Matches of Supranational Representative Teams 1937-1970

Below we list matches played by supranational representative sides (e.g. representing (parts of) continents or a collection of countries) between 1937 (when Central Europe met Western Europe in Amsterdam) and 1970.
This file is not final and will be added to.
In 2001, FIFA retrospectively declared all such matches unofficial on the grounds that only individual countries can play international matches. However, FIFA respects the decision of each FA if it makes official or not a certain match; for instance, England's matches against the Rest of Europe in 1938 and the FIFA XI in 1963 remain official for the hosts (see also the additional notes at each match).

Remark: different sources use different denominations for teams: Europe, Europe XI, Rest of Europe, Great Britain, Rest of United Kingdom, FIFA, Rest of the World, FIFA World Stars, UEFA team, World XI, etc. Below, common sense has been used as the main criterium for selecting the names.

See also the list of FIFA XI matches.

The matches for which full details are provided in this file:

20- 6-1937  Amsterdam             Central Europe           3-1 Western Europe 
26-10-1938  London                England                  3-0 Rest of Europe 
10- 5-1947  Glasgow               Great Britain            6-1 Rest of Europe 
 5-12-1951  Cardiff               Wales                    3-2 Rest of United Kingdom 
21-10-1953  London                England                  4-4 Rest of Europe 
13-08-1955  Belfast               United Kingdom           1-4 Rest of Europe 
23-10-1963  London                England                  2-1 FIFA Rest of the World 
20- 5-1964  Křbenhavn             Nordic Countries         2-4 Rest of Europe 
23- 9-1964  Beograd               Yugoslavia               2-7 Rest of Europe 
28- 4-1965  Stoke                 Great Britain            4-6 Rest of Europe 
20- 6-1967  Helsinki              Nordic Countries         2-2 Soviet Union 
27- 9-1967  Madrid                Spain                    0-3 Rest of the World 
 6-11-1968  Rio de Janeiro        Brazil                   2-1 FIFA Rest of the World 
28- 7-1969  Cardiff               Wales                    0-1 Rest of United Kingdom 
 8-12-1970  Lisboa                Benfica (Lisboa)         3-2 Rest of Europe 
10-12-1970  Buenos Aires          Boca Juniors             1-1 South America 

A list of additional matches played by supranational representative sides (until 1970) is provided at the end of the document.


Amsterdam, 20- 6-1937
Stadium: Olympisch Stadion (50,000)
Referee: Arthur James Jewell (England)

Central Europe:
Aldo OLIVIERI                           Italy / Lucchese Libertas
Karl SESTA                              Austria / FK Austria Wien
Willibald SCHMAUS >                     Austria / First Vienna FC 1894
< (36’ Pietro RAVA)                     Italy / Juventus FC
Pietro SERANTONI                        Italy / AS Roma
Michele ANDREOLO                        Italy / FC Bologna
Gyula LÁZÁR                             Hungary / Ferencváros TC Budapest
Ferenc SAS-SOHN                         Hungary / Hungária MTK FC
Giuseppe MEAZZA                         Italy / FC Internazionale
Silvio PIOLA                            Italy / SS Lazio
György SÁROSI ©                         Hungary / Ferencváros TC Budapest
Oldrich NEJEDLY                         Czechoslovakia / Sparta Praha
Coach: Vittorio POZZO                   Italy

Western Europe:
Hans JAKOB ©                            Germany / SSV Jahn Regensburg
Robert PAVERICK >                       Belgium / Royal Antwerp
< (66’ Constant JOACIM)                 Belgium / Olympic Charleroi
Bertus CALDENHOVE                       Netherlands / DWS Amsterdam
Albin KITZINGER                         Germany / FC Schweinfurt 05
Ludwig GOLDBRUNNER                      Germany / Bayern München
Edmond DELFOUR                          France / RC Roubaix
Ernst LEHNER                            Germany / TSV Schwaben Augsburg
Raymond BRAINE                          Belgium / Beerschot VAC
Bep BAKHUYS                             Netherlands / HBS Den Haag
Kick SMIT                               Netherlands / HFC Haarlem
Stanley VAN DEN EYNDE                   Belgium / Beerschot VAC
Coach: Otto NERZ                        Germany

(1-0) Ferenc Sas-Sohn 17’
(2-0) Ferenc Sas-Sohn 48’
(3-0) Oldrich Nejedly 75’
(3-1) Bep Bakhuys 87’

This historic event was the first match played in Europe between two football zones inside 
the Continent. Match to celebrate the "Olympic Day".


London, 26-10-1938
Stadium: Highbury Stadium (40,185)
Referee: Arthur James Jewell (England)

Victor WOODLEY                          Chelsea
Bert SPROSTON                           Tottenham Hotspur
Edris HAPGOOD ©                         Arsenal
Kenneth WILLINGHAM                      Huddersfield Town
Stanley CULLIS                          Wolverhampton Wanderers
Wilfred COPPING                         Arsenal
Stanley MATTHEWS                        Stoke City
Willie HALL                             Birmingham City
Tommy LAWTON                            Everton
Leonard GOULDEN                         West Ham United
Walter BOYES                            Everton
Coach: Thomas WHITTAKER

Rest of Europe:
Aldo OLIVIERI                           Italy / FC Torino
Alfredo FONI                            Italy / Juventus FC
Pietro RAVA                             Italy / Juventus FC
Andreas KUPFER                          Germany / FC Schweinfurt 05
Michele ANDREOLO                        Italy / FC Bologna
Albin KITZINGER                         Germany / FC Schweinfurt 05
Alfred ASTON                            France / Racing Club Paris
Raymond BRAINE ©                        Belgium / Beerschot VAC
Silvio PIOLA                            Italy / SS Lazio
Gyula ZSENGELLÉR                        Hungary / Újpest Dózsa FC
Arne BRUSTAD                            Norway / Lyn Oslo
Coach: Vittorio POZZO                   Italy

(1-0) Willie Hall 20'
(2-0) Tommy Lawton 39'
(3-0) Leonard Goulden 73'

Match to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the FA. The match was declared full A official by the FA 
and caps were awarded. FIFA took a different stance in 2001 when they retrospectively declared the 
match unofficial on the grounds that only individual countries can play international matches. 
However, FIFA allowed caps to still stand, confusing the issue further. The FA still maintain that 
the match is official and we believe this makes more sense despite FIFA's retro-downgrading.

