Indonesia - List of Amateur Club Champions

After the introduction of a (semi-)professional club league (Galatama) in the 1979/80 season, contested in parallel with the Perserikatan, the amateur championship for local federations), a national amateur club championship, the Kejurnas Antarklub Amatir Perserikatan, was introduced as well.
It existed for 15 years, just as the Galatama tournament, which merged with the Perserikatan into the professional Liga Indonesia in 1994.


Ed. Season  Champions                            Runners-Up
 1  1980    Mandala (Jayapura)           4-0     Beringin Putra (Ujungpandang)
 2  1981    Mandala (Jayapura) 
 3  1984    Mandala (Jayapura) 
 4  1986    Bina Taruna (Jakarta Timur) 
 5  1987    Suryanaga (Surabaya)        
 6  1989    PU Pengairan (Lubuk Pakam)
 7  1990    Krida Rembang (Rembang) 
 8  1991    Harimau Tapanuli (Tapanuli) 
 9  1993    Harimau Tapanuli (Tapanuli) 
10  1995    Krida Rembang (Rembang)

Number of Titles (10)

 3 Mandala (Jayapura)

 2 Harimau Tapanuli (Tapanuli) 
 2 Krida Rembang (Rembang)

 1 Bina Taruna (Jakarta Timur) 
 1 Pekerjaan Umum Pengairan (Lubuk Pakam)
 1 Suryanaga (Surabaya)                   [*]

[*] Suryanaga were founded as Tiong Hoa (Soerabaja) in the colonial era and
    as such won the Java club championship in 1939.

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