Italy - South Tyrol Historical Data 1905-1960

In October 1919, a South Tyrol selection, consisting of 4 players of both Meraner SC and FC Rapid Bozen and 3 of FC Brixen, played Internazionale of Milano, losing 1-5. On 22 August 1920, a first regional federation, the Deutsch-Südtiroler Fußballverband, was founded. It was succeeded by the Südtiroler Fußballverband in spring 1923 and the Hochetscher Fußballverband in fall of the same year, but none of these survived very long, and from 1923/24 on the clubs from the region were integrated in the Italian football league pyramid, with the regional top level initially corresponding to the fourth national level.
Foundation Dates Clubs | Data on Regional Competitions | South Tyrol Clubs in National Competitions

Foundation Dates Clubs

1901         football section TV Meran [gymnastics club, founded 1886]
1905         football section TV Brixen [gymnastics club]
1907         FC Rapid Bozen [first club dedicated to football]
1910         FK Meran [out of football section of TV Meran, renamed SC Meran 1912]
1912         FC Sterzing 
1918  6 Aug  SC Bruneck [football section formed 1919]
1919         Juventus Brixen [dissolved soon after]
1921         Juventus Brixen [new foundation]
             SC Auer [founded as FK Auer; dissolved summer 1923]
             TV Brixen [football section]
             SC Hochpustertal [players from Niederdorf, Toblach and Innichen]
1922         FC Amateure Bozen
             FC Südstern Bozen [German and Italian players]
        May  US Emilio Colombo Bozen [dissolved 1924] 
        Sep  US Bressanone Brixen 
             Sparta Brixen
             Concordia Franzensfeste (Fortezza)
1925         SC Tramin
1926         SS Concordia [merger SC Meran, FC Hansa Meran and gymnastic clubs; dissolved 1930]
             Dopolavoro Bressanone
NB: at the end of 1926, the "German" clubs were forbidden by the Italian government and dissolved
1927         Dopolavoro Sterzing
1928         SV Meran [new foundation]
1930         AC Bolzano [football section Unione Sportivo Bolzano; dissolved 1932]
             FC Juventus Bolzano [dissolved 1933]
             FC Victoria Bolzano [dissolved] 
             FC Gries [merged soon afterwards with FC Juventus] 
1930    Oct  Unione Sportiva Bressanone [dissolved 1947]
1931         CS Merano
1933    May  Bolzano Calcio [dissolved 1936] 
1933    Nov  SC Bressanone
1934         Sportklub Meran [merger SC Meran, US Merano and Montecatini Sinigo; renamed
                              Merano Sportiva in Mar 1935]
1935         FC Neumarkt
1936(?)      Veneta Bolzano
1937         AC Bolzano [not identical with 1930 founded club; dissolved 1939]
1939         Dopolavoro Ferroviario Bolzano
1945         AC Bolzano [new foundation]
             SC Meran [new foundation]
             SV Lana [founded as US Lana]
             CRAL Algund [founded as Audace Algund]
             FC Margreid
             US Oltrisarco Bolzano     
             SSV Bozen
             AC Brunico [merged 1948 with SSV Bruneck to FC Bruneck]
1946         SV Latsch
             FC Nals
             AC Ardea Kaltern
             FC St. Jakob
             SV Sterzing
             SSV Bruneck [merged 1948 with AC Brunico to FC Bruneck]
             Merano Sportiva [merger AC Merano and US Meranese]
1947         AS Laives Leifers
1948         US Bressanone
             FC Eppan
             FC Bruneck [merger of AC Brunico and SSV Bruneck]
1949         FC Andrian   
1950         FC Bolzanese [dissolved 1956]
1951         FC Vahrn
1952         FC Bressanone [founded as FC Jörs & Klug Brixen]
1954         FC Rapid Gargazon
1956         SSV Brixen
1957         SSV Kurtatsch
1960         SSV Marling

NB: see also Italy - Foundation Dates

Data on Regional Competitions

Meisterschaft der Deutschtiroler Sport- und Turnvereine 1920

Start: May 9; played according to the regulations of the Austrian federation (ÖFB)
              and not those of the Italian one (FIGC)

Final Standings:

 1.FC Rapid Bozen                                          Champions
 2.TV Bozen
 3.TV Meran
 4.SC Meran
 5.FC Wacker Bozen
NB: SC Bruneck and SV Sterzing did not take part.

