Lunar New Year Cup 1985 (Hongkong)

This was a 7-a-side competition, played according to a "double elimination" format
in which a team is eliminated after two defeats.  Below, italics indicate when each
team was eliminated.

20th January:

Round 1
British    1-0 Meixian
Chinese    1-0 Shandong
Guangzhou  1-0 Macau
Shanghai   2-1 League

Winners Round 2 (winners R1)
British    2-0 Chinese
Guangzhou  1-0 Shanghai

Losers Round 2 (losers R1)
Meixian    1-0 Shandong
League     4-0 Macau

21st January:

Seventh place match (losers LR2)
Shandong   3-0 Macau

Losers Round 3 (winners LR2 vs losers WR2)
Shanghai   1-0 Meixian
League     4-1 Chinese

Fifth place match (losers LR3)
Meixian    0-0 Chinese  (3-0 corners)

Losers Round 4 (winners LR3)
League     2-1 Shanghai

Winners Final (winners WR2)
British    3-0 Guangzhou

Losers Final (winner LR4 vs loser WF)
League     4-0 Guangzhou

Final (winner WF vs winner LF)
British    1-0 League

Final placings
1. Combined British
2. League Selection
3. Guangzhou
4. Shanghai
5. Meixian
6. Combined Chinese
7. Shandong
8. Macau Selection

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