American League of Professional Football

The ALPF is distinguished as being the first professional Soccer league in the country,
and interestingly actually predates the National Football League by many years.  It was 
established in 1894, during a period of consolidation within professional baseball, and 
at the time when both "association" football and "gridiron" football were fighting for 
the souls of the American people.  Organizational and financial problems caused it to 
collapse shortly after completion of their first season.  The teams were all named after 
teams in the National League (Baseball).  The team nicknames listed below are unofficial.
Apparently the teams never had official nicknames, but being owned by the Major League 
baseball teams of the respective cities, they were on occasion referred to with the 
baseball nicknames.  The corrected table was provided by Stephen Holroyd 

Scoring System:  2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. 


                       GP   W   L   T  GF  GA  Pts 
Brooklyn Dodgers        6   5   1   0  20   6   10 
Baltimore Orioles       4   4   0   0  24   3    8 
Boston Beaneaters       5   4   1   0  15  12    8 
New York Giants         6   2   4   0  16  13    4 
Philadelphia Phillies   9   2   7   0  15  37    4 
Washington Senators     6   1   5   0   7  26    2 

The league folded on October 20, 1894 due to many factors, including financial difficulties,
low attendance, and scheduling problems because of local gridiron games.

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