Meisterschaft des Deutsch-Südtiroler Fußballverbandes 1920/21

NB: Deutsch-Südtiroler Fußballverband was founded on 22 August 1920.
FC Rapid Bozen won its first four matches (all in 1920); other participating
teams were: FC Wacker Bozen, SC Meran, TV Meran, TV Bozan and TV Eppan; however,
TV Eppan withdrew before the start of the competition and FC Wacker Bozen merged
with the football section of TV Bozen during the winter break.
Last match [date unknown, spring 1921]
FC Rapid Bozen                3-1 TV Meran
Top Final Standings:

 1.FC Rapid Bozen                                          Champions
 2.SC Meran                                                [1 point behind]       

Meisterschaft des Deutsch-Südtiroler Fußballverbandes 1921-23

NB: no championship was played between May 1921 and March 1923.

Meisterschaft des Südtiroler Fußballverbandes 1923

NB: the Südtiroler Fußballverband was resurrected by 3 clubs from Bozen:
    FC Rapid, FC Südstern and FC Amateure;
    it started a league, divided  into two classes, containing six and seven teams
    respectively, on 25 March 1923, but only the first round of matches was played;
    the championship was abandoned due to disagreements within the federation.

1. Klasse

Round 1 [Mar 25; home/away not known]
Brixener SC                   5-0 FC Hochpustertal
Meraner SC                    3-0 FC Amateure Bozen   
FC Südstern Bozen             4-1 FC Rapid Bozen  

2. Klasse

Round 1 [Mar 25; home/away not known]
FC Südstern Bozen II          3-1 FC Rapid Bozen II 
SC Auer                       3-3 Jugendbund Bozen
Meraner SC II                 2-2 FC Amateure Bozen II 
SC Hansa Meran                bye

Championship of Merano 1933

Final Table:

 1.Jungfaschisten Meran           10   8  1  1  38-16  17
 2.AS Maia Meran                  10   8  1  1  55-11  17
 3.Libertas FC Meran              10   7  0  3  44-12  14
 4.FC Marlengo                    10   2  0  8  10-33   4
 5.Dopolavoro Lana                10   2  0  8   6-52   4
 6.FC Dolomiten Meran             10   2  0  8   3-31   2  [-2]    

NB: Dolomiten 2 points deducted because of forfeits; total goal difference +1
Playoff [May ?]
Jungfaschisten Meran          bt  AS Maia Meran

Championship of Merano 1933/34

NB: 6 participants, winners unknown; both new entrants Algund and Nals only
    obtained 1 point (presumably only a single round robin was played) and
    finished 5th and 6th

South Tyrol Clubs in National Competitions

4a Divisione 1923/24

NB: in October 1923, the Hochetscher Fußballverband (residing in Meran rather than
    Bozen) was founded, but as four clubs from Bozen entered the Italian fourth
    division in November 1923 and withdrew from the Hochetscher Fußballverband at
    the end of that season, this federation did not organise any competitions before
    its demise.

Venezia - Girone E

Top Final Standings:

 1.US Emilio Colombo               6   4  2  0  10-10  10
 2.FC Rapid
other participants:
   FC Südstern
   FC Amateure
NB: all four clubs from Bozen; top-2 entitled to promotion playoff, playing the winners
    of Venezia - Girone F (Trentino) in the first round; US Emilio Colombo were dissolved
    before the start of the playoff while FC Rapid lost 1-3 against AC Trento.

