East Asian Championship

Tournament organised (roughly) biannually since 2003.
Since 2005, there also is a women's event.


Year Winners        Runners-Up     Third Place             Venue

2003 South Korea    Japan          China                   Japan
2005 China          Japan          North Korea             South Korea
2008 South Korea    Japan          China                   China
2010 China          South Korea    Japan                   Japan
2013 Japan          China          South Korea             South Korea
2015 South Korea    China          North Korea             China 
2017 South Korea    Japan          China                   Japan
2019 South Korea    Japan          China                   South Korea
2022 Japan          South Korea    China                   Japan

Number of Titles (9; runners-up finishes between square brackets)

 5 [ 2] South Korea

 2 [ 5] Japan
 2 [ 2] China

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