Kurdistan 2017/18

Kurdistan Premier League

Kurdistan Premier League

NB: 12th edition;
    9 clubs participated after 5 clubs pulled out (Sirwani Nwe for financial
    reasons, Kirkuk and Gazi Bakur (Northern Gas) due to the presence of the
    Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi in the disputed areas outside of the Kurdistan
    Regional Government's administration, where both clubs are based)

Round 1 [Jan 25, 2018]
Zakho        1-0 Erbil
Ararat       1-1 Hawlar Peshm 
Sherwana     1-0 Brayati
Zeravani     0-1 Handren
Newroz       bye  

Round 18
Zeravani     4-1 Hawlar Peshm 
Newroz       1-0 Brayati

Final Table (May 29):

 1.Zeravani                  16                   31       Champions 
 2.Brayati                   16                   28   
 3.Handren                   16                   25   
 4.Ararat                    16                   21   
 5.Erbil                     16                   20                   
 6.Newroz                    16                   18    
 7.Zakho                     16                   18   
 8.Hawlar Peshmarga          16                   16  [C]   
 9.Sherwana                  16                   16

12 Thiago Amara (Zeravani) [Brazil]



list of champions

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