Argentina - Interleague Champions

    The Argentine Championship was created by the second
dissident association: the Asociación Amateurs de Football.
AFA recognizes the AAF as one of its ancestors.
    The team of AFA (or its ancestors AAF or AAAF) was called Porteños.
But in several seasons it entered two teams: Capital and Provincia.
    AFA has not played in this tournament since 1942.  Then, it was used to 
define the Argentine Upcountry League champion.
    Mr. Hipólito Yrigoyen, Argentine Republic president, gave the cup
Presidente de la Nación Argentina to the champion.
    The runner-up wins the cup Intendente Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos
Aires Doctor Carlos M. Noel.
    The third league wins the cup Comité Olímpico Argentino (COA).
    And the best upcountry league wins the cup Doctor Adrián Beccar Varela.
Season  Champion      Runner-up     Third         Best Upcountry
        (Presidente)  (Intendente)  (COA)         (Beccar Varela)

1920    Porteños      Rosario
1921    Porteños      Rosario
1922    Capital       Córdoba
1923    Porteños      Mendoza
1924    Provincia     Santa Fe
1925    Capital       Santa Fe
1926    Provincia     Tucumán
1927    Provincia     Mendoza
1928    S. d. Estero  Paraná
1929    Rosario       Tucumán       S. d. Estero  Rosario
1930    Provincia     Bragado       S. d. Estero  Bragado
1931    Bolívar       San Juan      Bahía Blanca  Bolívar
1932/35 Capital       Rosario                     Rosario
1936/37 Provincia     Santa Fe                    Santa Fe
1940    Capital       Santa Fe      Mendoza       Santa Fe
1942    Córdoba  (1)  Santa Fe      La Plata      Córdoba
1944    Tucumán  (1)  San Juan      Concordia     Tucumán
1946    Tucumán       Córdoba       Paraná        Tucumán
1948/49 Tucumán       Mendoza       Paraná        Tucumán
1950    Mendoza  (1)  Córdoba       Rosario       Mendoza
1952    S. d. Estero  Pergamino     Córdoba       S. d. Estero
1954    Tucumán       Paraná        San Juan      Tucumán
1956/57 San Juan (2)  Mendoza       Paraná        San Juan
1958    Córdoba       Mendoza       Tucumán       Córdoba
1960    Tucumán       Mendoza       Salta         Tucumán
1961    Bahía Blanca  Mendoza       S. d. Estero  Bahía Blanca
1962    Córdoba       Salta         Mendoza       Córdoba
1964    San Juan      Mar del Plata Salta         San Juan
1966    San Juan      Tucumán       Mendoza       San Juan
1968    Resistencia   Mendoza       Santa Fe      Resistencia
1970    Mar del Plata Mendoza       Córdoba       Mar del Plata
1973    Río Cuarto    Tandil        La Rioja      Río Cuarto
1975/76 Tucumán       Tandil        Paraná        Tucumán
1977/78 San Juan      Tandil        Formosa       San Juan
1979/80 Córdoba       Formosa       Neuquén       Córdoba
1982    Olavarría     C. d. Uruguay Tucumán       Olavarría
1984    Tucumán       Olavarría     C. d. Uruguay Tucumán
1986/87 Rosario       Tucumán       Santa Rosa    Rosario
1988/89 Rosario       Cipolletti     Tucumán       Rosario
        S. d. Estero:  Santiago del Estero.
        C. d. Uruguay: Concepción del Uruguay.

 (1) These leagues qualified to play Ibarguren cup against AFA 1st. division
 (2) This league qualified to play Bottaro cup against Uruguayan League
     upcountry champion.


     7 Tucumán.
     5 Provincia.    
     4 Capital, Córdoba and San Juan.
     3 Porteños and Rodario.
     2 Santiago del Estero. 
     1 Bahía Blanca, Bolívar, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Olavarría, Resistencia,
        and Río Cuarto.

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