Zilveren Bal (Den Haag) 1957-1985

After the Zilveren Bal tournament organised annually at Sparta in Rotterdam for more than half a century had been discontinued due to the advent of professional football in the Netherlands, the Zilveren Voetbal Commissie was persuaded to hand the fourth trophy, which had been contested since 1938, to a newly formed Zilveren Voetbal Commissie in Den Haag. This committee then proceeded to organise the tournament (as an amateur event) annually at various venues in Den Haag, at the traditional time at the start of the season (end of August, early September). Other than the original event, the Den Haag version was very much a regional affair, with only two winners coming from (just) outside the province of Zuid-Holland (1969 winners T.S.C. from Oosterhout in Noord-Brabant and the Koninklijke H.F.C. from Haarlem in 1971).
The trophy remained in the possession of the committee and could not be won outright anymore (under the "old" rules, C.V.V. would have claimed it after their third successive win in 1964). After the 1985 edition the tournament was discontinued due to lack of interest from the clubs, and in 1998 the committee handed the trophy to H.V.V., the last winners of the Rotterdam event (1956) and the club to have won it most often in total (9 times, 7 in Rotterdam and 2 in Den Haag).
Zilveren Voetbal (Rotterdam) 1901-1956 (all results)


Year     Winners                            Runners-Up
1957     Quick (Den Haag)               3-0 V.U.C. (Den Haag)         
1958     C.V.V. (Rotterdam)             1-0 V.U.C. (Den Haag)         
1959     Laakkwartier (Den Haag)        2-1 Quick (Nijmegen)           
1960     H.B.S. (Den Haag)              1-0 H.V.V. (Den Haag)         
1961     Spartaan'20 (Rotterdam)        1-1 V.U.C. (Den Haag)              [2-2, 3-2 pen]
1962     C.V.V. (Rotterdam)             1-1 R.F.C. (Rotterdam)             [2-1 pen]
1963     C.V.V. (Rotterdam)             2-1 Spartaan'20 (Rotterdam)   
1964     C.V.V. (Rotterdam)             5-1 Laakkwartier (Den Haag)   
1965     C.V.V. (Rotterdam)             3-2 De Musschen (Rotterdam)   
1966     Laakkwartier (Den Haag)        1-0 Quick (Den Haag)          
1967     Spartaan'20 (Rotterdam)        0-0 Laakkwartier (Den Haag)        [Spartaan'20 on pen]
1968     Quick (Den Haag)               0-0 Laakkwartier (Den Haag)        [Quick (H) on pen]
1969     T.S.C. (Oosterhout)            2-1 H.V.V. (Den Haag)         
1970     R.F.C. (Rotterdam)             0-0 Fluks (Dordrecht)              [R.F.C. on pen]
1971     Kon. H.F.C. (Haarlem)          3-1 Quick (Den Haag)          
1972     Laakkwartier (Den Haag)        0-0 V.U.C. (Den Haag)              [Laakkwartier on pen]
1973     H.V.V. (Den Haag)              1-0 R.F.C. (Rotterdam)        
1974     Scheveningen                   0-0 Quick (Den Haag)               [Scheveningen on pen]
1975     V.U.C. (Den Haag)              1-0 Spartaan'20 (Rotterdam)   
1976     V.U.C. (Den Haag)              1-0 H.V.V. (Den Haag)         
1977       not played (rained off)
1978     V.U.C. (Den Haag)              2-0 Blauw-Zwart (Wassenaar)   
1979     Wilhelmus (Voorburg)           0-0 Quick (Den Haag)               [Wilhelmus on pen]
1980     Wilhelmus (Voorburg)           0-0 Roodenburg (Leiden)            [Wilhelmus on pen]
1981     H.V.V. (Den Haag)              1-0 Hermes D.V.S. (Schiedam)  
1982     Laakkwartier (Den Haag)        1-0 Verburch (Poeldijk)        
1983     Xerxes (Rotterdam)             1-0 Verburch (Poeldijk)        
1984     V.U.C. (Den Haag)              4-0 Verburch (Poeldijk)        
1985     V.U.C. 2 (Den Haag)            1-0 Xerxes (Rotterdam)        

Number of Wins (28 editions 1957-1985; number of lost finals between square brackets)

 5      C.V.V. (Rotterdam)

 4 [ 4] V.U.C. (Den Haag) 
 4 [ 3] Laakkwartier (Den Haag) 

 2 [ 4] Quick (Den Haag)
 2 [ 3] H.V.V. (Den Haag)
 2 [ 2] Spartaan'20 (Rotterdam) 
 2      Wilhelmus (Voorburg) 

 1 [ 2] R.F.C. (Rotterdam)
 1 [ 1] Xerxes (Rotterdam)
 1      H.B.S. (Den Haag)
 1      Kon. H.F.C. (Haarlem)  
 1      Scheveningen   
 1      T.S.C. (Oosterhout)   
 1      V.U.C. 2 (Den Haag) 

   [ 3] Verburch (Poeldijk) 
   [ 1] Blauw-Zwart (Wassenaar)   
   [ 1] Fluks (Dordrecht)
   [ 1] Hermes D.V.S. (Schiedam)
   [ 1] De Musschen (Rotterdam)   
   [ 1] Quick (Nijmegen)
   [ 1] Roodenburg (Leiden) 

Zilveren Voetbal (Rotterdam) 1901-1956 (all results)

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