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Guide to the Contents

The RSSSF Archive is divided into six main sections.

The first contains the latest scores in running international competitions. Links to these competitions can also be found in the corresponding specific sections of the archive; they are listed separately for your convenience.

Most regularly updated is the section on "Current Domestic Results", which is divided in two subsections, on league and cup competitions respectively.

"Domestic League Results" contains current league tables from all over the world. It is to our knowledge the most comprehensive WWW-index of its kind. Note that in all countries division levels are consistently numbered from one upwards, even if a country uses different ordinals, like 1st division for what actually is the second highest level.

"Domestic Cup Results" contains current cup competitions.

The section on "Historical Domestic Results" is divided in three subsections.

For "Past Domestic League Results" there is both a year-wise index and a country-wise index for complete league histories.

The section on "Cup Histories" only has a country-wise index.

Finally, "Club Histories" contains an index of in-depth historical data of a specific club as currently available on the net. If you know of any other index fulfilling the minimal demand of listing at least season-wise full records (W-D-L-F-A) and final league position, please let us know.

That concludes our domestic archives; in addition there are sections on international competitions.

"International Club Results" covers all international club tournaments. It contains sections on European, South American, and other continental and intercontinental cups. For most major (and many not so major) continental club competitions, complete or nearly complete historical results are available.

The "International Country Results" section covers all World Cup tournaments (including all qualifying matches) as well as the various continental championships. Complete historical results are available for nearly all major tournaments, and various minor tournaments are covered as well. There are also special sections on youth, women and indoor championships, as well as friendly tournaments.

Then, there is a section "Miscellaneous" containing some information not easily fit in one of the other sections.

Finally, "Recent Additions to the Archive" lists the main bunches of (historical) information added to the archive within the last year (previous year-wise overviews available from August 1997 onwards).

If you have any additional information or specific questions, feel free to mail the RSSSF or any of the individual members, who are listed together with their special areas of interest and competence on the Introduction Page.

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