Vittorio Pozzo coached for the second time a Continental Team. Pozzo is considered one of the best 
managers of all time and won the FIFA World Cup (1934 and 1938) at the same time, consecutively. 
In addition to winning both tournaments, during his time as coach of Italy, he remained unbeaten 
between 1930 and 1934, won two editions of the Dr. Gerö Cup (1930 and 1935) and won the gold medal 
at the Olympic Games (1936) and the bronze medal (1928). To this day, he has been the only coach to 
have won twice the World Cup.


Glasgow, 10- 5-1947
Stadium: Hampden Park (137,000)
Referee: George Reader (England)

Great Britain: 
Frank Victor SWIFT                      England / Manchester City
George HARDWICK                         England / Middlesbrough
William HUGHES                          England / Birmingham City
Archibald MacAULAY                      Scotland / Brentford
Jack VERNON                             Northern Ireland / West Bromwich Albion
Ron BURGESS                             Wales / Tottenham Hotspur
Stanley MATTHEWS ©                      England / Stoke City
Wilfred MANNION                         England / Middlesbrough
Tommy LAWTON                            England / Chelsea
William STEEL                           Scotland / Greenock Morton
William LIDDELL                         Scotland / Liverpool

Rest of Europe: 
Julien DA RUI                           France / CO Roubaix-Tourcoing
Poul PETERSEN                           Denmark / Akademisk Boldklub
Willy STEFEN                            Switzerland / Chelsea
John CAREY ©                            Ireland / Manchester United
Carlo PAROLA                            Italy / Juventus FC
Josef LUDL                              Czechoslovakia / Sparta Praha
Victor LEMBERECHTS                      Belgium / KV Mechelen
Gunnar GREN                             Sweden / IFK Göteborg
Gunnar NORDAHL                          Sweden / IFK Norrköping
Faas WILKES                             Netherlands / Xerxes Rotterdam
Carl Aage PRAEST                        Denmark / Řsterbros BK
Coach: Karl RAPPAN                      Austria

(1-0) Wilfred Mannion 22’
(1-1) Gunnar Nordahl 24’
(2-1) Wilfred Mannion 33’ pen
(3-1) William Steel 35’
(4-1) Tommy Lawton 37’
(5-1) Carlos Parola own goal 74’
(6-1) Tommy Lawton 82’

Match to celebrate the readmission of Great Britain into the FIFA.
"In 1946, the first post-war FIFA Congress saw the four UK associations welcomed back after an 
absence of almost 20 years. To help celebrate this momentous occasion, a match between a Team XI 
from the UK and a team from the Rest of Europe was arranged for the following year. Many fans 
packed into the stadium to watch what the press had dubbed the "Match of the Century".
The Great Britain side, playing in blue in honour of their hosts, was selected by new England 
manager Walter Winterbottom.
The Daily Telegraph patriotically declared that the Brits had given their opponents a "lesson 
in football" and "outplayed the cream of Europe", while Pathé News simply stated that "British 
soccer is still the World's best". The football correspondent of the Glasgow Herald, however, 
offered a more cautious tone and felt the hosts had been flattered by the result..."
Comment source: Neil Andrews.


Cardiff,  5-12-1951                                                
Stadium: Ninian Park (26,454)
Referee: Mervyn Griffiths (Wales)

William "Bill" SHORTT                   Plymouth Argyle
Walley BARNES ©                         Arsenal
Alfred SHERWOOD                         Cardiff City
Roy PAUL                                Manchester City
Raymond DANIEL                          Arsenal
Ron BURGESS                             Tottenham Hotspur
William FOULKES                         Newcastle United
William MORRIS                          Burnley
Trevor FORD                             Sunderland
Ivor ALLCHURCH                          Swansea Town
Roy CLARKE                              Manchester City
Coach: Officials of the WFA

Rest of United Kingdom:
James COWAN                             Scotland / Greenock Morton
George YOUNG                            Scotland / Rangers
Alfred McMICHAEL                        Northern Ireland / Newcastle United
Peter DOHERTY                           Northern Ireland / Doncaster Rovers 
Jack VERNON ©                           Northern Ireland / West Bromwich Albion 
Billy WRIGHT                            England / Wolverhampton Wanderers
Gordon SMITH                            Scotland / Hibernian
Charles FLEMING                         Scotland / East Fife
Nat LOFTHOUSE                           England / Bolton Wanderers
Edward BAILY                            England / Tottenham Hotspur
Leslie MEDLEY                           England / Tottenham Hotspur
Coach: Walter WINTERBOTTOM              England

(1-0) Ivor Allchurch 15’
(2-0) Trevor Ford 23’
(3-0) Ivor Allchurch 62’
(3-1) Charles Fleming 64’
(3-2) Leslie Medley 83’

Match to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Football Association of Wales. 
The match is full A for Wales.


