Interallied Games 1919

Military Games held in Paris, June 22 to July 6, 1919, after World War I.
The USA team was selected from among the participants in the 
American Expeditionary Forces Championship held May 12-15.

Football Tournament

Played in Pershing Stadium, Paris

Group A
24- 6  France			4-0 Romania
25- 6  Italy			9-0 Greece
26- 6  Italy			7-1 Romania
26- 6  France		       11-0 Greece
28- 6  Greece			3-2 Romania
28- 6  France			2-0 Italy

 1.FRANCE           3  3  0  0 17- 0  6
 2.Italy            3  2  0  1 16- 3  4
 3.Greece           3  1  0  2  3-22  2
 4.Romania          3  0  0  3  3-14  0

Group B
24- 6  Czechoslovakia		4-1 Belgium
25- 6  USA			5-4 Canada
26- 6  Czechoslovakia		8-2 USA
26- 6  Belgium			5-2 Canada
28- 6  Czechoslovakia		3-2 Canada
28- 6  Belgium			7-0 USA

 1.CZECHOSLOVAKIA   3  3  0  0 15- 5  6
 2.Belgium          3  2  0  1 13- 6  4
 3.USA              3  1  0  2  7-19  2
 4.Canada           3  0  0  3  8-13  0

29- 6  Czechoslovakia		3-2 France

NB: the game between Czechoslovakia and France, which decided the 
    championship, was played Sunday 29 June before a crowd that
    packed the big stadium. There were no more ardent fans present
    than the American soldiers and at the conclusion of the game 
    they carried Janda, the hard playing Czechoslovak forward,
    from the field on their shoulders. Janda, by his aggressiveness
    and good sportsmanship, became one of the most popular players
    of the tournament.
    The final score was 3 to 2 goals. France led 2-1 at half-time 
    and maintained that lead until the game's eleventh hour. A 
    shift in the regular Czechoslovak lineup had put Janda in the 
    backfield with a new man, Gerveny, in his place on the forward 
    line. The second half saw Janda back in his regular position 
    at inside right and from then on the team hit its stride.
    France hotly contested the Czechoslovak bid for supremacy. The
    addition of the Gastiger brothers, Langenove, Devic and Deydier
    had greatly strengthened the team's lineup. Chayrigues, in the
    French goal, put up a spectacular game and electrified the
    stands with his brilliant stops. The contest developed into a 
    battle between the Czechoslovak forward line and the French 
    defense. Chayrigues' phenomenal play and the long kicks of 
    Gueblin, the husky French back, all but defeated the brilliant
    attack of the skilful Czechoslovak forward line. Besides the
    wonderful work of Janda, the shifty playing of Pilat at center
    was a big factor in giving the victory to Czechoslovakia. 
    The Czechoslovak team was schooled for several years by "Johnnie"
    Madden, the Scotch international player. With his corn-cob 
    pipe in his mouth, "Johnnie" watched his charges from the
    sidelines throughout the series. No one followed the play with
    keener or more critical eye than he. Nor did any receive the 
    victory in the final game more joyfully than the little Scotchman. 

    The lineup of the Czecho-Slovak team was as follows: Peyr, goal;
    Pospisil, left fullback; Hojer, right fullback; Pesek, left
    halfback; Fivebr, center halfback; Loos, right halfback; Prosek,
    outside left; Vanik, inside left; Pilat, center; Janda, inside right;
    Sedlacek, outside right. 
    In the final game Klapka played goal in place of Peyr, Janda
    and Cerveny played at right fullback in place of Hojer, Vlk played 
    right half back in place of Loos. 

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