South Sudan - List of Foundation Dates

1936          Juba FC (Juba)                      [founded as Youth of Juba]
1946          SSCC Malikiya (Juba)
1956          Al-Hilal FC (Wau)
1957          Al-Hilal FC (Juba)
1962          El-Mariekh FC (Juba)
1967          Kator FC (Juba)
              Atlabara FC (Juba)             [*]  [founded as Africana (aka Africans in Juba Arabic)]
1968          Al-Salam FC (Wau)
1977          Hinatie FC (Torit)
1979          Zalzal FC (Juba)
1982 Feb  3   Marikh FC (Aweil)  
1986          Al-Rabita FC (Juba)
1988          Munuki SCSC (Juba) 
1990          Nile City FC (Yambio)
1993          Bulbek FC (Ulang)
              Olympic FC (Renk)
1994          Gorenyare FC (Ulang)
              Kewar FC (Ulang)
1995          Doma FC (Ulang)
1996          Pajey FC (Ulang)
1997          Sobat FC (Ulang)
1998          Salaam FC (Bor)
              Zalan FC (Rumbek)
1999 May 16   Aweil Stars FC (Aweil)
              Nyarkueth FC (Ulang)
2000          Nyakuron FC (Juba)
              Black Eagle FC (Wau)
2001          Rupbout FC (Ulang)
2002          El-Merriekh (Bentiu) 
              Super Star FC (Yambio)
              Volcano FC (Torit)
2004          Peaceforce FC (Ulang)
              Al-Tahrir SC (Melut)
2005          Young Stars FC (Torit) 
              Bentiu City SC (Bentiu)
              Bajur FC (Juba)
2006          All Stars FC (Ulang)
              Abiemnom FC
2007          Koryom FC (Bor)
2008          South Sudan Stars FC (Juba)         [founded as Ever Green Club]
              Real Star FC (Bor)
              Rhino FC (Yambio)
2009 Apr 16   Al-Salam FC (Aweil)
     Dec 30   Ayat Stars FC (Aweil)
              Gudele FC (Juba)
              Jamus FC (Juba)
2010 Feb  4   Islah FC (Aweil)
     Feb  8   Wanyjok FC (Wanyjok) 
              Holy Family FC (Rumbek)
              Juba na Bari FC (Juba)
              Lang Stars FC (Ulang)
2011 Sep 18   Mabil FC (Wanyjok)
              Dream FC (Yei)
              Gonzaga FC (Rumbek)
              Nujum Matar FC (Juba)
              City Sport Club (Juba)
              Al-Shu-olla FC (Juba)
2012          Super Star FC (Bor)
2013 Dec 15   Red Army FC (Aweil)
2014          Greenland FC (Juba)
              Angel Palace (Bor)
              Nesitu City FC (Juba)
2015          Amarat United FC (Juba)
              Titanic FC (Bor)
2016          Pan Aweil United FC (Aweil)    
2019          Five Stars FC (Mundri)

[*] Africana reached the Juba Division One in 1972.

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