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    F.C. Den Bosch

    Founded:  August 18, 1965 (effective from May 11, 1965)
    Full Name:  Football Club Den Bosch
    Ground:  Sportpark "De Vliert", current capacity 8,500
    Record attendance: 24,785 against M.V.V. (1983 playoffs)
    Address:  Sportpark "De Vliert", Victorialaan 21, 5213 JG 's-Hertogenbosch
    Phone:  + 31 73 6464700
    Fax:  + 31 73 6464709
    Colours:  blue shirts, white shorts and socks
    President:  Bert Kersten
    Trainer:  Gert Kruys
    Main Sponsors:  Holland Office Group
    Supportersclub: Postbus 2305, 5202 CH 's-Hertogenbosch, 
                    email: marcinda@worldonline.nl
    League Results 2003/04.

    Honours: 1965/66 champion of Tweede Divisie B (third level) 1970/71 champion of Eerste Divisie (second level) 1982/83 winner of "nacompetitie" (promotion playoffs from Eerste Divisie to Eredivisie) 1990/91 runner-up in the Dutch Cup (K.N.V.B. Beker), losing final to Feyenoord 0-1 1991/92 winner of "nacompetitie" (promotion playoffs from Eerste Divisie to Eredivisie) 1998/99 champion of Eerste Divisie (second level) 2000/01 champion of Eerste Divisie (second level) 2003/04 champion of Eerste Divisie (second level) Year-by-year performance: 1965-2004 Professional football: were formed as the successor of B.V.V., which continued as amateur club. Merged May 10, 1967 with Wilhelmina to form F.C. Den Bosch '67. Renamed B.V.V. Den Bosch on July 1, 1988 after a cooperation agreement with B.V.V. (the amateur club from which the team originated in 1964). After discontinuation of that cooperation returned to F.C. Den Bosch on July 1, 1992. Returned to the organizational form of "association" (instead of "foundation") on July 1, 1995. Record win: 1978/79 F.C. Den Bosch 10- 1 Helmond Sport 1e divisie 1999/00 F.C. Den Bosch 7- 0 Sparta eredivisie Record away win: 1998/99 W.S.C. 1- 9 F.C. Den Bosch beker, 1e ronde 1998/99 Haarlem 1- 7 F.C. Den Bosch 1e divisie 1985/86 A.Z. '67 1- 4 F.C. Den Bosch eredivisie 1987/88 D.S. '79 1- 4 F.C. Den Bosch eredivisie 1987/88 Feyenoord 1- 4 F.C. Den Bosch eredivisie Record loss: 1972/73 Ajax 9- 0 F.C. Den Bosch eredivisie Record home loss: 1971/72 F.C. Den Bosch 0- 7 P.S.V. eredivisie Internationals: Hendrie Krüzen, 3 matches (1987-1988). Midfielder. 16-12-1987 Greece 0-3 Netherlands [EC Qualifier] 23- 3-1988 England 2-2 Netherlands [sub for Gullit 60'] 24- 5-1988 Netherlands 1-2 Bulgaria Nacer Abdellah, for Morocco. Defender.


