Surinam (S.V.B.) tour of British Guiana 1956

All five matches were played in Georgetown. Police were the reigning champions of the Georgetown league and Y.M.C.A. its runners-up. The three "main" matches followed the traditional format of earlier meetings for e.g. the Brown Betty Cup, but no trophy is mentioned in any of the available reports.
Squad S.V.B. (19 players):
GK: Cornelius Graanoogst (Voorwaarts), Johan "Jopie" Hekbert (Robinhood)
DF: Cornelius Johnson (Robinhood), André Killian (Robinhood),
    Ludwig Mans (Voorwaarts), 
MF: Edgar Green (Transvaal), Humphrey Mijnals (Robinhood),
    Herman Rijkaard (Sonny Boys), Erwin Sparendam (Robinhood),
    Johannes Wadilie (Robinhood)
FW: George Burleson (Transvaal),  Purcy "Puck" Eliazer (Transvaal),
    Pauli "Degenaar" Goudmijn (Voorwaarts), Michael Kruin (Robinhood),
    Charles Marbach (Robinhood), Frank Mijnals (Robinhood),
    Woldi Schutte (Leo Victor), Eugene Testing (Leo Victor),
    Franklin Wilson (Robinhood)
Trainer: Alonso "Vossie" Belgrave

Players fielded by B.G.F.A. (15):
GK: F. Nelson (Police)
DF: Hubert Brathwaite, Sydney Campbell (Y.M.C.A.), Alvin Williamson (Saint Barnabas)
MF: Ronnie Critchlow (Saint Barnabas), J. Embleton (Y.M.C..A), Joe Fingal (Infantry),
    Monty Hope (Saint Barnabas) 
FW: Herman D'Andrade (G.F.C.), H. Bledman, Eddie Caetano (G.F.C.), T. Colthurst (G.F.C.),
    George Ferguson (Y.M.C.A.), Herbie Jordan (Victoria), Lewis Weithers (Infantry)


NB: official test matches in bold face.

23- 9-1956 Police          0-1 Surinam
25- 9-1956 British Guiana  1-1 Surinam         [HT: 0-0]  
             [H. Mijnals 0-1, Jordan 1-1]
             [BG: Nelson; Campbell, Williamson; Fingal, Hope, Embleton;
                  D'Andrade, Ferguson, Colthurst, Jordan, Caetano (c);
              SVB: Hekbert; Killian, Mans; Sparendam, H. Mijnals (c), Green;
                   Marbach, Testing, Kruin, Eliazer, F. Mijnals;
              ref: Stanley Headley]
26- 9-1956 Y.M.C.A.        1-3 Surinam
28- 9-1956 British Guiana  2-1 Surinam         [HT: 1-1]
             [10' D'Andrade 1-0, 13' Kruin 1-1, Bledman 2-1]
             [BG: Nelson; Campbell, Williamson (c); Critchlow, Hope, Embleton;
                  D'Andrade, Colthurst, Bledman, Jordan, Weithers;
              SVB: Hekbert; N.N., Mans; N.N., H. Mijnals (c), N.N;
                   Testing, Rijkaard, Kruin, Eliazer, F. Mijnals;
              ref: Robin Davis]
30- 9-1956 British Guiana  1-2 Surinam         [HT: 1-2]
             [10' Killian (og) 1-0, 20' Rijkaard 1-1, 25' Kruin 1-2]
             [BG: Nelson; Campbell, Brathwaite (c); Williamson, Hope, Critchlow;
                  D'Andrade, Colthurst, Weithers, Bledman, Jordan;
              SVB: Hekbert; Johnson, Killian; Sparendam, Rijkaard, Green;
                   Testing, Wilson, Kruin, F. Mijnals, Burleson;
              ref: Maurice Pollard]

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