Dominica 2009

Premiere Division

[Feb 8]
Pointe Michel         -  RC Grand Bazar Dublanc
NAGICO Bombers        -  Bath Road Ambassadors   
[Mar 7]
Sagicor South East   3-1 Bath Road Ambassadors 
[Mar 8]
Harlem United        4-2 RC Grand Bazar Dublanc 
St Joseph            2-1 Pointe-Michel  
[Mar 14]
NAGICO Bombers       1-0 RC Grand Bazar Dublanc
Harlem United        2-2 Bath Road Ambassadors  
[Mar 15]
St Joseph            2-0 Sagicor South East
[Apr 19?]
Pointe Michel        4-0 Bath Road Ambassadors

[Apr 25,26]
Bath Estate won 2 matches;
Sagicor drew 1 match 

[May 2]
Pointe Michel        6-1 NAGICO Bombers
Grand Bazar Dublanc  ppd 4D Bath Estate
[May 17] 
4D Bath Estate        -  Sagicor South East  

[May 23]
Pointe Michel         -  NAGICO Bombers

Champions: Bath Estate

Clash of the Champions Football 2009 [Super Cup] 

[Aug 22, The Windsor Park Sports Stadium]
4D Bath Estate       2-1 Harris Paints Harlem United 
  [Curlson Benjamin (2); Randolph Peltier]

Division One

[May 1]
Loubière Eagles      n/p Walton Insurance Harlem
[May 2]
Wacky Rollers        3-1 Quick Zone Icons
Promotion Playoff

[May 8]
Sign Man All Stars   5-2 Daspa Potters
[May 9]
Walton Ins. Harlem   3-2 Wacky Rollers
Mahaut Soca Strikers 2-1 St Joseph
[May 13]
RIC Kensbro          lt  Quick Zone Icons  
[May 15]
Sign Man All Stars   bt  Walton Insurance Harlem
[May 16]
Mahaut Soca Strikers lt  Quick Zone Icons

Final [May 23]
Sign Man All Stars   lt  Quick Zone Icons

NB: champions Quick Zone Icons promoted to Premiere Division

All-Island League

[Feb 6]
Fond Cole             -  ACS Zebians
[Mar 14]
Laudat               4-0 Lion Heart FC
Good San United       -  RC Doctors

[Apr 24]
Grand Fond           7-2 Good San United
[Apr 25]
Walsh United         1-3 Nemesis  
[Apr 30]
Daspa Potters         -  Sign Man All Stars
[May 1]
Brian Strikers        -  Police SC   
[May 2]
Possi United         n/p Colihaut Stone Blasters  [Blasters dns]

[May 20]
Mahaut Rookies        -  Walsh United    
[May 21]
Laudat                -  Trafalgar            
[May 22]
RC Doctors           4-2 Genesis SC     
[May 23]
ACS Tarish Pit       1-2 Nemesis   
Good San United       -  Grand Fond 
Nemesis               -  Walsh United 

[May 27]
Busta Warner         4-0 La Plaine
[May 28]
Brian Strikers        -  Quick Zone Icons

[May 29]
Good San United      n/p DFA Nature Boys
Police SC            1-0 Laudat
[May 30]
Possie United        n/p Nemesis
Stone Blasters       n/p Daspa Potters
[May 31]
Central Park         n/p Lion Hearts  

NB: four out of the five weekend matches did not take place due 
    to teams not showing up and in some instances there were no
    match officials      

[Jun 5]
RC Doctors           3-1 Grand Fond
[Jun 6]
Genesis              4-1 Good San United
[Jun 7]
Grand Fond           2-1 La Plain 

[Jun 10]
ACS Tarish Pit       1-0 DASPA Potters
[Jun 11]
Central Park          -  Brian Strikers
[Jun 12]
DFA Nature Boys      2-0 RC Doctors
Trafalgar             -  Lion Heart FC
Round 16
[Jul 1]
ACS Tarish Pit        -  Lion Hearts
[Jul 2]
Sign Man All Stars    -  Brian Strikers
[Jul 3]    
Busta Warner          -  Genesis SC
[Jul 4]
Trafalgar             -  Grand Fond
Possie United         -  DFA Nature Boys



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