Lunar New Year 1983

Semifinals [Feb 13]
Hongkong League XI    3-2 AGF Aarhus       [aet]
  [Powell 31, Park Byan-chul 80, Parlane; Lundquist ?, 8]
Hallelujah             1-0 Peking

Third Place Match [Feb 16]
AGF                    3-1 Peking
  [Christensen, Jensen, Sander; Zhang]

Hongkong League XI     2-0 Hallelujah
  [Park Byan-chul 63, Parlane 71]
  [Hong Kong: Hansbury (Eastern), McGrory (Seiko), Yu Kwok-sum (Bulova),
     Powell (Bulova), Jovanovic (Sea Bee), Smith (Sea Bee), Park Byan-chul
     (Sea Bee), Bone (Rangers), Parlane (Bulova), Spence (Rangers),
     Hutchinson (Bulova);
   Hallelujah: Cho Byung-duk, Choi Jong-duk, Hong Sung-ho, Hwang Jung-yun,
     Kim Jin-ok, Park Chung-san, Kim Jung-hee, Park Sangin, Lee Jung-il,
     Kim Hyun-bok, Lee Kang-suk;
   ref: Au Chi-Shing (Hong Kong)]


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