Dominica 2006/07

Premiere Division 2006/07

Round 3 [Oct 14,15]
RIC Kensboro United         1-3 South East
RC Grand Bazaar Dublanc     2-1 4 D Bath Estate 
Harris Paints Harlem United 2-2 Cable and Wireless Pointe Michel 
ACS Zebbians                abd Fone Shack Bombers           [abandoned at 1-0 in 64']

Round 6 [Nov 19]
South East                  3-0 Cable and Wireless Pointe Michel
Bath Estate                 4-2 ACS Zebbians
Harlem U.                   abd Fone Shack Bombers           [abandoned due to lack of security]  
Round 7 
[Nov 25]
Kensboro                    4-2 Cable and Wireless Pointe Michel
RC Grand Bazaar Dublanc     2-2 ACS Zebbians    
[Nov 26]
South East                  4-1 Harlem U.
Fone Shack Bombers          3-1 4D Bath Estate

[Feb 10,11]
Cable&Wireless Pte. Michel  0-9 South East
Fone Shack Bombers          2-1 Harlem U.
[Feb 17,18]
Bath Estate                 lt  Fone Shack Bombers
Kensboro U.                  -  Cable&Wireless Pointe Michel 
Dublanc                      -  ACS Zebbians 
[Mar 10]
ACS Zebbians                0-0 RIC Kensboro United
[Mar 11]
Bath Estate                 2-3 South East
Fond Shack Bombers          0-1 Dublanc
Top of Final Table:

 1.Sagicor South East United (La Plaine) 14  9  4  1      31                     Champions
 2.Fone Shack Bombers United             14               29
 7.Cable&Wireless Pointe Michel          14        
 8.ACS Zebbians                          14                  [1 pt behind]       Relegated

Division One 2006/07

Round 3 [Oct 14,15]
Fond Cole United            2-1 Ambrose George Eagles (Loubiere)
St. Joseph                  3-1 Vielle Case Credit Union Itassi 

Table (Oct 16):

 1.Fond Cole United         3  3  0  0    9

Round 6? [Nov 19]
Ray Charles Pointe Michel   2-0 Harlem Rocks
Byon Strikers               1-0 Ambriose George Eagles       
Fone Shack Potters          3-2 Bath Road Ambassadors          

[Nov 25,26]
Fone Shack Potters          3-1 St Joseph
Ray Charles Pointe Michel   5-1 Byon Strikers

[Feb 10,11]
Eagles                      3-1 Montego Bay Stars
Ray Charles Pointe Michel   1-1 Fond Cole U.

All-Island League 2006/07

[Feb 10,11?]
Bafond Point United         2-1 Grand Fond SC 

Cup Tournaments 2006/07

DFA Soccermania 2006 (season opening tournament)

Bombers                     bt  RC Grand Bazaar (Dublanc)
Wacky Rollers               bt  Eagles (Loubière)

Third Place Playoff
RC Grand Bazaar             bt  Eagles
Final [Jul 29]
Bombers (Portsmouth)        0-0 Wacky Rollers (Layou)        [5-3 pen]

Nation's Cup 2006

Group C
[Aug 20]
ACS Zebbians                4-2 South East U.            

Final [Sep 17]
Harlem United               3-1 Bath Estate
  [Kelvin Austrie 12, Michael John 88, Len Walter 89; 
   Curlson Benjamin 26pen] 

Newtown Knock-out Competition 2006

Semifinals [Sep ?]
TDR Bakery Cessemme Street  4-0 Dive Dominica Montego Bay Stars
AG Charlottevillers         2-1 Ambrose George Eagles (Loubière)  

Final [Sep 23]
TDR Bakery Cessemme Street   -  Ambrose George Charlottevillers 

NB: TDR = Top Detailers Reuben's 



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list of cup winners

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