London, 21-10-1953
Stadium: Wembley (97,000)
Referee: Mervyn Griffiths (Wales)

Gilbert MERRICK                         Birmingham City
Alf RAMSEY                              Tottenham Hotspur
William ECKERSLEY                       Blackburn Rovers
Billy WRIGHT ©                          Wolverhampton Wanderers
Derek UFTON                             Charlton Athletic
Jimmy DICKINSON                         Portsmouth
Stanley MATTHEWS                        Blackpool
Stanley MORTENSEN                       Blackpool
Nat LOFTHOUSE                           Bolton Wanderers
Albert QUIXALL                          Sheffield Wednesday
James MULLEN                            Wolverhampton Wanderers
Coach: Walter WINTERBOTTOM              England

Rest of Europe:      
Walter ZEMAN >                          Austria / SK Rapid Wien
< (46’ Vladimir BEARA)                  Yugoslavia / Hajduk Split
Joaquín NAVARRO                         Spain / Real Madrid
Gerhard HANAPPI                         Austria / SK Rapid Wien
Zlatko CAJKOVSKI                        Yugoslavia / FK Partizan Beograd
Josef POSIPAL                           West Germany / Hamburger SV
Ernst OCWIRK ©                          Austria / FK Austria Wien
Giampiero BONIPERTI                     Italy / Juventus FC
Ladislav KUBALA                         Spain / Barcelona
Gunnar NORDAHL                          Sweden / AC Milan
Bernard VUKAS                           Yugoslavia / Hajduk Split
Branko ZEBEC                            Yugoslavia / FK Partizan Beograd
Coach: Karel LOTSY                      Netherlands

(0-1) Ladislav Kubala 5’ pen
(1-1) Stanley Mortensen 8'
(1-2) Giampiero Boniperti 15'
(1-3) Giampiero Boniperti 39'
(2-3) James Mullen 43’
(3-3) James Mullen 49’
(3-4) Ladislav Kubala 64'
(4-4) Alf Ramsey 90' pen

The match is full A for England. This match, retrospectively, is not recognised as official 
by FIFA, even though, FIFA choose the team and made requests regarding the officials. The 
players of the Europe team (or Rest of Europe) had their shirts with the FIFA shield (light 
blue buttoned-up collared jerseys).

Other substitutes that did not enter: Ernst Happel (SK Rapid Wien), Karl Stotz (FK Austria Wien), 
Andrés Bosch and Estanislau Basora (both Barcelona)
Alfredo de Stefano, originally named to the squad, was not permitted to play because of a dispute 
between the Spanish FA and Colombian FA over the players' transfer.

"This superb match was arranged to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Football Association 
and although the Rest of Europe side was somewhat of a makeshift eleven, the two teams produced 
a suitably memorable occasion. In fact the visitors almost ended England's proud record of never 
losing to a continental side on home soil. It was magnificent entertainment by the superior 
skills of the Europe team".
Comment source: Mike Payne.


Belfast, 13- 8-1955
Stadium: Windsor Park (35,000)
Referee: Jan Bronkhorst (Netherlands)

United Kingdom: 
Jack KELSEY                             Wales / Arsenal
Richard SILLETT                         England / Chelsea
Joseph McDONALD                         Scotland / Sunderland
Danny BLANCHFLOWER                      Northern Ireland / Tottenham Hotspur
John CHARLES                            Wales / Leeds United
Bertie PEACOCK                          Northern Ireland / Belfast Celtic
Stanley MATTHEWS ©                      England / Blackpool
Robert JOHNSTONE                        Scotland / Hibernian
Thomas Roy BENTLEY                      England / Chelsea
James McILROY                           Northern Ireland / Burnley
William LIDDELL                         Scotland / Liverpool 
Coach: Walter WINTERBOTTOM              England

Rest of Europe:
Lorenzo BUFFON                          Italy / AC Milan
Bengt GUSTAVSSON                        Sweden / IFK Norrköping
Alfons VAN BRANDT                       Belgium / Lierse SK
Ernst OCWIRK ©                          Austria / FK Austria Wien
Robert JONQUET                          France / Stade Reims
Vujadin BOSKOV                          Yugoslavia / FK Vojvodina Novi Sad
Raymond KOPA                            France / Stade Reims
Jřrgen SŘRENSEN                         Denmark / AC Milan
Bernard VUKAS                           Yugoslavia / Hajduk Split
José António Barreto TRAVASSOS          Portugal / Sporting Lisboa
Jean VINCENT                            France / Lille OSC
Coach: Johan CRAHAY                     Belgium

(1-0) Robert Johnstone 25’
(1-1) Jean Vincent 27’
(1-2) Bernard Vukas 77’
(1-3) Bernard Vukas 87’
(1-4) Bernard Vukas 88’ pen

Match commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Irish Football Association.
"Despite the presence of the great Stanley Matthews, the GB team were soundly beaten, 
Bernard Vukas scoring an 11-minute hat-trick as the Rest of Europe won 4-1. The home 
crowd would have been especially delighted to note the presence of local boys Danny 
Blanchflower and Jimmy McIlroy. Representing Scotland was Liverpool legend Billy Liddell, 
whilst the formidable all-rounder John Charles was foremost amongst the Welsh contingent"
Comment source: BFI Player.


London, 23-10-1963
Stadium: Wembley (100,000)
Referee: Robert Davidson (Scotland)

Gordon BANKS                            Leicester City
James ARMFIELD ©                        Blackpool
Ray WILSON                              Huddersfield Town
Gordon MILNE                            Liverpool
Maurice NORMAN                          Tottenham Hotspur
Bobby MOORE                             West Ham United
Terry PAINE                             Southampton
Jimmy GREAVES                           Tottenham Hotspur
Bobby SMITH                             Tottenham Hotspur
George EASTHAM                          Arsenal
Bobby CHARLTON                          Manchester United
Coach: Alf RAMSEY                       England