4a Divisione 1924/25

Participants: FC Rapid, FC Südstern, FC Amateure, SC Meran, Hansa Meran, FC Hochpustertal
              and Unione Ginnastica Trento
Winners: SC Meran (after all other clubs had been punished for incorrect player registrations,
                   rendering the championship final FC Rapid 3-1 UG Trento null and void)

3a Divisione 1926/27

Participants: six clubs from Südtirol and two from Trentino (Rovereto and UG Trento)

Round 1 [Oct 17]
Rovereto                       -  Hansa Meran
Hochpustertal                  -  UG Trento
SC Meran                       -  Rapid Bozen
Amateure Bozen                 -  Dopolavoro Bressanone 

NB: in November 1926, the German gymnastics and sports club from Südtirol were
    forbidden by the Italian government and forced italianization started;
    champions: Rovereto (after a spareggio against UG Trento)

3a Divisione 1928/29

Participants from Südtirol: Avanguardia Bolzano, Dopolavoro Bolzano, Dopolavoro Bressanone,
                            Montecatini Sinigo and SS Merano
Regional champions: Montecatini Sinigo (won playoff against Riva Benacense from Trentino)

2a Divisione 1929/30

Due to the restructuring of Italian football (introduction of (nationwide) Serie A and B),
the 2a Divisione became the fourth highest level; the only Südtirol representatives at
this level were Montecatini Sinigo, but they withdrew during the season

2a Divisione 1931/32

AC Bolzano, Juventus Bolzano, Montecatini Sinigo, US Bressanone and US Merano played
in the 2a Divisione

3a Divisione 1932/33

Juventus Bolzano (champions), Montecatini Sinigo, SC Meran and US Merano played in
the 3a Divisione (season started in 1933)

1a and 2a Divisione 1933/34
Bolzano Calcio played in the 1a Divisione;
Bolzano Calcio II, Montecatini Sinigo (champions), SC Meran and US Merano in the 2a Divisione

1a and 2a Divisione 1934/35
Bolzano Calcio played in the 1a Divisione, finishing 8th; the 2a Divisione was not held

1a and 2a Divisione 1935/36

Due to the introduction of the Serie C as third level, the 1a Divisione became the fourth
level; Bolzano Calcio and Merano Sportiva played in a group with three other clubs, of
which Verona B finished first; second place (and with it promotion) was decided in a 
spareggio between Bolzano Calcio and Merano Sportivo, won 2-1 by Bolzano; the 2a Divisione
was not held

Serie C and 1a Divisione 1936/37

Bolzano Calcio were entitled to enter Serie C but withdrew, the 1a Divisione was not held

1a Divisione 1937/38

AC Bolzano (champions) and Merano Sportiva formed a 4th level group together with Trento 
and Rovereto; AC Bolzano renounced on promotion for financial reasons

2a Divisione 1938/39

AC Bolzano, Merano Sportiva and US Bressanone entered the 2a Divisione; Bressanone were
excluded during the season

1a Divisione 1939/40

Dopolavoro Ferroviario Bolzano were the only entrants from South Tyrol in the 1a Divisione,
finishing runners-up in a 5-team group after a 0-4 loss to Rovereto in the final match

1a Divisione 1940/41

AC Bressanone, Dopolavoro Lancia Bolzano, Dopolavoro Magnesia Bolzano and GUF (Gruppo
Universitario Fascista) Bolzano entered the 1a Divisione; group won by Riva Benacense

1a Divisione 1941/42

AC Bressanone, Dopolavoro Lancia Bressanone (champions) and GUF Bolzano entered the 1a
Divisione; Lancia renounced on its promotion right

1a Divisione 1942/43

Dopolavoro Lancia Bolzano, Montecationi Sinigo and SS Avieri "Guido Presel" Bolzano
entered the 1a Divisione; "Guido Presel" shared first place with Riva Benacense; the
result of the spareggio is not known


AC Bolzano played in the Serie C;
AC Bolzano II, AC Brunico, AC Merano, US Bressanone, US Meranese and US Oltrisarco played
in the 1a Division; AC Merano and US Meranese qualified for a playoff together with clubs
from the Trentino, which was won by AC Merano, thus obtaining promotion to Serie C;
after the season, AC Merano and US Meranese merged into Merano Sportiva;
IV. Comiliter, ARS Merano, AC Ardea Kaltern, FC St. Jakob, FC St. Pauls, SC Meran, SSV Bozen,
SSV Bruneck, US Bressanone II and US Fortezza played in the "propaganda section"


Serie C - Girone G

Final Table:

