Dutch East Indies Tour of Loh Hwa 1930

Before arriving in the Dutch East Indies, the touring Loh Hwa side from Shanghai had played two matches in Singapore, beating Malayan Chinese 2-1 on July 13 at the Jalan Besar stadium and losing 0-3 to Singapore on July 16 at the Anson Road stadium.
Their stay on Java, where they arrived on July 20, attending the semifinal for the Nieuws van den Dag beker between Hercules and U.M.S. on the same day (Hercules winning 5-3 after extra time), was organised by U.M.S., the leading Chinese club in Batavia. Loh Hwa were apparently strengthened by a few guest players from Hongkong for some matches; also Sie Liong from Soerabaja club side Tiong Hoa joined them at some stage during the tour.
After completing their visit to the Dutch East Indies, they played at least one more match in Singapore, drawing 0-0 against S.C.F.A. on September 13 at the Jalan Besar stadium.
Originally the Loh Hwa side had intended to travel on to Europe, playing matches in Italy, Austria and England, but this trip was called off in the wake of controversy around illegal payments by the club, for which it was cautioned by the Shanghai FA. Following this scandal, Loh Hwa's captain and star player Lee Wai-tong moved to Hongkong side Nan Hwa (South China) at the end of 1930, with which he returned to Java in 1931 before settling in Batavia where he joined local Chinese club U.M.S. in the 1932/33 season. Outside right K.S. Tso (Tso Kway Sing) joined Tiong Hoa of Soerabaja at the beginning of 1931 and played many matches for the S.V.B. in the stedenwedstrijden between 1931 and 1934.
Matches in the Dutch East Indies

on Java

22- 7 Bandoeng          B.V.B. XI        1-1 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-0]
24- 7 Bandoeng          U.N.I.           1-0 Loh Hwa
26- 7 Batavia           B.V.C.           1-5 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-4]
27- 7 Batavia           V.B.O. XI        6-2 Loh Hwa          [HT: 3-1]
29- 7 Semarang          V.S.O. XI        1-2 Loh Hwa          [HT: 0-2]
31- 7 Semarang          M.-Java Chinese  2-1 Loh Hwa
 2- 8 Soerabaja         S.V.B. XI        2-3 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-2]
 3- 8 Soerabaja         Excelsior        1-2 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-1]
 6- 8 Soerabaja         Tiong Hoa        1-1 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-0]
10- 8 Batavia           V.B.O. XI        2-2 Loh Hwa          [HT: 0-2]
13- 8 Batavia           Hercules         1-1 Loh Hwa          [HT: 0-0]
15- 8 Batavia           U.M.S.           n/p Loh Hwa
17- 8 Batavia           N.I.V.B. XI      4-4 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-1]
NB: M.-Java Chinese = Midden-Java Chinese; this may refer to a representative
    team from the Hwa Nan Voetbal Bond, the Chinese football federation for 
    Java based in Semarang.

on Sumatra

27- 8 Medan             C.S.C.           2-3 Loh Hwa          [HT: 1-2]
29- 8 Medan             O.S.V.B. XI      1-8 Loh Hwa          [HT: 0-3]
 1- 9 Medan             Medan Europeans  0-3 Loh Hwa          [HT: 0-1]
 2- 9 Medan             Medan Natives    0-2 Loh Hwa          [HT: 0-0]

Total Record Loh Hwa:     16   8  5  3  40-26  21

Match Details

22- 7 B.V.B. XI        1-1 Loh Hwa

Half-Time: 1-0
Note: at Nieuw-Houtrust (U.N.I.-terrein).

24- 7 U.N.I.           1-0 Loh Hwa

Note: at Nieuw-Houtrust (U.N.I.-terrein).

26- 7 B.V.C.           1-5 Loh Hwa

Half-Time: 1-4
Note: at Deca-Park (Hercules-terrein).

27- 7 V.B.O. XI        6-2 Loh Hwa

V.B.O. XI: Apituley; Van Donck, Gouw Li Lit; Hoekstra, Weskin, Chico;
           Jansen, Weise, Abidin (V.V.M.), Van Lingen, Oejong;
           reserves: Becker, Oen Hwa, Mols, Malaihollo, Pesch
Goals: Abidin 1-0, unknown 1-1, Abidin 2-1, Van Donck 3-1, Abidin 4-1,
       Abidin 5-1, unknown 5-2, Oejong 6-2
Half-Time: 3-1
Note: at Deca-Park (Hercules-terrein).

 2- 8 S.V.B. XI        2-3 Loh Hwa

S.V.B. XI: Hok Gie; Meeng, Chin Hoat; Wasterval, Sie Liong, Kouw Sing (HT: Reep);
           Ludwig Jahn, Pang Keasberry, Piet Keasberry, Bakhuys, Ping Gwan
referee: Gobus
Goals: Lee Wai-tong (pen) 0-1, L.K. Tai 0-2, Ludwig Jahn 1-2, L.K. Tai 1-3,
       Keasberry 2-3
Half-Time: 1-2