Lev YASHIN >                            Soviet Union / Dynamo Moskva
< (46’ Milutin SOSKIC)                  Yugoslavia / FK Partizan Beograd
DJALMA SANTOS >                         Brazil / Palmeiras SE Săo Paulo
< (46’ Luis EYZAGUIRRE)                 Chile / Universidad de Chile
Karl-Heinz SCHNELLINGER                 West Germany / AC Mantova
Svatopluk PLUSKAL                       Czechoslovakia / Dukla Praha
Ján POPLUHÁR                            Czechoslovakia / Slovan Bratislava
Josef MASOPUST >                        Czechoslovakia / Dukla Praha
< (46’ Jim BAXTER)                      Scotland / Rangers
Raymond KOPA >                          France / Stade Reims
< (59' Uwe SEELER)                      West Germany / Hamburger SV
Denis LAW                               Scotland / Manchester United
Alfredo DI STÉFANO ©                    Spain / Real Madrid
EUSÉBIO da Silva Ferreira >             Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
< (46’ Ferenc PUSKÁS                    Hungary / Real Madrid
Fransisco GENTO                         Spain / Real Madrid 
Coach: Fernando RIERA                   Chile

(1-0) Terry Paine 66'
(1-1) Denis Law 82’
(2-1) Jimmy Greaves 90'

Match in celebration of the Centenary of The Football Association. 
The match is full A for England. The substitues for the FIFA Rest of the World team were 
pre-planned hence the same shirt numbers with those that they replaced. However, an injury 
to Raymond Kopa saw him being replaced by Uwe Seeler instead of the intended Alfredo Di Stefano. 
Therefore there were two 9s on the field for the second half.

Fernando Riera was the first South American coach to head a Rest of the World selection. 
It was a recognition of FIFA for having achieved the third place in the World Cup in Chile 
in 1962. Achievement to gather the best players at that time, but could not be present Pele 
(by the opposition of a businessman who left him bankrupt) or Garrincha, who was injured. 
Nor could the Argentine Silvio Marzolini, the best left-back in the world at that time, also injured.

A curiosity: Alf Ramsey played ten years ago as a player for England and is now coach with England.

"It was a fantastic event, with an exhilarating Wembley and thousands of fans enjoying the players. 
FIFA regulations allowed for only one substitution per team, and with the talent in their squad the 
Rest of the World threatened not to play unless they were allowed to make five changes, giving the 
entire squad an opportunity to take to the pitch. The FA relented, but although England had five 
players on the bench, none came on".

Denis Law said: ‘To be lining up alongside some of the finest footballers who ever lived, including 
my all-time hero Alfredo Di Stefano, was an absolutely unimaginable honour. There is an old saying 
that you should never meet your heroes but whoever came up with that notion had obviously never 
encountered Alfredo Di Stefano".

England’s goalkeeper Gordon Banks said: "There was nowhere near as much football on the telly in 
those days, so to have all those great stars in one place, on one pitch, the FA could have sold 
those Wembley tickets 10 times over…. We played really well but I had never played against them. 
I was playing for clubs that weren’t in Europe so it was a great thrill for me. And I rated 
Lev Yashin as the top goalkeeper in the world, a superman".
Comment source: The Daily Mail.


Křbenhavn, 20- 5-1964
Stadium: Idraetspark (45,000)
Referee: Leo Horn (Netherlands)

Nordic Countries:
Sverre ANDERSEN                         Norway / Viking Stavanger FK
Jens HANSEN                             Denmark / Esbjerg fB
Hans ROSANDER >                         Sweden / IFK Norrköping
< (46 Jens PETERSEN)                    Denmark / Esbjerg fB
Bent HANSEN                             Denmark / BK 1903
Ake JOHANSSON                           Sweden / IFK Norrköping
Olli HEINONEN                           Finland / FC Reipas Lahti
Roland JENSEN                           Norway / Brann SK
Prawitz ÖBERG                           Sweden / Malmö FF
Ole MADSEN                              Denmark / Hellerup IK
Harry BILD                              Sweden / FC Zürich
Juhani PELTONEN                         Finland / FC Haka Valkeakosken
Coach: Poul PEDERSEN                    Denmark

Rest of Europe:  
Lev YASHIN >                            Soviet Union / Dynamo Moskva
< (46’ Hans TILKOWSKI)                  West Germany / Borussia Dortmund
Jozef BOMBA >                           Czechoslovakia / 1.FC Tatran Presov
< (50’ Alexander HAMILTON)              Scotland / Dundee
Ray WILSON                              England / Huddersfield Town
Valery VORONIN                          Soviet Union / FC Torpedo Moskva
Ján POPLUHÁR                            Czechoslovakia / Slovan Bratislava
Jim BAXTER                              Scotland / Rangers
JOSÉ AUGUSTO                            Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
Jimmy GREAVES                           England / Tottenham Hotspur
Paul VAN HIMST >                        Belgium / RSC Anderlecht
< (46’ EUSÉBIO da Silva Ferreira)       Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
Denis LAW                               Scotland / Manchester United
Bobby CHARLTON ©                        England / Manchester United
Coach: Helmut SCHÖN                     West Germany

(0-1) Jimmy Greaves 4’
(0-2) Jimmy Greaves 39’
(0-3) Denis Law 48’
(1-3) Juhani Peltonen 50’
(1-4) Eusébio 55’
(2-4) Harry Bild 87’

The match observed the 75th anniversary of the Dansk Boldspil-Union (Denmark Football Association).