 1.AC Bolzano                     32  19  8  5  67-21  46  Champions
 2.Sambonifacio                   32  18  7  7  70-38  43
 3.Marzotto                       32  15  8  9  67-39  38
 4.Merano Sportiva                32  13 12  7  51-40  38
 5.Villafranca                    32  14 10  8  56-51  38
 6.Cologna Veneta                 32  13 10  9  34-32  36
 7.Schio                          32  13  9 10  48-36  35
 8.Audace                         32  12 10 10  55-43  35
 9.Legnago                        32  12  7 13  44-48  31
10.Arzignano                      32  13  5 14  40-40  31
11.Badia                          32  12  6 14  40-44  30
12.Thiene                         32  12  6 14  44-53  30      
13.Montagnana                     32   9  8 15  36-54  26
14.Rovereto                       32   9  6 17  33-64  24
15.US Bressanone                  32   9  4 19  35-63  22
16.Trento                         32   8  6 18  28-55  22
17.Malo                           32   7  6 19  36-63  20 

NB: clubs from Südtirol in bold

NB: AC Bolzano entered a 3-team playoff for one promotion spot, and won it ahead of 
    Montebelluna and Edera, thus qualifying for the Serie B 1947/48

AC Bolzano II, AC Brunico, Lancia Bolzano, Merano Sportiva II, SC Meran and
US Bressanone II played in the 1a Divisione;
IV. Comiliter, AC Brennero, AC Lana-Burgstall, Audace Algund, FC St. Jakob, INA Bolzano,
Magnesio Bolzano, Polisportiva Vipiteno, SSV Bozen I, SSV  Bozen II, SSV Bruneck, SV Latsch,
SV Sterzing, Stahlwerke Bozen and Virtus Don Bosco Bozen in the "propaganda section"


Serie B: AC Bolzano (12th in girone B; relegated)
Serie C: Merano Sportiva (12th; relegated)
1a Divisione: AC Bolzano II, INA Bolzano, Lancia Bolzano
2a Divisione: Libertas Bolzano, Magnesio  Bolzano, Merano Sportiva II,
              Montacatini Sinigo, Polisportiva Vipiteno, SSV Bozen, SV Latsch       


Serie C: AC Bolzano (9th)
Promozione Interregionale: Lancia Bolzano (relegated), Merano Sportiva (18th; relegated) 
1a Divisione: 6. Alpini Regiment, AC Bolzano II, CRAL Sinigo, FC Bressanone (3rd), INA Bolzano,
              Merano Sportiva II
2a Divisione: FC Bruneck, FC St. Jakob, Polisportiva Vipiteno, SSV Bozen (champions), SV Tramin;
              SSV Bozen lost promotion playoff to a club from Borgo (Trentino).


Serie C: AC Bolzano (12th)
1a Divisione: CRAL Sinigo, FC Bressanone, Lancia Bolzano (champions and promoted), Merano Sportiva
2a Divisione: FC Auer, FC Bressanone, FC Bruneck, FC Latsch, FC Nais, 
              Polisportiva Vipiteno (champions), SSV Bozen, SV Tramin


Serie C: AC Bolzano (relegated)
Promozione Interregionale: Lancia Bolzano(relegated)
1a Divisione: FC Bolzanese, FC Bressanone, Merano Sportiva (champions and promoted);
2a Divisione: AC Amateure Bozen, AC Bolzano II, FC Auer, FC Bruneck (champions and promoted),
              FC Eppan, FC Latsch, FC Margreid, FC Nals, FC St. Pauls, Lancia Bolzano II,
              Merano Sportiva II, Polisportiva Vipiteno, SSV Bozen, SV Sterzing.


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
Promozione Interregionale: AC Bolzano and Merano Sportiva 


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
IV. Serie: AC Bolzano


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
IV. Serie: AC Bolzano and Lancia Bolzano


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
Serie C: AC Bolzano


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
IV. Serie: AC Bolzano and Merano Sportiva


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
IV. Serie: AC Bolzano and Merano Sportiva


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
IV. Serie ("normal series"): AC Bolzano and Merano Sportiva


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
IV. Serie: AC Bolzano and Merano Sportiva


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
Serie C: AC Bolzano


Highest-placed South Tyrolian club(s):
Serie C: AC Bolzano

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