Kurdistan - List of Champions

The Kurdistan FA was formed in 2006. It governs football in Iraqi Kurdistan (or Southern Kurdistan). Its clubs also enter the Iraqi league structure; both Erbil (four times, in 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2011/12) and Duhok (in 2009/10) have won the Iraqi championship.
before formation KFA
2003/04 Ararat (Erbil)
2004/05 Erbil (Erbil)
2005/06 Erbil (Erbil)
since formation KFA
2006/07 Duhok (Duhok)
2007/08 Brusk (Erbil)
2008/09 Brusk (Erbil)
2009/10 Erbil (Erbil)
2010/11 Handren (Erbil)
2011/12 Erbil (Erbil)
2012/13 Zeravani (Duhok)
2013/14 Zeravani (Duhok)
2014/15 Zeravani (Duhok)
2015/16 Erbil (Erbil)
2016/17 Hawlar Peshmarga (Erbil)
2017/18 Zeravani (Duhok)
2018/19 Zeravani (Duhok)
2019/20   abandoned
2020/21 Brayati (Erbil)
2021/22 Sirwani Nwe (Slemani)
2022/23 Hawlar Peshmarga (Erbil)
2023/24 Akre (Akre)

Number of Titles (17, since 2006)

 5 Zeravani (Duhok)

 3 Erbil (Erbil)

 2 Brusk (Erbil)
   Hawlar Peshmarga (Erbil)
 1 Akre (Akre)
   Brayati (Erbil)
   Duhok (Duhok)
   Handren (Erbil)
   Sirwani Nwe (Slemani)

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