Macao - List of Champions

The first clubs were formed in 1919: Colégio de S. José, Macao Chinese Foot-ball Club, Fantasma, Macau Foot-ball Club and South China Athletic Association. Various other clubs were created between 1923 and 1926, such as Almirante, Associação Desportiva Macaense, República A, República B, Seminário, Team Militar, Ching Wah, Núcleo Desportivo Pátria, Britisher, Kon-cau, and Sporting Clube de Macau (founded Sep 11, 1926). A first attempt to establish a league was made in 1926, consisting of two divisions (source: anotandofutbol).
The AFM (Associação de Football de Macau) was founded on Jun 1, 1939 and (at the time) affiliated to the FPF (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol). The following clubs were members of the AFM in 1950: Grupo Desportivo Argonauta (founded Jun 30, 1931), Grupo Desportivo da Polícia, Benfica Futebol Clube de Macau (later Sport Macau e Benfica), Grupo Desportivo do Exército, Grupo Desportivo Melco, Grupo Desportivo da Marinha and Leng Yee Sports Club (source: nenotavaiconta).
1926-48   not known
1948/49 Polícia 
1950    Sporting de Macau 
1951/52   not known
1952/53   not known
1953/54   not known
1954/55 Polícia
1955/56 Polícia
1956-60   not known
1961/62 Sporting de Macau 
1962/63 Sporting de Macau 
1963/64 Hong Lok
1964/65 Macao Post Office
1965-72   not known
1972/73 Polícia
1973-84   not known
1984/85 Wa Seng 
1985/86 Hap Kuan
1986/87 Hap Kuan
1987/88 Wa Seng
1988/89 Hap Kuan
1989/90 Hap Kuan
1990/91 Sporting de Macau 
1991/92 GD Lam Pak
1992/93 Leng Ngan
1993/94 GD Lam Pak
1994/95 GD Artilheiros
1995/96 GD Artilheiros
1996/97 GD Lam Pak
1997/98 GD Lam Pak
1998/99 GD Lam Pak
1999/00 Polícia de Segurança Pública
2000/01 GD Lam Pak
2001/02 Monte Carlo
2002/03 Monte Carlo
2003/04 Monte Carlo
2004/05 Polícia de Segurança Pública
2005/06 GD Lam Pak
2006/07 GD Lam Pak
2007/08 Monte Carlo
2008/09 GD Lam Pak
2009/10 Windsor Arch Ka I       
2010/11 Windsor Arch Ka I       
2011/12 Windsor Arch Ka I       
2012/13 Monte Carlo
2013/14 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2014/15 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2015/16 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2016/17 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2017/18 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2018/19 Chao Pak Kei
2019/20   not held
2021    Chao Pak Kei
2022    Chao Pak Kei
2023    Chao Pak Kei

Number of Titles (38; since 1984/85)

 9 GD Lam Pak

 5 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
   Monte Carlo

 4 Chao Pak Kei
   Hap Kuan

 3 Ka I (temporarily called Windsor Arch Ka I and Tak Chun Ka I)

 2 GD Artilheiros
   Polícia de Segurança Pública (without titles (at least 4) before 1984)
   Wa Seng 

 1 Leng Ngan
   Sporting de Macau (without titles (at least 3) before 1984)

NB: according to Macau Hoje, Lam Pak's title in 2007 was only their fifth;
    however, the same paper listed their 2009 title as their ninth, implying
    all championships of Lam Pak are listed above.
    Benfica and Monte Carlo both won 5 championships, all listed above.

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