Equatorial Guinea 2003

Campeonato de Liga

Round 1 [Apr]
Insular (Estadio La Paz de Malabo)
Sony de Ela Nguema    2-0 Atlético de Malabo
Renacimiento          1-1 Deportivo Unidad
Panther FC            1-0 Deportivo UNGE
Continental (Estadio La Libertad de Bata]
Akonanguí FC          1-0 Unión Vesper
Racing de Micominseng n/p Deportivo Mongomó
Real Boncoro de Kogo  1-3 Estrella Añisok 

Real Boncoro de Kogo  1-0 Akonanguí FC (or Nato de Akurema?)

Real Boncoro have 15 points, apparently more than Vesper and Akonanguí

NB: Real Boncoro de Kogo are newly promoted; in their only previous
    season at the top level (year unknown) they immediately were
    relegated collecting just 10 points.

NB: additionally, Rayo Lasser play in the Insular league; uncertain
    whether additional teams take part in either group.

Final Rankings:

 1.Atlético de Malabo
 2.Sony de Ela Nguema
 3.Renacimiento FC 
 4.Rayo Lasser
 5.Deportivo UNGE
Other Participants included:
   Café Band Sportif
   Panther FC
   Real X de Malabo
   Deportivo Unidad

 1.Deportivo Mongomo 
 2.Unión Vesper  
 3.Estrella de Añizok
 4.Racing de Micominseng
 5.Real Boncoro de Kogo 
Other Participants included:
   Deportivo Evinayong
   Dragons Mongomo
   Real Nato de Akurema

NB: Real Boncoro won the head-to-head against Racing (4-0 win for Boncoro
    in first match and 1-1 draw in second) but were classified fifth on
    unclear criteria

Following the dispute on 4th place in the continental league, FEGUIGUT
decided to admit the top-5 of both leagues.

National Playoff (at Estadio La Libertad, Bata)

Qualified Teams:
Insular (Isla de Bioko):
Atlético de Malabo
Sony de Ela Nguema
Renacimiento FC 
Rayo Lasser
Deportivo UNGE
Deportivo Mongomo 
Unión Vesper  
Estrella de Añizok
Real Boncoro de Kogo 
Racing de Micominseng

Champions: Atlético de Malabo

Copa de S.E. 2003

Round ? [Nov 1]
Deportivo Mongomo     3-1 Estrella de Añisok 
Racing de Micomiseng  1-0 Unión Vesper 

Final [Dec 7]
Atlético Malabo        -  Deportivo Mongomo        

NB: Deportivo Mongomo qualified for African Confederations Cup,
    either as cup winners or losing finalists (since Atlético
    won the championship)

Tournament at Estadio Manuel Enguru in Ebebiyin 

[Nov 2]
Pedro Claver de Ebebiyin 5-1 Selección de Nsok-Nsomo



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