C.V.B. Silver Jubilee Tournament 1946 (Willemstad)

At the occasion of its silver jubilee, the Curaçaosche Voetbal Bond (C.V.B.), founded on 23 May 1921, organised a prestigious international tournament at the Rifstadion in Willemstad, inviting fellow Dutch colonies Aruba and Surinam as well as neighbouring Colombia and Dutch club side Feijenoord, which boasted two Dutch internationals (Bas Paauwe, captain of Oranje at the time, and Arie de Vroet, who would succeed Paauwe as national captain in 1947; among the other players, Manus Vrauwdeunt had won one cap in 1937). Feijenoord's visit reportedly marked the first time a Dutch team played in the Americas; it certainly was the first time any major Dutch side (club or national) played in one of the Dutch colonies (no Dutch team ever visited the Dutch East Indies; P.S.V. were the first club to visit then independent Indonesia in 1971).

The success of the hosts, and in particular their win in the final match against Feijenoord, remains one of the highlights in the island's football history, along with winning the Central American and Caribbean Games in Guatemala 4 years later (and, as Dutch Antilles, again in 1962 in Jamaica), the Olympic participation (as Dutch Antilles) in 1952 (losing by the odd goal in three to Turkey), and the two final appearances of club side Jong Colombia in the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Star player of the hosts was their goalkeeper, Ergilio Hato, who conceded only one goal in all four matches (and that barely 5 minutes into the tournament); he himself scored as many (a penalty to open the score in the final match against Feijenoord). The main stadium on the island is currently named in his honour.

After the tournament, Feijenoord invited Curaçao for a return visit, which resulted in a seven-week trip to the Netherlands, in which Curaçao played nine matches (winning four, drawing one, losing four), including two against Feijenoord (a 2-1 win for the Rotterdam side on 20 August 1946 and a 3-3 draw on 15 September 1946, both played at "De Kuip").

Eight years later, on 29 July 1954, Ergilio Hato scored another goal from the penalty spot against a Dutch team, when Curaçao defeated the so-called Bondselftal 2-1 in Willemstad. That Bondselftal, on a 5-match tour to the West Indian colonies of the Netherlands, was an unofficial team representing the Dutch FA but hardly distinguishable from the full team at the time (this would change half a year later, after professional football had finally been introduced in the Netherlands and the best Dutch players, who had gone abroad (mostly to France) to earn a living with their sports, returned to Oranje).

NB: all matches at Rifstadion.

[May 26]
Curaçao    2-1 Aruba
  [Heiligher 75, Federico Jansen 80; Chirino 6]
  [Curaçao: Ergilio Hato; Jossy Pietersz, Edmundo Confesor;
            Wilfred "Willie" Korps, Looi Mercera, Guillermo "Gein" Giribaldi;
            Willys Heiligher, Boyé, Federico "Dagadan" Jansen,
            Mario "Camaco" Jansen "7 pulmon", Merced]
  [Aruba: Franken; Emile Orman, Quant; Fingal, Damiano Tromp, Romero;
          C.Orman, Frans Kelkboom, Hans Nahar, Raimundo Kemp, Angel Chirino]
  [Aruba player Hans Nahar also played international matches for
   Curaçao and his native country Surinam (both for the S.V.B.
   and the N.G.V.B.)]

[May 30]
Colombia   1-1 Surinam
  [Carrillo 4; De Clerq 24]
  [Colombia: Matos; Mejía, Mariaga; Castelbondo, Guerra, Quintero;
             Blancaster, Gavino, Flores, Carrillo, Mendoza]
  [Surinam: Knel; Monkou, Elschot; Babb, Echteld, Woerdings;
            Belgrave, André Kamperveen, Nelom, Samson, De Clerq]

[Jun 1]
Feijenoord  4-3 Aruba
  [own goal 0-1, Laclé 0-2; half-time; Romero (og) 1-2, Van de Korput 2-2,
   Vrauwdeunt (pen) 3-2, Laclé 3-3, Linssen 4-3]
  [Aruba: Reyes; Emile Orman, J.Quant; Fingal, Damiano Tromp, Romero;
          C.Orman, Frans Kelkboom, Loefstop, Laclé, A.Quant]
  [Feijenoord: Visser; Oldenburg, v.d.Helden; Smulders, Herwijnen, v.d.Hoek;
              v.Kilsdonk, Vrauwdeunt, Van Munster, v.d.Korput, Linssen]

