2016    Dalevets Lugansk             Spartak Lugansk              Gornyak Rovenki
2017    Dalevets Lugansk             Shakhtyor Sverdlovsk         KrasnodonCoal Tornado Krasnodon 
2018    Shakhtyor Sverdlovsk         KrasnodonCoal Krasnodon      Gornyak Rovenki      
2019    Zarya Academy Lugansk        Gornyak Rovenki              KrasnodonCoal Krasnodon
2020    Gornyak Rovenki              Shakhtyor Sverdlovsk         KrasnodonCoal Krasnodon
2021    Shakhtyor Sverdlovsk         Dinamo Krasnodon             Dalevets Lugansk and Gornyak Rovenki

Additional Data

Russian Empire - Donetsk Football League 1913

Final Table:

 1.Yuzovka         6  5  1  0 12- 3 11
 2.Druzhkovka      6  2  3  1 18- 9  7
 3.Kramatorsk      6  1  1  4 11-13  3
 4.Konstantinovka  6  1  1  4  8-24  3 

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