 3- 8 Excelsior        1-2 Loh Hwa

Excelsior: Hermanus; Meeng, Boyer; Reep, Sie Liong, Wasterval;
           L. Jahn, Sadjimin, Whitton, Tetalepta, King
Loh Hwa: H.H. Chow; Y.Y. Fung, N. Lee; W.T. Leung, S.C. Sun, Y.S. An;
         K.I. Chen, W.T. Lee, L.K. Tai, K.K. Chen, K.S. Tso
referee: Walsarie Wolff
Goals: K.I. Chen 0-1, Wasterval 1-1, K.K. Chen 1-2
Half-Time: 1-1

 6- 8 Tiong Hoa        1-1 Loh Hwa

Tiong Hoa: Hok Gie; Hian Bie, Chin Hoat; Khing Tjo, Sie Liong, Hian Goan;
           Hong Djien, Ping Gwan, Boen Liem, Eng Tjong, Sie Lok
Goals: Ping Gwan 1-0, N.N. 1-1
Half-Time: 1-0

10- 8 V.B.O. XI        2-2 Loh Hwa

V.B.O. XI: Apituley; Van Donck, Gouw Li Lit; Hoekstra, Weskin, Chico;
           Onong, Abidin, Weise, Van Lingen, Oejong
Goals: unknown 0-1, unknown 0-2, Van Lingen 1-2, Van Lingen 2-2
Half-Time: 0-2
Note: at Deca-Park (Hercules-terrein).

13- 8 Hercules         1-1 Loh Hwa

Hercules: Ouwerkerk; Scholte, Lieb; Waas, Hoekstra, Brugman;
          Moedjitaba, Soemo, Pipper, Cor van Lingen, R.Pesch
Loh Hwa: H.H. Chow; N. Lee, Y.Y. Fung; Oei Yion, S.C. Sun, C.W. Chan;
         K.S. Tso, J.T. Chen, L.K. Tai, W.T. Lee, K.I. Chen
referee: Overbeek Bloem
Goals: Cor van Lingen (pen) 1-0, unknown 1-1 (in final minute)
Half-Time: 0-0
Note: at Deca-Park (Hercules-terrein).

15- 8 U.M.S.           n/p Loh Hwa

Note: match was to be played at Deca-Park but cancelled a few days before
      it was to take place.

17- 8 N.I.V.B.         4-4 Loh Hwa

N.I.V.B.: Hok Gie (Soerabaja) [Apituley (Batavia)]; Denkelaar (Batavia), 
          Van Donk (Batavia); Lasso (Batavia), Van der Putten (Bandoeng), 
          Jahn (Soerabaja); Ali (Semarang), Giesel (Bandoeng),
          De Raadt (Soerabaja), Bakhuys (Soerabaja), Van Coevorden (Bandoeng)
Loh Hwa: H.H. Chow; N. Lee, Y.Y. Fung; Mee On, S.C. Sun, C.W. Chen;
         Tso Kwai Sing, K.H. Chen, L.K. Tai, W.T. Lee, K.I. Chen
referee: Max Prins
Goals: K.H. Chen 0-1, Giesel 1-1, K.I. Chen 1-2, W.T. Lee 1-3, Gerrit de Raadt 2-3,
       Giesel 3-3, K.H. Chen 3-4, Giesel 4-4
Half-Time: 1-1
Note: at Deca-Park (Hercules-terrein).  L.K. Tai missed penalty in first half
      with score 1-1.  After the match, lots were drawn as the Abdullah-beker
      was at stake; Loh Hwa won the draw and the cup.
      Hok Gie was injured during the match and substituted by Apituley in
      the second half with the score at 1-3.  At the time of this match, Bep
      Bakhuys, playing club football at T.H.O.R. in Soerabaja, had been capped
      3 times for the Netherlands, having scored 3 goals; he would return to
      the Dutch team in 1934, scoring 25 more goals in 20 matches for Oranje.

29- 8 O.S.V.B. XI      1-8 Loh Hwa

O.S.V.B. XI: Staerling (Go Ahead); Hardjo (M.S.V.), P.A. de Fretes (V.O.P.);
             A. Lopies (V.O.P.), Wittmer (GO Ahead), Halim (M.S.V.);
             Wondo  (M.S.V.), Adoeng  (M.S.V.), Van Baar van Slangenburgh (L.S.V.),
             Teong Eam (C.S.C.), Tseng Weng Yao (C.S.C.)
referee: Klasser
Goals: Teong Eam; Lee Wai-tong (6), L.K. Tai (2)
Half-Time: 0-3

 1- 9 Medan Europeans  0-3 Loh Hwa

Medan Europeans: De Jonge (L.S.V.); Olive (D.S.V.), De Serière (L.S.V.);
                 Koreman (L.S.V.), Van Rhoon (L.S.V.), Duson jr. (L.S.V.);
                 Van Lint (D.S.V.), Abendanon (L.S.V.), van Baar van Slangenburgh  (L.S.V.),
                 dr. Druif (D.S.V.), Klasser (D.S.V.)
Half-Time: 0-1

 2- 9 Medan Natives    0-2 Loh Hwa

Medan Natives: Kemis (M.S.V.); Hardjo (M.S.V.), P.A. de Fretes (V.O.P.);
               O.H. Barat (M.S.V.), J. Lopies (V.O.P.), Halim (M.S.V.);
               Wondo (M.S.V.), Adoeng (M.S.V.), Saring (M.S.V.),
               Ismail (I.V.C.), Soemadi (I.V.C.)
Half-Time: 0-0

Loh Hwa tour 1929

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