[Jun 2]
Curaçao    1-0 Colombia
  [Federico Jansen 25]
  [Curaçao: Ergilio Hato; Jossy Pietersz, Edmundo Confesor;
            Wilfred "Willie" Korps, Looi Mercera, Guillermo "Gein" Giribaldi;
            Willys Heiligher, Mario "Camaco" Jansen "7 pulmon",
            Federico "Dagadan" Jansen, Maximiliano "Chan" Juliana,
            Reinaldo "Shon Arei" Bernabela]
  [Colombia: Arbeláez; Mariaga, Mejía; Gillot, Quintero, Luz;
             Blancaster, Gavino, Arango, Tolima, Carrillo]

[Jun 5]
Surinam    1-8 Aruba
  [Kelkboom 0-1, Kelkboom 0-2, Laclé 0-3, Kelkboom 0-4; half-time;
   Laclé 0-5, Chirino 0-6, unknown 0-7, Rach 1-7, C.Orman 1-8]
  [with the score still 0-1 Surinam keeper Charles Knel was seriously
   injured (broken jaw) and replaced by Cornelis Graanoogst; Knel 
   would never play another football match]

[Jun 9]
Feijenoord  3-2 Colombia
  [Feijenoord: Visser; Oldenburg, v.d.Helden; De Vroet, Herwijnen, Paauwe;
              v.Kilsdonk, Vrauwdeunt, Van Munster, v.d.Korput, Linssen]
  [15' Linssen 1-0, Oldenburg 2-0; half-time; inside left (Gavino?) 2-1,
   Vrauwdeunt and Quintero sent off for fighting; Van Munster 3-1,
   Blancaster 3-2]

[Jun 10]
Curaçao    6-0 Surinam
  [Federico Jansen 1-0, Bernabela 2-0; half-time; Mario Jansen 3-0,
   Federico Jansen 4-0, Mario Jansen 5-0, Giribaldi 6-0]

[Jun 13]
Feijenoord  8-1 Surinam
  [12' Rach 0-1; half-time; 50' v.Kilsdonk 1-1, Van der Hoek 2-1,
   Van Munster 3-1, Vrauwdeunt 4-1, v.Kilsdonk 5-1, Van der Hoek 6-1,
   Van der Hoek 7-1, Van der Hoek 8-1]

[Jun 15]
Aruba      1-2 Colombia
  [Laclé 1-0; half-time; Carrillo 1-1, Carrillo 1-2]

[Jun 16]
Curaçao    4-0 Feijenoord
  [Hato (pen) 1-0, Mercera 2-0; half-time; Federico Jansen 3-0,
   Federico Jansen 4-0]
  [Curaçao: Ergilio Hato; Jossy Pietersz, Edmundo Confesor;
            Guillermo "Gein" Giribaldi, Looi Mercera, Edmundo "Eddie" Vlinder;
            Willys Heiligher, Mario "Camaco" Jansen "7 pulmon",
            Federico "Dagadan" Jansen, Maximiliano "Chan" Juliana,
            Reinaldo "Shon Arei" Bernabela]

Final Table:

 1.Curaçao     4  4  0  0  13- 1  8
 2.Feijenoord   4  3  0  1  15-10  6
 3.Colombia    4  1  1  2   5- 6  3
 4.Aruba       4  1  0  3  13- 9  2
 5.Surinam     4  0  1  3   3-23  1

NB: of the winning side, Hato, Vlinder, Giribaldi and Heiligher would play at
      the 1952 Olympics; also Kemp (Aruba) would do so.
    Among the Colombian team, at least keeper Arbeláez, Mejía, Mendoza
      and captain Quintero had been in the Colombian squad for the 1945
      South American championship in Santiago de Chile, where Colombia
      finished 5th out of 7 participants, Mendoza scoring in the 1-9 loss 
      to Argentina.  However, the above matches are not considered to be
      official international matches for Colombia.  They used them as
      warming up for the 1946 Central American & Caribbean Games which
      they hosted (and where Curaçao would earn a record 14-0 win over
      Puerto Rico).

Topscorers (scorer of one goal for Aruba not known):
 6 Federico Jansen "Dagadan" (Curaçao)
 5 Laclé (Aruba)
 4 Van der Hoek (Feijenoord)
 3 Carrillo (Colombia)
   Kelkboom (Aruba)

30th Anniversary C.V.B. 1951

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