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Club Foundation Dates (until 1920)
Women Club Foundation Dates

Club Foundation Dates (until 1920)

1860        Lausanne Football and Cricket Club     [dissolved; other sources: 1880; it is not 
                                                    known when the club started to play "soccer"]
1879        FC St. Gallen
1886        Grasshopper-Club Zürich
1889        FC Carouge                             [founded as FC Victoria Carouge; merged 1922 with Etoile Sportive du Léman
                                                    to Etoile Carouge FC]     
1890        Servette FC Genève                     [founded as FC de la Servette Genève] 
            Footballclub Gymnasia St. Gallen       [dissolved]
1893        Anglo-American Club (Zürich)           [dissolved]
  	    Excelsior Zürich			   [merged 1898 with FC Zürich]	
            FC Neuchâtel                           [founded as Neuchâtel-Rovers; merged 1906 with FC Vignoble to 
                                                    FC Cantonal Neuchâtel] 
            FC Basel
1894        FC La Chaux-de-Fonds                   [founded as Union Chrétienne des Jeunes gens de La Chaux-de-Fonds]
            FC Bern 
            BSC Old Boys Basel                     [founded as FC Old Boys Basel]  
1895        FC Liestal    
            FC Stäfa                  
1896        FC Zürich                              [founded as Spiel und Sport Zürich] 
            FC Lausanne-Sport                      [founded as Lausanne-Sports FC] 
            FC Winterthur                          [founded as Excelsior FC Winterthur]
            FC Biel                                [founded as FC de Bienne]
            FC Schaffhausen                        [founded as FC Viktoria Schaffhausen]
            FC Urania Genève Sports                [founded as FC Urania Genève] 
1897        FC Yverdon                             [merged 1948 with FC Concordia Yverdon and White Star Yverdon to
                                                    Yverdon-Sport FC]
            FC Baden 
1898        FC Blue Star Zürich                    [founded as Mars Zürich]
            BSC Young Boys Bern                    [founded as FC Young Boys Bern]
            FC Floria Biel                         [merged 1907 with FC de Bienne to Vereinigter FC Biel (later FC Biel)]
            Fortuna Zürich			   [merged 1912 with FC Blue Star Zürich]
            FC Etoile Sporting La Chaux-de-Fonds
            SC Burgdorf				   [founded as FC Burgdorf]
            FC Thun 
1899        FC Forward Morges
            SC Zofingen                            [founded as FC Old Boys Zofingen]   
1900        FC Fribourg                            [founded as FC Technicum Fribourg] 
            FC Wil                                 [founded as FC Stella Wil]  
            FC Oerlikon                            [merged 2003 with FC Polizei Zürich to FC Oerlikon/Polizei]
            FC Vignoble                            [merged 1906 with FC Neuchâtel to FC Cantonal Neuchâtel]     
1901        FC Signal Lausanne                     [merged 1926 with Cercle des Sports Lausanne to FC Stade Lausanne]
            FC Luzern
            SC Brühl St. Gallen                    [founded as FC Brühl St. Gallen]   
            FC Nordstern Basel 
            FC Solothurn 
            FC Avenir de Bienne                    [dissolved]   
1902        FC Aarau
            FC Langenthal
            FC Horgen 
            FC Bex 
1902 ?	    Club Athlétique de Genève 		   [dissolved]
1903        FC Montreux-Sports			   [founded as FC Narcisse-Montreux]
            SC Young Fellows Zürich
            FC Wädenswil 
1904        AC Bellinzona                          [founded as FC Bellinzona]
            AC Lugano                              [founded as FC Lugano]
            FC Wohlen 
            FC Porrentruy 
1905        FC Chiasso
            FC Red Star Zürich
            FC Kreuzlingen 
            FC Stade Nyonnais 
            FC Arbon 
            FC Delémont                            [merged 1909 with US Delémont-Gare to SR Delémont]
   	    FC Vevey Sports 05			   [founded as FC Vevey-Sports]
1906        FC Grenchen
            FC Gossau 
            FC Cantonal Neuchâtel                  [merger of  FC Vignoble and FC Neuchâtel; merged 1970 with Xamax-Sports to
                                                    Neuchâtel Xamax FC]
            FC Locarno                             [founded as FC Unitas Locarno]  
            FC Herisau 
            FC Frauenfeld                          [founded as FC Kurzdorf] 
            Helvetia Bern			   [merged with ?]
1907        FC Concordia Basel
            FC Black Stars Basel 
            FC Breite Basel 
            FC Kickers Luzern                      [founded as FC Helvetia Luzern]
            FC Rorschach 
            FC Küsnacht 
            CS Chenois                             [founded as FC Thônex]  
            FC Gränichen
            Cercle des Sports Lausanne             [founded as Association du Stade Lausanne; merged 1926 with FC Signal 
                                                    Lausanne to FC Stade Lausanne]
            FC Meisterschwanden  
            US Delémont-Gare                       [merged 1909 with FC Delémont to SR Delémont]
            SC Derendingen			   [founded as FC Derendingen]
            FC Chur				   [merged 1997 with FC Neustadt and SC Grischuna to Chur 97]
1908        FC Dietikon
            FC Laufen 
            FC Sierre 
            FC Dottikon 
            FC Sarmenstorf 
1909        SR Delémont                            [merger of FC Delémont and US Delémont-Gare]
            FC Sion 
            FC Olten 
1910        SC Cham                                [founded as FC Cham]        
            FC Bulle    
            FC Monthey 
1911        SC Schöftland
            SV Muttenz 
1912        FC Glarus                              [founded as FC Linth-Glarus]      
            FC Renens
            FC Xamax Neuchâtel                     [merged 1970 with FC Cantonal Neuchâtel to Neuchâtel Xamax]    
1914        FC Visp
            Meyrin FC
            FC Brugg 
            FC Buchs (Aargau) 
1915        FC Gerlafingen 
            SC Zug                                 [founded as FC Excelsior Zug; merged 1994 with FC Zug to Zug 94] 
            FC Herzogenbuchsee  
1916        FC Richen Basel
            FC Lenzburg 
1917        FC Martigny-Sports                     [founded as FC Martigny] 
            FC Bülach 
1918        FC Red Star Zürich
            SC Dornach                             [founded as FC Dornach] 
1919        FC Turgi
            FC Saint-Imier
            FC Altstetten Zürich 
1920        FC Sursee
            FC Lachen 
            SC Binningen
            FC Birsfelden 
            SV Lyss
            FC Bremgarten 
            FC Gland                               [founded as Etoile Sportive FC Gland] 

