American Expeditionary Forces Championship 1919

Competition used to select team for the 1919 Interallied Tournament in June.

Although soccer was not played as extensively in the A.E.F. as other sports, a great deal 
of interest was taken in the game. The teams were made up largely of men who had played 
the game in Great Britain before coming to the United States.

The various armies and sections held eliminations early in the season to determine what 
team would represent them for the A.E.F. championship.

The following sections were represented:
  (a) General Headquarters by the 603d Engineers
  (b) Third Army by 6th Division
  (c) Le Mans by 80th Division
  (d) Advance Section, 8.0.8.
  (e) Intermediate Section, S.0.S.

All games at Colombes Stadium; the final lasted three hours.

Preliminary Round [May 12]
Le Mans              5-2 Intermediate Section

Semifinals [May 13]
Le Mans             10-1 General Headquarters
3rd Army            12-0 Advance Section 
Final [May 15]
Le Mans              3-1 3rd Army             [after 3 extra times; FT: 1-1, HT: 1-1]
  [Snedden, Daniels, Callahan; Welsh (pen)]

Le Mans: Denner – Cunard – Yost – Rebold – Daniels – Murhamer – Snedden – Gordner –
         Callahan – Osborne – Mc Graw

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