Beograd, 23- 9-1964
Stadium: Stadion Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija (20,000)
Referee: Gottfried Dienst (Switzerland)

Milutin SOSKIC © >                      FK Partizan Beograd
< (46’ Zlatko SKORIC)                   GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Rudolf BELIN                            GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Fahrudin JUSUFI                         FK Partizan Beograd
Vojislav MELIC                          FK Crvena zvezda Beograd
Milan KOP                               FK Crvena zvezda Beograd
Velibor VASOVIC                         FK Partizan Beograd
Spasoje SAMARDZIC >                     OFK Beograd
< (70’ Zvezdan CEBINAC)                 FK Partizan Beograd
Slaven ZAMBATA                          GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Milan GALIC                             FK Partizan Beograd
Borivoje KOSTIC                         FK Crvena zvezda Beograd
Josip SKOBLAR                           OFK Beograd
Coach: Ljubomir LOVRIC                  Yugoslavia

Lev YASHIN                              Soviet Union / Dynamo Moskva
Jan LALA                                Czechoslovakia / Slavia Praha
Karl-Heinz SCHNELLINGER                 West Germany / AS Roma
Valery VORONIN                          Soviet Union / FC Torpedo Moskva
Kálmán MÉSZÖLY                          Hungary / Vasas SC Budapest
Svatopluk PLUSKAL                       Czechoslovakia / Dukla Praha
JOSÉ AUGUSTO                            Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
Josef MASOPUST ©                        Czechoslovakia / Dukla Praha
Uwe SEELER                              West Germany / Hamburger SV
EUSÉBIO da Silva Ferreira               Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
António SIMÔES da Costa >               Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
< (46’ Karoly SANDOR)                   Hungary / MTK Budapest
Coach: Helmut SCHÖN                     West Germany

(0-1) Uwe Seeler 22’
(0-2) Eusébio 23’ pen
(1-2) Kostic 30’
(1-3) Eusébio 43’
(1-4) Eusébio 52’
(1-5) Eusébio 55’
(2-5) Galic 63’
(2-6) Uwe Seeler 68’
(2-7) José Augusto 87’

Match is full A for Yugoslavia. Skopje earthquake appeal fund. 
On July 26, 1963 there was an earthquake in the city of Skopje (Macedonia) whose magnitude 
was 6.1. More than 1,000 people died, and between 3,000 and 4,000 were injured. It is 
estimated that 80 percent of the city was destroyed.


Stoke, 28- 4-1965
Stadium: Victoria Ground (35,000)
Referee: Arthur Ellis (England)

Great Britain:
Anthony WAITERS                         England / Blackpool
George COHEN                            England / Fulham
Ronald FLOWERS                          England / Wolverhampton Wanderers
Robert THOMPSON                         England / Wolverhampton Wanderers
John HAYNES                             England / Fulham
Jim BAXTER                              Scotland / Rangers
Stanley MATTHEWS ©                      England / Stoke City
Jimmy GREAVES                           England / Tottenham Hotspur
Alan GILZEAN >                          Scotland / Tottenham Hotspur
< (46’ John RITCHIE)                    England / Stoke City
Bryan DOUGLAS                           England / Blackburn Rovers
Cliff JONES                             Wales / Tottenham Hotspur

Rest of Europe:
Lev YASHIN                              Soviet Union / Dynamo Moskva
Kai JOHANSEN                            Norway / Greenock Morton
Ján POPLUHÁR                            Czechoslovakia / Slovan Bratislava
Karl-Heinz SCHNELLINGER                 West Germany / AS Roma
Svatopluk PLUSKAL                       Czechoslovakia / Dukla Praha
Josef MASOPUST                          Czechoslovakia / Dukla Praha
Willie HENDERSON                        Scotland / Rangers
Ladislav KUBALA                         Spain / Barcelona
Alfredo Di STÉFANO                      Spain / Real Madrid
Ferenc PUSKÁS © >                       Spain / Real Madrid
< (46’ Řle SŘRENSEN)                    Denmark / KB 1876
Frits VANDEN BOER                       Belgium / Beerschot VAC

(0-1) Frits Van der Boer 4’
(0-2) Ferenc Puskás 7’
(1-2) Bryan Douglas 12’
(1-3) Ferenc Puskás 24’
(2-3) Jimmy Greaves 34’
(2-4) Josef Masopust 43’
(2-5) Ladislav Kubala 66’
(3-5) John Ritchie 75’
(4-5) Bryan Douglas 81’
(4-6) Willie Henderson 89’

Match for the Stanley Matthews farewell.
"After 19 years of faithful service split across two stints, Stoke City lay on an extraordinary 
extravaganza of a farewell testimonial for the club’s most famous son, Sir Stanley Matthews, on 
his retirement.
As well as the 35,000 fans in attendance at the Victoria Ground, the stadium was chock full of 
Eurovision television cameras and radio services from around the world. All in all, it’s said 
some 112 million people tuned in to watch ‘The Wizard of Dribble’ weave his silken magic one 
final time. It truly was a momentous day.
Yahin and Puskas carried the departing hero off on their shoulders as the 35,000 fans inside 
the Victoria Ground serenaded him from the pitch with a rousing chorus of ‘Auld Lang Syne’…"
Comment source Chris Wright.


Helsinki, 20- 6-1967
Stadium: Olympia-Stadion (20,000)
Referee: Magnus Petursson (Iceland)

Nordic Countries:
Lars NÄSMAN ©                           Finland / FC Kuusysi
Pertti MÄKIPÄÄ >                        Finland / FC Reipas Lahti
< (80’ Reima NUMMILA)                   Finland / TPS Turku
Timo KAUTONEN                           Finland / FC Reipas Lahti
Nils EGGEN                              Norway / Rosenborg Trondheim
Hans SELANDER                           Sweden / Helsingborgs IF
Juhani PELTONEN                         Finland / FC Haka Valkeakosken
Olav NIELSEN >                          Norway / Viking Stavanger
< (72’ Simo SYRJÄVAARA)                 Finland / FC Kuusysi
Bent SCHIMDT-HANSEN                     Denmark / Horsens fS
Finn LAUDRUP                            Denmark / Vanlřse IF
Inge DANIELSSON                         Sweden / Helsingborgs IF
Tommy LINDHOLM                          Finland / TPS Turku
Coach: Olavi LAAKSONEN                  Finland

