Dominica - List of Champions

1950-57   unknown 
1958    Combermere SC (Roseau)
1959    Arsenal
1960      unknown
1961    Combermere SC (Roseau)
1962    Arsenal
1963    Combermere SC (Roseau)           [aka LIAT (Leeward Island Air Transport)]
1964    Thunderbirds (Newtown)     
1965    Spartans SC (Laudat)
1966    Domfruit Rovers (Newtown)        [earlier called Thunderbirds]       
1967    Domfruit Rovers (Newtown)
1968    Cedar United (Newtown)           [earlier called Domfruit Rovers]
1969    Spartans SC (Laudat)
1970    Harlem Rovers (Newtown)
1971    Celtic United (Roseau)
1972    Harlem Rovers (Newtown)
1973    Harlem Rovers (Newtown)
1974    Harlem Rovers (Newtown)
1975      abandoned
1976    Kensborough United (Roseau)
1977    Kensborough United (Roseau)
1978    Kensborough United (Roseau)
1979    Spartans SC (Laudat)
1981    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)         [earlier called Harlem Rovers]
1982      unknown
1983    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1984      unknown
1985    Antilles Kensborough (Roseau) and Harlem Bombers (Newtown) (shared)
1986      unknown
1987      unknown
1988      unknown
1989    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1990      unknown
1991    C&BM Potters (Pottersville)       
1992    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1993    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1994    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1995    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1996    Black Rocks (Roseau)
1997    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
1998    ACS Zebbians (Goodwill)
1999    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
2000    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
2001    Harlem Bombers (Newtown)
2002    Kubuli All Stars FC (Saint Joseph)
2003    Harlem United (Newtown)          [earlier called Harlem Bombers]
2004    Harlem United (Newtown)
2005    Dublanc Strikers SC (Dublanc)
2006    Harlem United (Newtown)
2007    Sagicor South East United (La Plaine)
2008    Centre Bath Estate (Roseau)
2009    Centre Bath Estate (Roseau)
2010    Centre Bath Estate (Roseau)
2011/12 Harlem United (Newtown)
2012/13 Centre Bath Estate (Roseau)
2013/14 Northern Concrete & Steel Bombers (Portsmouth)
2014/15 Exodus FC (Saint Joseph)
2015/16 Dublanc FC (Dublanc)
2016/17 Dublanc FC (Dublanc)
2017/18   abandoned
2018/19 Sagicor South East United (La Plaine)
2020    Sagicor South East United (La Plaine)
2021      abandoned
2022      not held
2023    Dublanc FC (Dublanc)

Number of Known Titles (55 of which 1 shared)

20 Harlem United (Newtown) [one title shared, 11 as Harlem Bombers and 4 as Harlem Rovers]

 4 Antilles Kensborough (Roseau) [3 as Kensborough United (Roseau); one title shared]
   Cedar United (Newtown) [2 as Domfruit Rovers and 1 as Thunderbirds]
   Centre Bath Estate (Roseau)
   Dublanc FC (Dublanc) [includes Dublanc Strikers SC (Dublanc)]
   Sagicor South East United (La Plaine)
   Spartans SC (Laudat)

 3 Combermere SC (Roseau)

 2 Arsenal

 1 Black Rocks (Roseau)
   C&BM Potters (Pottersville)
   Celtic United (Roseau)
   Exodus FC (Saint Joseph)
   Kubuli All Stars FC (Saint Joseph)
   Northern Concrete & Steel Bombers (Portsmouth)
   ACS Zebbians (Goodwill)

NB: Harlem United (called Harlem Rovers until 1978 and Harlem Bombers until 2002)
      won 20 league titles, 1 of them shared (all listed above);
    Centre Bath Estate won 4 league titles (all listed above, 2008-2013);
    Dublanc FC won 4 league titles (all listed above, 2005-2023) 

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