Gulf Club Champions Cup


year    winners               runners-up            venue
1982/83 Al-Arabi (Kuwait)     West Riffa            home/away
1983    Al-Ittifaq (Dammam)
1984      not held
1985    Al-Ahly (Jeddah)      Al-Arabi (Kuwait)     Dubai, UAE
1986    Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Al-Arabi (Doha)       Bahrain
1987    Kazma                 Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Kuwait
1988    Al-Ittifaq (Dammam)   Kazma                 Sharjah, UAE
1989    Fanja                 Muharraq              Manama, Bahrain
1990      not held (Gulf War)
1991    Al-Sadd               Sharjah               Doha, Qatar
1992    Al-Shabab (Dubai)     Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Mascat, Oman
1993    Al-Shabab (Riyadh)    Al-Shabab (Dubai)     Saudi Arabia (Dec 1992)
1994    Al-Shabab (Riyadh)    Al-Arabi (Kuwait)     Kuwait
1995    Kazma                                       UAE
1996    Al-Nasr (Riyadh)      Zofar                 Bahrain (Nov 1995)
1997    Al-Nasr (Riyadh)      Kazma                 Qatar (Dec 96/Jan 97)
1998    Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     West Riffa            Oman
1999    Al-Ittihad (Jiddah)   Al-Salmiya (Kuwait)   Jiddah, Saudi Arabia
2000    Al-Qadisiya (Kuwait)  Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Kuwait
2001    Al-Ain                Al-Ittihad (Jiddah)   Al-Ain, UAE
2002    Al-Ahly (Jeddah)      Muharraq              Bahrain
2003    Al-Arabi (Kuwait)     Muharraq              Qatar
2004      not held
2005    Al-Qadisiya (Kuwait)  Al-Wasl (Dubai)       Kuwait
2006    Al-Ittifaq (Dammam)   Al-Qadisiya (Kuwait)  home/away
2007    Al-Jazeera (A.Dhabi)  Al-Ittifaq (Dammam)   home/away
2008    Al-Ahly (Jeddah)      Al-Nasr (Riyadh)      home/away
2009      not held
2010    Al-Wasl (Dubai)       Qatar SC (Doha)       home/away
2011    Al-Shabab (Dubai)     Al-Ahli (Dubai)       home/away
2012    Muharraq              Al-Wasl (Dubai)       home/away
2013    Bani Yas              Khor                  home/away
2014    Al-Nasr (Dubai)       Saham                 Dubai, UAE
2015    Al-Shabab (Dubai)     Seeb                  Seeb, Oman

Clubwise list of winners (30)

Al-Ahly (Jeddah)           3
Al-Ittifaq (Dammam)        3
Al-Shabab (Dubai)          3

Al-Arabi (Kuwait)          2
Al-Hilal (Riyadh)          2 
Kazma                      2
Al-Nasr (Riyadh)           2
Al-Qadisiya (Kuwait)       2
Al-Shabab (Riyadh)         2

Al-Ain                     1
Bani Yas                   1
Fanja                      1
Al-Ittihad (Jiddah)        1
Al-Jazeera (Abu Dhabi)     1
Muharraq                   1
Al-Nasr (Dubai)            1
Al-Sadd                    1
Al-Wasl (Dubai)            1

Countrywise list of winners

Saudi Arabia              13

UAE                        8

Kuwait                     6

Bahrain                    1
Oman                       1
Qatar                      1

U-17 Tournament

year winners               runners-up            venue
1986 Muharraq              Al-Kuwait SC          Bahrain
1987 Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Muharraq              Saudi Arabia 
1988 Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Al-Sadd               Kuwait
1989 Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Police (Oman)         UAE
1990 Budaia                Al-Wasl (UAE)         Saudi Arabia 
1991   not held (Gulf War)
1992 Al-Ittifaq (Dammam)   Rayyan                Qatar
1993 Sur                   Al-Ahly (Jeddah)      Qatar
1994 Zofar                 Al-Sadd               UAE
1995 Fanja                 Al-Arabi (Doha)       Saudi Arabia
1996 Al-Ahly (Manama)      Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Saudi Arabia
1997 Fanja                 Al-Ahly (UAE)         Qatar
1998 Al-Ahly (UAE)         Sur                   Saudi Arabia
1999 Al-Tali'aa            Al-Nasr (UAE)         UAE

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