Soviet Union: 
Lev YASHIN >                            Dynamo Moskva
< (46’ Anzor KAVAZASHVILLI)             Torpedo Moskva
Valentin AFONIN                         CSKA Rostov-na-Donu
Albert SCHESTERNEV ©                    CSKA Moskva
Murtaz KHURTSILAVA                      FC Dinamo Tbilisi
Alexander LENYOV                        Torpedo Moskva
Ioszef SABO                             FC Dynamo Kyiv
Feodor MEDVED                           FC Dynamo Kyiv
Eduard MALOFEEV                         Dynamo Minsk
Anatoliy BYSHOVETS                      FC Dynamo Kyiv
Eduard STRELSOV                         Torpedo Moskva
Anatoli BANISCHEVSKI >                  Neftchi Baku
< (63’ Kaspeg TUAJEV)                   Neftchi Baku
Coach: Mikhail YAKUSHIN                 Soviet Union

(1-0) Tommy Lindholm 30’
(1-1) Feodor Medved 42’
(2-1) Olav Nielsen 47’
(2-2) Murtaz Khurtsilava 74’

Match to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Suomen Paalloliitto (Football Association of Finland).
The match is full A for Soviet Union.


Madrid, 27- 9-1967
Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (35,000)
Referee: José María Ortiz de Mendibil (Spain)

José Ángel IRIBAR © >                    Athletic Bilbao
< (46’ Salvador SADURNI)                 Barcelona
Manuel SÁNCHIS >                         Real Madrid
< (46’ ELADIO Silvestre)                 Barcelona
Pedro DE FELIPE                          Real Madrid
Francisco Fernández 'GALLEGO'            Atlético Madrid
Severino REIJA                           Real Zaragoza
Jesús GLARIA                             Atlético Madrid
ADELARDO Rodríguez                       Atlético Madrid
José UFARTE                              Atlético Madrid
Ramón GROSSO                             Real Madrid
MARCELINO Martínez                       Real Zaragoza
JOSÉ MARÍA García >                      RCD Espańol
< (46’ Manuel BUENO)                     Real Madrid
Coach: Domingo BALMAÑA                   Spain

Rest of the World:
Giuliano SARTI >                         Italy / FC Internazionale
< (30’ Peter BONETTI)                    England / Chelsea
Charles COOKE                            Scotland / Chelsea
Karl-Heinz SCHNELLINGER                  West Germany / AC Milan
Ian URE                                  Scotland / Arsenal
Tarcisio BURGNICH                        Italy / FC Internazionale
Gianni RIVERA                            Italy / AC Milan
Mário COLUNA © >                         Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
< (46‘ Julio César BENÍTEZ)              Uruguay / Barcelona
Kurt HAMRIN >                            Sweden / AC Milan
< (46‘ WALDO)                            Brazil / Valencia CF
Sandro MAZZOLA                           Italy / FC Internazionale
EUSÉBIO da Silva Ferreira >              Portugal / Benfica Lisboa
< (50’ Fernand GOYVAERTS)                Belgium / Elche CF
Mario CORSO                              Italy / FC Internazionale
Coach: Helenio Herrera                   Argentina

(0-1) Sandro Mazzola 23’
(0-2) Eusébio 30’
(0-3) Fernand Goyvaerts 88’

Match to celebrate the 65th birthday of Ricardo Zamora.
To talk about Ricardo Zamora Martínez ("El Divino") is to talk about a myth of football and the 
most universal footballer that Spain has had. He was born in Barcelona (21.01.1901) and had a 
remarkable performance in his country. Considered the first crack of the soccer of his country, 
in his honor the Zamora Trophy was instituted in 1959, that rewards to the goalkeeper conceding
fewest goals every season in the Spanish League. He spent 26 years in the clubs of Espańol, 
Barcelona, Real Madrid and Nice, as well as the Spanish National Team.


Río de Janeiro,  6-11-1968
Stadium: Maracană (93,000)
Referee: Diego De Leo (Italy)

Ronei Pablo PICASSO                      FC Săo Paulo
CARLOS ALBERTO Torres >                  Santos FC
< (46’ ISMAEL Moreira Braga)             Botafogo FR
EVERALDO Marques da Silva                Gręmio Porto Alegrense
NATAL de Carvalho Baroni >               Cruzeiro EC
< (46’ PAULO BORGES)                     Bangu AC
JURANDIR de Freitas                      FC Săo Paulo
ROBERTO DIAS Branco                      FC Săo Paulo
Jair Ventura Filho "JAIRZINHO" >         Botafogo FR
GÉRSON Nunes de Oliveira                 Botafogo FR
Roberto RIVELLINO                        SC Corinthians Paulista
< (46’ Eduardo G. de Andrade "TOSTĂO")   Cruzeiro EC
Edson Arantes do Nascimento "PELÉ"       Santos FC
PAULO CÉSAR Lima                         Botafogo FR
Coach: Aimoré MOREIRA                    Brazil

Lev YASHIN >                             Soviet Union / Dynamo Moskva
> (46’ Ladislao MAZURKIEWICZ)            Uruguay / CA Peńarol
Dezsö NOVÁK                              Hungary / Ferencváros TC Budapest
Silvio MARZOLINI >                       Argentina / Boca Juniors
< (46’ Roberto PERFUMO)                  Argentina / Racing Club
Albert SCHESTERNEV                       Soviet Union / CSKA Moskva
Willi SCHULZ                             West Germany / Hamburger SV
Franz BECKENBAUER                        West Germany / Bayern München
Lajos SZÜCS                              Hungary / Ferencváros TC Budapest
Wolfgang OVERATH                         West Germany / 1.FC Köln
AMANCIO Amaro >                          Spain / Real Madrid
< (46’ Slava METREVELI)                  Soviet Union / FC Dinamo Tbilisi
Flórián ALBERT >                         Hungary / Ferencváros TC Budapest
< (46’ Pedro ROCHA)                      Uruguay / CA Peńarol
Dragan DZAJIC >                          Yugoslavia / FK Crvena zvezda
< (46’ János FARKAS)                     Hungary / Vasas SC Budapest
Coach: Dettmar CRAMER                    West Germany

(1-0) Roberto Rivellino 2’
(1-1) Flórián Albert 33’
(2-1) Tostăo 90’

Match for the 10th anniversary of Brazil´s first World Cup.
Match is full A for Brazil.


