Guam - List of Champions

1990    University of Guam
1991    University of Guam
1992    University of Guam
1993    University of Guam
1994    Tumon Taivon (Tamuning) 
1995    Continental Micronesia G-Force 
1996    Continental Micronesia G-Force 
1997    Tumon Soccer Club
1998    Anderson Soccer Club                     (Spring: Andersen Soccer Club, Fall: Island Cargo)
1999    Coors Light Silver Bullets               (Spring: Carpet One, Fall: Coors Light Silver Bullets)
2000    Coors Light Silver Bullets               (Spring: Coors Light Silver Bullets, Fall: Navy)
2001    Staywell Zoom/Coors Light Silver Bullets (won both spring and fall season)
2002    Guam Shipyard                            (won both spring and fall season)
2003    Guam Shipyard                            (won both spring and fall season)
2004    Guam U-18                                (won both spring and fall season)
2005    Guam Shipyard                            (won both spring and fall season)
2006    Guam Shipyard                            (won both spring and fall season)
2007    Quality Distributors                     (no fall season)
2007/08 Quality Distributors 
2008/09 Quality Distributors 
2009/10 Quality Distributors 
2010/11 Cars Plus 
2011/12 Quality Distributors 
2012/13 Quality Distributors 
2013/14 Rovers
2014/15 Rovers
2015/16 Rovers
2016/17 Rovers
2017/18 Rovers
2018/19 Rovers
2019/20   abandoned
2020/21   not held
2021/22   not held
2022/23 Wings

NB: Coors Light Silver Bullets were renamed to Staywell Zoom for the 2001
    fall season and then to Guam Shipyard for 2002

Number of (Overall) Championships (31; since 1990)

 9 Guam Shipyard (includes Continental Micronesia G-Force,
                  Coors Light Silver Bullets, Staywell Zoom)

 6 Quality Distributors

 4 University of Guam

 2 Tumon Taivon (includes Tumon SC)
 1 Anderson Soccer Club
   Cars Plus 
   Guam U-18

NB: From 1990 to 1997, there was one season per year.  From 1998 to 2007,
    there were two seasons played each year with the two champions - if
    different - playing for the year's overall title.  Since the 2007/08
    season, the league is played from fall to spring.

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