    Founded:  October 8, 1906
    Full Name:  Bossche Voetbal Vereniging
    Ground:  De Vliert, Den Bosch
    Colours:  red/black stripes; white
    Honours:  1946/47 champion of Eerste Klasse V (South I)
                      fifth in national championship playoff
              1947/48 champion of Eerste Klasse V (South I)
                      Dutch champion after winning national championship playoff
              1948/49 champion of Eerste Klasse V (South I)
                      runner-up in national championship playoff (behind SVV)
    Year-by-year performance: 1917-1965
    Amateur football:  played at the highest amateur level without interruption
                       from 1920/21 until 1953/54 (when professional football
                       was introduced).  Won three consecutive district
                       championships entitling the club to participation in
                       the six-team national championship playoffs, which were
                       won in 1948.
                       Under the name of B.V.V./Verachtert (see below), the
                       club reached the final of the amateur cup 1996, against
                       IJsselmeervogels, who won 2-0.
    Professional football:  played professional from 1954 until 1965 (renamed
                            to F.C. Den Bosch).  After four seasons at the
                            highest level (54/55 in one of four Eerste Klasse's; 
                            55/56 in one of two Hoofdklasse's; 56/57 and 57/58
                            in the national Eredivisie relegated to the second
                            level (Eerste Divisie) and in 1961/62, when one
                            Eerste Divisie was formed out of the two existing
                            (regional) ones, even to the third level (Tweede
                            Divisie).  Won promotion back to the Eerste Divisie
                            in 1962/63 but relegated again to the Tweede Divisie
                            in 1963/64.  Amateur section split off after the
                            formation of F.C. Den Bosch in 1965, first team
                            currently in Eerste Klasse E (district Zuid I,
                            second highest amateur level) under the name of
                            B.V.V./Verachtert (after a merger with another club).
    Record win:
    1942/43  B.V.V.           13- 1 Maurits            1e klasse Zuid
    1956/57  B.V.V.            8- 0 N.A.C.             eredivisie
    Record away win:
    1919/20  Zalt Bommel       2- 9 B.V.V.             2e klasse B Zuid
    Record loss:
    1928/29  M.V.V.           11- 1 B.V.V.             1e klasse Zuid
    1957/58  M.V.V.            9- 0 B.V.V.             eredivisie
    Record home loss:
    1955/56  B.V.V.            1- 7 S.C. Enschede      hoofdklasse B
    Kees Krijgh sr., 3 matches (1948-1950).  Defender.
       26- 7-1948 Ireland       1-3 Netherlands       [Olympic Games]
       31- 7-1948 Great Britain 4-3 Netherlands (aet) [Olympic Games]
       12-11-1950 Belgium       7-2 Netherlands  [sub for Terlouw 27']
    Piet van Overbeek, 1 match (1949).  Midfielder.
       23- 4-1949 Netherlands   4-1 France
    Dré Saris, 1 match (1949).  Keeper.
       16- 6-1949 Finland       1-4 Netherlands
    Piet van der Sluijs, 3 matches (1949-1950).  Defender.
       11-12-1949 Netherlands   0-1 Denmark
       16- 4-1950 Belgium       2-0 Netherlands
        8- 6-1950 Sweden        4-1 Netherlands  [subbed by Huijbregts 59']
    Cor Huijbregts, 3 matches (1950).  Defender.
        8- 6-1950 Sweden        4-1 Netherlands  [sub for Van der Sluijs 59']
       11- 6-1950 Finland       4-1 Netherlands
       15-10-1950 Switzerland   7-5 Netherlands
    Max van Beurden, 5 matches, 1 goal (1953-1954).  Attacker.
       19- 4-1953 Netherlands   0-2 Belgium
       27- 9-1953 Norway        4-0 Netherlands
       25-10-1953 Netherlands   1-0 Belgium      [scored 8']
        7- 3-1954 Netherlands   1-0 England (amateurs)
        4- 4-1954 Belgium       4-0 Netherlands


    Founded:  October 17, 1897 
    Full Name:  Rooms-Katholieke Voetbalvereniging Wilhelmina
    Ground:  De Saren, Den Bosch (until recently: De Wolfsdonken, Den Bosch)
    Colours:  yellow; black
    Honours:  1908/09 champion of Eerste Klasse Oost
                      runner-up national championship (lost 3-10 on agg to Sparta)
              1905/06 cup semifinalists (lost 0-1 to Volharding)
              1924/25 cup semifinalists (lost 2-4 to Z.F.C.)
    Year-by-year performance: 1900-1967, 1994-1999
    Amateur football:  played at the highest amateur level without interruption
                       from 1904/05 until 1930/31 (relegation to Tweede Klasse).
                       Played first in the district Oost (East), switching to 
                       Zuid (South) after the formation of the Eerste Klasse
                       Zuid in 1913/14.  Won one district title (in Oost) but
                       lost the playoff matches for the national championship
                       against the champions of West, Sparta.            
    Professional football:  played professional from 1955 until 1967 (merger
                            with F.C. Den Bosch).  Won promotion from the Tweede
                            Divisie in 1960/61 but were relegated in their
                            only season in Eerste Divisie (17th in 1B, 1961/62).
                            Amateur section split off in 1967, first team
                            currently in Tweede Klasse E (district Zuid I,
                            third highest amateur level).
    Record win:
    1903/04  A.N.T.O.N.I.      0-16 Wilhelmina         2e klasse A Oost
    1924/25  G.V.V.            0-13 Wilhelmina         beker, 3e ronde
    Record home win:
    1905/06  Wilhelmina       10- 3 G.V.C.             1e klasse Oost
    Record loss:
    1906/07  U.D.             11- 1 Wilhelmina         1e klasse Oost
    1963/64  A.G.O.V.V.       11- 1 Wilhelmina         2e divisie B
    Record home loss:
    1906/07  Wilhelmina        1- 9 Voorwaarts         beker, 2e ronde
    Tonny van Haeren, 1 match (1926).  Defender.
       14- 3-1926 Belgium       1-1 Netherlands

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