Cardiff, 28- 7-1969
Stadium: Ninian Park (13,600)
Referee: Leo Callaghan (Wales)

Gary (Gareth) SPRAKE                     Leeds United
Peter RODRIGUES                          Leicester City
Rod (Roderick) THOMAS                    Swindon Town
Terry (Terrence) HENNESSY                Nottingham Forest
Mike ENGLAND ©                           Tottenham Hotspur
Graham MOORE                             Charlton Athletic
Barrie JONES                             Cardiff City
Cliff JONES                              Fulham
Ron DAVIES                               Southampton
John TOSHACK                             Cardiff City
Ronald REES >                            Nottingham Forest
< (81’ Gilbert REECE)                    Sheffield United
Coach: David BOWEN                       Wales

Rest of United Kingdom:  
Patrick JENNINGS                         Northern Ireland / Tottenham Hotspur
Tommy GEMMELL                            Scotland / Celtic
Terence COOPER >                         England / Leeds United
< ((46’ Keith NEWTON)                    England / Blackburn Rovers
Billy BREMNER                            Scotland / Leeds United
Jack CHARLTON                            England / Leeds United
Alan MULLERY                             England / Tottenham Hotspur
George BEST                              Northern Ireland / Manchester United
Francis LEE >                            England / Manchester City
< (46’ Willie HENDERSON)                 Scotland / Rangers
Derek DOUGAN                             Northern Ireland  / Wolverhampton Wanderers
Bobby CHARLTON ©                         England / Manchester United
John HUGHES                              Scotland / Celtic 
Coach: Alf RAMSEY                        England

(0-1) Francis Lee 33’

Match celebrating the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.
Match is full A for Wales.


Lisboa,  8-12-1970
Stadium: Estádio Nacional (46,387)
Referee: Joaquim Campos (Portugal)

Benfica Lisboa:
JOSÉ HENRIQUE Rodrigues Marques >
< (52’ JOĂO Francisco FONSECA dos Santos)
António José Conceiçăo Oliveira "TONI"
HUMBERTO Manuel de Jesús COELHO 
José Manuel Cerqueira Afonso dos Santos "ZECA"
VITOR Manuel Rosa MARTINS > 
< (46’ Manuel Gomes Tamagnini Baptista "NENÉ")
MÁRIO Esteves COLUNA © > 
ARTUR JORGE Braga Melo Teixeira
EUSÉBIO da Silva Ferreira
António SIMÔES da Costa
Coach: James HAGAN (England)

Rest of Europe:
José Ángel IRIBAR >                      Spain / Athletic Bilbao
< (46’ Manuel Galrinho BENTO)            Portugal / FC Barreirense
Luis SUÁREZ                              Spain / UC Sampdoria
Francisco Fernández "GALLEGO"            Spain / Barcelona
Tommy GEMMELL                            Scotland / Celtic
José Martínez "PIRRI" >                  Spain / Real Madrid
< (35’ Roger HUNT)                       England / Bolton Wanderers
Bobby MOORE ©                            England / West Ham United
Johan CRUYFF >                           Netherlands / Ajax Amsterdam
< (42’ John ANDERSEN)                    Denmark / B 1903 Křbenhavn
Uwe SEELER                               West Germany / Hamburger SV
Peter OSGOOD                             England / Chelsea
Geoff HURST >                            England / West Ham United
< (46’ José Eulogio GÁRATE               Spain / Atlético Madrid
Dragan DZAJIC >                          Yugoslavia / FK Crvena zvezda
< (70’ Fernando RODILLA)                 Spain / RC Celta de Vigo
Coach: Ladislav KUBABA                   Spain

(1-0) Eusébio,32’
(2-0) Simôes 44’
(2-1) Uwe Seeler 47’
(2-2) Gárate 57’
(3-2) Artur Jorge 76’

Match in homage to Mário Coluna.
Mário Coluna born in Mozambique developed his maximum career in Benfica
He won ten League championships and six Portuguese Cups. In addition to two European Cups. 
With the National Team of Portugal participated in the World Cup in England '66, who together 
with Eusébio, achieved the third place.
After returing from active football, he was president of the Mozambique Football Federation.
He was the "Sacred Monster" of the club's fans, the "European Didi", as the Brazilian 
journalists called him, or, for Eusébio, simply the "Mr. Coluna".


Buenos Aires, 10-12-1970
Stadium: Estadio "La Bombonera" (35,000)
Referee: Ángel Coerezza (Argentina)

Boca Juniors:
Antonio ROMA
Rubén SUŃÉ >
< (46’ Armando OVIDE)
Antonio Ubaldo RATTÍN ©
Roberto ROGEL
Orlando MEDINA
Nicolás NOVELLO >
< (46’ Raúl SAVOY)
Humberto CURIONE >
< (46’ Omar LARROSA)
< (46’ Ignacio PEŃA)
Coach: José María SILVERO

South America:
Ladislao MAZURKIEWICZ >                  Uruguay / CA Peńarol
< (46’ Ailton Correia de Arruda "MANGA") Brazil / CN Nacional
Roberto PERFUMO                          Argentina / Racing Club
Atilio ANCHETTA                          Uruguay / CN Nacional
Pablo FORLÁN                             Uruguay / CA Peńarol
Ramón MIFFLIN                            Peru / Sporting Cristal
Roberto MATOSAS ©                        Uruguay / CA Peńarol
Raúl BERNAO                              Argentina / CA Independiente
Pedro ROCHA                              Uruguay / Săo Paulo FC
Luis ARTIME                              Argentina / CN Nacional
Ignacio PRIETO                           Chile / CN Nacional
Oscar MAS                                Argentina / River Plate
Coach: Adolfo PEDERNERA                  Argentina

