Final Team Standings and Playoff Results

This league was started in 1926 when three teams from the ASL I joined
up with four Canadian teams from their semi-pro leagues.  The league was
originally formed on January 10, 1926.  They played a two-part schedule
through the summer and early fall.  All the teams remained members of
their respective national leagues during the existence of the ISL I
which remains in history primarily as the first attempt in North America
to create an international league. During the 1st half of the season,
each American team played each Canadian team once at the Canadian home
field.  In the second half, each Canadian team traveled south to play
the Brooklyn Wanderers once, except Toronto Ulster which played a second
game against Brooklyn.  Montreal Scottish were replaced by Montreal
maroons for the second half.  On November 20, 1926, the Nathan Strauss
Cup capped the season, being won by Toronto Ulster.
Many thanks to Colin Jose and Mark Pollak ( for
making this information available.  

Scoring System:  2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.


                                  GP   W   D   L   GF  GA  Pts
Brooklyn Wanderers                 9   5   3   1   25  10   13
Boston Wonder Workers              4   4   0   0   16   3    8
New Bedford Whalers                4   3   0   1   16   8    7
Toronto Ulster                     5   2   1   2    8   9    6
Montreal Carsteel                  4   0   1   3    5  12    1
Toronto City                       4   0   1   3    7  19    1
Montreal Scottish                  3   0   1   2    1  17    1
Montreal Maroons                   1   0   0   1    0   5    0

NATHAN STRAUSS CUP:  Toronto Ulster defeated Brooklyn Wanderers, 3-1.

During the time the league played, the Fall River Marksmen also played
many ISL 1 teams, but not as a member of the league.

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