Brunei 2001

NB: Brunei Daressalam play in the Malaysian league.

Pepsi Cup League 2001

Group Draw [Jan 24]

Group A
Jerudong FC
AH United
Sengkurong FC

Group B
New Star FC
Mulaut FC

Apparently this was later altered or teams were renamed; or it refers
to another competition.

Group A

known results:
[early Feb]
AH United        1-0   Sengkurong FC 
[Mar 23]
Berakas United   2-0   KAMA FC
[May 15]
AH United        4-1   Youngsters FC
[May 18]
Kilanas FC       7-4   Berakas FC
[Jun 8]
Youngster FC     4-0   KAMA FC
AH United        bt    Berakas or Kilanas  

 1.Jerudong FC                      15  Qualified
 2.AH United                         9  Qualified
 3.Kilanas FC                        7
 4.KAMA FC                           6
 5.Youngsters FC                     4
 6.Berakas United                    3
 ?.Sengkurong FC

Group B

known results:
[Mar 2]
Indera FC        3-1   AKSE FC
[Jun 1?]
AKSE             2-2   PAPP
[Jun 15]
Kota Rangers     6-1   AKSE

 1.Kasuka FC                            Qualified
 2.Kota Rangers                         Qualified 
   Indera FC 
   AKSE FC         

NB: Kasuka may still have to play Indera but the top-2 are fixed

Group C

known results:
[Feb 17]
DPMM FC         14-0   Seri Bolkiah
[Mar 11] 
DPMM FC          2-0   Perka FC 
[Mar 3]
Sabina FC        8-2   Remaja FC
[Mar 27] 
DPMM FC         12-0   Remaja FC       
[Apr 17] 
DPMM FC         10-0   Sabina FC 
[May 16] 
PKS Mulaut       0-1   DPMM FC 
 1.DPMM FC                5  5 0 0  15  Qualified
 2.PKS Mulaut             4  3 0 1   9  Qualified
 3.Perka FC                          3
 4.Sabina FC                         3
 5.Seri Bolkiah                      3
 6.Remaja FC                         3

Group D

known result:
[Mar 4]
Ikhlar FC        3-0   Riverside FC
[Jun 1?]
KTM FC           1-4   Riverside FC

 1.IKLS                                 Qualified 
 2.Wijaya FC                            Qualified 

[Jul 2]
DPMM FC          0-0   AH United          [3-2 pen]
[Jul 4]
IKLS             abd   Kota Rangers       [abandoned at 1-0 in 40']
Jerudong FC      2-1   PKS Mulaut
Kasuka FC        bt    Wijaya FC

[Jul 6]
Jerudong FC      2-5   Kasuka FC
[Jul 25?]
DPMM FC          2-1   Kota Rangers       [aet] 

Final [Aug 14]
DPMM FC          1-3   Kasuka FC

HMYC Cup 2001

Final [May 25, Berakas]
AH United       3-1     Kilanas FC



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