(0-1) Luis Artime 47’
(1-1) Omar Larrosa 77’ pen

Antonio Ubaldo Rattin testimonial match.
Still remains as one of the greatest idols of Boca Juniors, the only club where he played. 
In his fourteen-year professional career (1956-1970), winning the Argentine championship 
(1962, 1964, 1965, 1969). He had played 382 matches with 28 goals. With the Argentina 
national team he played 32 caps, including the 1962 FIFA World Cup, and as the captain in 
the 1966 FIFA World Cup that took place in England. He won the Taça das Naçőes (Nations Cup) 
in 1964, in Brazil.

Additional Matches

Other matches (until 1970) involving supranational representative sides include the following:

      1891    a combined Canada & USA team toured the UK
26-11-1899  Praha                 Bohemia-Austria XI       0-8 England FA XI
14- 7-1925  Tallinn               Estonia                  1-2 Austria-Finland combined
27- 4-1932  Bridgetown            Barbados-Trinidad comb.  2-1 British Guiana
   1933-34    a combined Chile & Peru team toured Europe
11- 5-1935  Liverpool             English Football League 10-1 Wales-Ireland combined
 4- 9-1947  Groningen             V.V. Voorwaarts (Aruba)  2-1 Combined Suriname(SVB)-British Guiana
20- 8-1950                        Belgian Congo            0-4 Combined Southern Rhodesia & Northern Rhodesia
18- 7-1951  Port Louis            Port Louis XI            8-2 Madagascar-Reunion combined
  - 2-1952    a combined Caribbean XI toured Jamaica
  -12-1952    a combined Caribbean XI toured Surinam
20-12-1953  Dakar                 Sélection A.O.F.         2-0 Sélection Dakar
27-12-1953  Dakar                 Sélection A.O.F.         1-3 Sélection Maroc
28-12-1954  Calcutta              India                    5-3 Burma-Ceylon-Pakistan combined
 9- 5-1955  Dublin                All-Ireland XI           5-6 England XI
 7- 5-1956  Dublin                All-Ireland XI           3-5 England XI
14- 5-1956  Dublin                Ireland-Wales XI         3-3 England-Scotland XI
24-11-1956  Melbourne             USSR                     2-1 United Germany (Olympic Games)
28-11-1956  Heidelberg            Australia                3-3 United Germany (unofficial friendly)
15-10-1957  Curepipe              Mauritius B              2-0 Madagascar-Reunion combined (1st selection)
15-10-1957  Curepipe              Port Louis XI            0-0 Madagascar-Reunion combined (2nd selection)
 5- 9-1958  Kuala Lumpur          Malaya                   3-2 The Rest (other teams in the Merdeka tournament)
 5- 4-1959  Manila                Hong Kong-Philippines XI 5-1 Taiwan
14- 5-1959  Singapore             Malaya-Singapore XI      0-2 South Vietnam
      1959     a combined British Caribbean team toured England
31- 1-1960  Kumasi                Ghana                    6-1 West Africa XI
15- 8-1960  Kuala Lumpur          AFC Central Zone         5-3 AFC Eastern/Western Zones Combined
21- 1-1962  Kingstown             Windward Islands         0-2 The Rest (teams in the Windward tournament)
22- 2-1963  Basseterre            St Kitts                 bt  Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten combined
24- 2-1963  Basseterre            Henderson XI (St Kitts)  2-0 Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten combined
  -  -1963                        Guadeloupe                -  Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten combined
21-10-1963  London                Chelsea                  1-0 World XI
14- 3-1964  Charlotte Amalie      St Thomas                0-1 Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten combined
15- 3-1964  Charlotte Amalie      St Thomas                2-2 Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten combined
24-10-1964  Mufulira              Zambia                   1-4 Ghana-Kenya-Uganda combined
13- 1-1965  Castries              Windward Islands         0-1 Martinique XI (reportedly Club Colonial)
20- 7-1965                        Ismaily                  1-5 Pan-Arab XI
25- 7-1965                        Tersana                  2-1 Pan-Arab XI
29- 7-1965                        Zamalek                  2-2 Pan-Arab XI
 1- 8-1965                        Al-Ittihad               1-1 Pan-Arab XI
15- 1-1966  St George's           Windward Islands         2-5 Southern Amateur Football League (Trinidad)
 2- 6-1966  Kuala Lumpur          Malaysia                 1-1 Asian All-Stars
 5- 6-1966  Kuala Lumpur          Asian All-Stars          1-5 Sheffield Wednesday
 7- 6-1966  Penang                Asian All-Stars          0-1 Fulham
 9- 6-1966  Ipoh                  Asian All-Stars          2-1 Sheffield Wednesday
13-11-1966  St George's           Windward Islands         1-1 The Rest (teams in the Windward tournament)
19- 5-1967  Kuala Lumpur          Malaysia                 1-4 Asian All-Stars
25- 5-1967  Penang                Asian All-Stars          0-7 Leicester City
28- 5-1967  Ipoh                  Asian All-Stars          0-3 Southampton
30- 5-1967  Kuala Lumpur          Asian All-Stars          0-3 Leicester City
 3- 6-1967  Singapore             Asian All-Stars          0-3 Leicester City
28- 8-1967  Alor Star             Kedah Invitational XI    1-6 Taiwan-Hong Kong combined
29- 8-1967  Penang                Malaysian Malays         1-6 Taiwan-Hong Kong combined
 5- 6-1968  Kampala               East Africa XI           2-2 West Bromwich Albion

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