Women Club Foundation Dates

1947        FCF Rapid Lugano                       [founded as AS Armonia Femminile; merged 1983 with FC Rapid Lugano]
1963        FC Goitchel Murgenthal
1968 Feb 21 DFC Zürich                  
            FC Blue Stars Zürich   
            FC Aarau Frauen                        [founded as DFC Aarau]  
1970 Jun 12 FFC Seebach Zürich        
1970        FFC Zuchwil 05                         [founded as DFC Solothurn; disbanded 2011]
            FC Rapperswil-Jona                     [founded as DFC Rapperswil]
            FC St. Gallen Frauen
            Young Fellows Zürich                   [founded as DFC Sparta Zürich]
            FC Sion
1970(?)     Phönix Winterthur
            FC Spreitenbach
            SC Veltheim
1974        Grasshopper Club Zürich Frauen         [founded as SC Schwerzenbach] 
1978        FC Rot-Schwarz Thun 
1979        FC Schlieren
1985 Jan  1 FC Yverdon Féminin
1991        Femina Kickers Worb                    [founded as SC Worb Frauen]    
1992        FC Staad Damen
1996        FC Zollikofen Damen
2004        FC Luzern Frauen                       [founded as SC LUwin.ch Sursee]
2005        BSC Young Boys                         [founded as FFC Bern]
2009        FC Basel Frauen
2011        FC Baden Frauen
2012        CS Chênois Féminin
2017        FC St. Gallen-Staad                    [merger of FC St. Gallen Frauen and FC Staad Frauen]

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