Argentina - Interleague Championship 1924


First Stage
[Aug 10, Sun]
Zárate			2-0	Mar del Plata		[at River Plate]
[Aug 15, Fri]
Catamarca		2-1	La Rioja		[at Catamarca]		
[Aug 17, Sun]
Junín			2-0	Pergamino		[at Junín]		
Corrientes		0-1	Chaco			[at Corrientes]		
[Aug 24, Sun]
Tucumán			7-0	Salta			[at Tucumán]	
San Luis		0-3	Villa Mercedes		[at San Luis]
San Francisco		w-l	Villa María		[at San Francisco]	[missing score]
Buenos Aires		bye
Santa Fe		bye
Porteños		bye
Santiago del Estero	bye
Mendoza			bye
Córdoba			bye
Second Stage
[Aug 31, Sun]
Chaco			1-2	Santa Fe		[at Chaco]		
Porteños		1-0	Junín			[at San Lorenzo de Almagro]
Buenos Aires		4-0	Zárate			[at Racing Club]
Santiago del Estero	1-2	Tucumán			[at Santiago del Estero]
[Sep 7, Sun]
Mendoza 		3-0	Villa Mercedes		[at Mendoza]		
Córdoba			2-1	San Francisco		[at Córdoba]
Catamarca		bye
Third Stage
[Sep 28, Sun]
Catamarca		0-5	Córdoba			[at Catamarca]
Porteños		1-1	Buenos Aires		[at River Plate] [aet]
Santa Fe		bye
Tucumán			bye
Mendoza			bye
[Oct 5, Sun]
Porteños		0-3	Buenos Aires		[at River Plate]
Fourth Stage
[Oct 9, Thu]
Buenos Aires		3-2	Córdoba			[at River Plate]  [aet]
Santa Fe		bye
Tucumán			bye
Mendoza			bye
[Oct 11, Sat]
Buenos Aires		4-2	Tucumán			[at San Lorenzo de Almagro]
Santa Fe		5-0	Mendoza			[at River Plate]
[Oct 12, Sun]
Buenos Aires		0-0	Santa Fe		[at River Plate] [aet]
[Nov 1, Sat]
Buenos Aires		2-0	Santa Fe		[at River Plate]
Porteños - Asociación Amateurs de Football (Capital)
Buenos Aires - Asociación Amateurs de Football (Provincia)
San Francisco - Province of Córdoba
Villa María - Province of Córdoba
Villa Mercedes - Province of San Luis
Junín - Liga del Oeste - Province of Buenos Aires
Zárate - Province of Buenos Aires
Mar del Plata - Province of Buenos Aires
Pergamino - Province of Buenos Aires

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