Equatorial Guinea 2004

Campeonato de Liga

Top Final Rankings:

 1.Renacimiento FC 
 2.Ela Nguema
 3.Atlético de Malabo
Other Participants included:
   Rayo Lasser
   Deportivo UNGE

 1.FC Akonanguí 
 2.Deportivo Mongomo 
 3.Estrella de Añizok
Other Participants included:
   Racing de Micomeseng
   Union Vesper
   Real Boncoro de Kogo

National Playoff

NB: 5 rounds at Bata, 5 rounds at Malabo

Known results:
Deportivo Mongomo	1-1 Sony Ela Nguema	[Bata]
Akonanguí		1-0 Sony Ela Nguema	[Bata]
Sony Ela Nguema		2-1 Akonanguí		[Malabo]

NB: Deportivo Mongomo forfait after Bata' rounds.

Top Final Ranking

 1.Renacimiento FC     15 pts (from 9 matches)
 2.Ela Nguema          11
 3.FC Akonanguí        10

Copa de SE el Jefe de Estado, S.E. OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO [National Cup]

Akonanguí FC		drw Deportivo Mongomo	[4-2 pen]

Final [Oct 12, Estadio Manuel Enguru, Ebibeyin]
Sony de Ela Nguema	1-0 Akonanguí FC
  [NB: abandoned at 67' due to lack of electric light; result stood]

Trofeo Vino Casa (2nd edition)

Deportivo Mongomo	2-1 Dragons FC

NB: Third place - Real Boncoro, Fourth place - Akonanguí FC

Promoted: Dragons FC (won its regional group ahead of San Pedro Claver)



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